The 13th of Meme

Okay, so upfront I’m going to confess that I stole this from CowGal. It was simply too damn good to let it pass.

Following, are the 13 books I would buy if they had ever been written and were available.

  1. How to Win friends and Influence People to Give You Their Money (And anything else of value.)
  2. I’m Okay, You’re Okay – But, I’m More Okay Than You (Self esteem is very important.)
  3. The Gay Adventures of Barney the Purple Dragon (Come on, we all know he’s getting his freak on)
  4. The Baskins Robbins (31 flavors) Diet (It would have to come with a funhouse mirror though)
  5. How to Get Your Atlas to Shrug (My atlas refuses to do anything but lie there.)
  6. How to Turn Your Piggy Room Mate Into a Cleaning Zombie (Who wouldn’t want that?)
  7. Take This Job and Shove it Up Your Ass and Give Me a Nice Severance Package While You’re At It. (Don’t we all dream of this?)
  8. The Secret Sex Life of Big Bird (Hey, he spent his life with somebody’s hand up his butt, he must have some kinky secrets, right?)
  9. Al Gore: The Global Years (He is really starting to look global, doncha think?)
  10. Fear of Flying in the Center Row (Nobody is that thin!)
  11. How to Get Rich by Being You (I never said I wasn’t lazy.)
  12. Sex in the City and the Country and Overseas and in the Bathtub (I don’t see any reason to restrict it to the city.)
  13. Horny Christmas Games (It just sounds fun, doesn’t it?)

13 thoughts on “The 13th of Meme

  1. Number 1, 7, 10 for sure… and number 11… that’s what my blog is for!



    Hey BC!
    Well darling, if you have an inside info on how to make number 11 happen, please email me a.s.a.p.! πŸ™‚


  2. LOL – these are great! I loved them at Cowgal’s and I love your reading choices just as much! I can’t wipe the smirk off my face after reading these.

    Hey Teens,
    I’m glad you got your daily smirk here. πŸ˜† It’s what I live for. πŸ™‚


  3. 4 & 7 sound like christine-must-reads.
    What a fun meme!
    You’re so funny, girl.

    Yes, I think they could all be ‘must reads’ now who can we convince to write ’em? πŸ™‚
    No, you’re funny.


  4. Oh, and 13…
    It totally sounds like fun-
    bows, tinsel, eggnog- how can you go wrong with all that?

    Exactly! You put a horny spin on that and you can’t go wrong, right? πŸ˜†


  5. I think you may be disqualified.
    #7 is a country song, isn’t it? :mrgreen:

    There may be a name similar but not exactly the same. What am I disqualified from? 😯


  6. I’ll take 1,4,6,7,and 11!

    I be liking this. Fun for sure!

    Oooh Ange,
    You could come up with your own list. Why doncha do this one? It’s easy and it’s nice to take a fun break, eh?


  7. Oh i love 1, 8 . 12 4 and 11 πŸ™‚

    How are you hun?

    Wow you like the most of anybody. Far out! I’m good, honey. It’s all good, yes?


  8. Have you read George Bush’s “What’s really going through my mind when I’m running the country?”
    I bought it expecting a light read. Turned out to be a coloring book 😦

    Nope, I’ve missed that one. I’m too busy having fun with the Hillary nutcracker. πŸ˜‰


  9. Pingback:
  10. uhhhh everything is good here i guess just having lots of chest pains 😦

    Sorry to hear that, sweetie. You should rest up and relax, eh?


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