Remember Florida…

I know there are those (the liberal media, for example) who are doing the happy dance because Florida has been “called” for McCain. Yet, only about 50% of the vote is in – the absentee ballots are not yet counted and the margin between he and Romney is a mere 4 points.

Is it me, or does it feel like there are those who are trying to convince us that he is the foregone conclusion and so we’d better get used to it? Well, I feel that way.

And too, let us not forget just how much confusion, hanging chads, pregnant chads and unreadable ballots Florida seems to have in its past. And don’t forget about how the press likes to call elections too early in Florida. It must be some karmic thing about that state. Perhaps it’s the fact that people have insisted on inhabiting a swamp that nature is constantly trying to take back. Or maybe it’s the humidity that just gets newscasters all soft in the brain. I dunno. But I do find it incredibly interesting that no matter what people think have happened in Florida it almost always turns out to be something different.

As for you Citizen McCain – you could no more unite the party than you could hold your temper at poker game where you were losing. You are no standard bearer for anyone, much less conservatives.

And to any conservatives out there who truly believe that voting for McCain is somehow different from voting for Hillary Clinton – wake up. Now, would be a really good time.


10 thoughts on “Remember Florida…

  1. Girl, it is beyond dems and repubs anymore, it is coming down to principals and I tell ya it is an uphill battle.

    Ya know how I feel about McCain and I think you are right. The media and the machine is gearing us up to accept McCain as the candidate for the RP. going up against either HC or Obama..what a choice eh?

    Maybe something will break or someone will:)and we will have a dark horse.anything can happen. I wish something good would..Is there a candidate out there with integrity that cares about America first? I mean one who will get support from the big machine..thinking cigar smoke and back rooms..LOL!

    Yeah, it is, Ange. I think it’s too late in the game for a dark horse. However, I do think that McCain could make some mis-steps. What I find really remarkable is that McCain is polling so high. I mean, who are these people? I can’t think of anyone I know who likes him much less trusts him. If his poll numbers are right then shouldn’t I be bumping into some McCain supporters? Somewhere?

    There was an article about how there were a lot of people switching parties at the last minute in Florida. I don’t know what the time deadline is on changing parties in Florida – but what if (and here comes the conspiracy theory) the dem party got this brilliant idea of having their guys switch parties just before the primary in order to make McCain the rep. candidate? Given the hijinks of the last several election cycles it isn’t completely unthinkable. And it would explain some things to me. No conservative I know even likes the guy a little – so how is it he’s winning like this? I just don’t fricking get it. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ


  2. I think what I’m most sick of is the rat race. I think you are too. We’re still arguing over the same issues we were 20 yrs ago. Nothing has been done. All I know is that it’s a shame that my Mother can’t retire for another couple of years due to lack of healthcare coverage, there are kids who can’t read in this country, and I’m paying 6.12 a gallon for milk, 4.00 for gas, and the minimum wage has just gone up to 7 whole bucks after years of being 5.75. But thank goodness, you have all these politicians raising millions of dollars in a day just so we can watch them swing at one another each week on national television over the ISSUES with the damn NBA (richest athletes in the world) asking us to send 10.00 to Africa for mosquito nets every other commercial in’s a cluster*&(()(!!!!!

    I dunno, Kim. The rat race has always seemed to exist – or at least it’s been around for so long that it seems that way.

    As to the cost of gas – we haven’t built a refinery in 30 years (thank you environmentalists) and we apparently aren’t allowed to even consider nuclear power after that Jane Fonda movie. And there is all this talk about alternate power sources but those inventions and resources have been around for decades, so if anyone was serious about that it would have happened a long time ago. There is a guy who invented an engine that runs on water – yep, water. Why are we messing with hybrids when we could just run our cars from the garden hose? Because it would actually solve a problem that wouldn’t behoove anyone but the public.

    The minimum wage is a load of crap, there shouldn’t even be one.

    The bottom line is government is too big and has been too big for too long. Until we can rectify that, we are a captive audience with little or no choice.


  3. it’s all shite.
    i despise all of them.
    and the issues? 20 years running? more like 30.
    it’s the same bullshit every election; the present admin. has managed to bollock things up so badly, that ANYTHING now is an improvement.
    give us a damned baboon for a Prez and we’re better off.

    You know, I tend to agree with you in many ways. It does seem like the same crap for the last 30 years. Which begs the question – Is any of it real or is it just that these are unsolvable problems? The bottom line is that our power only extends to our choices and our choices are crap.


  4. I’m still thinking Aaaaaaaaaanold for president. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Well okay hon, you can think it but it won’t happen. He is not a native born American and therefore is not eligible to be President. A small favor from the framers of the Constitution. Bless them.


  5. All this is just starting to make me tired. (oh who am I kidding – I’m always tired) – but, really, it’s exhausting. Do they do this on purpose – to mess with our head sso we can’t make a rational decision by the time November gets here?

    Yeah, that is exactly what they are doing. The idea is to beat people into apathy so that they don’t care anymore and either don’t vote or vote for the forgone conclusion. Frankly, I’m tired of being manipulated. In the words of Romny ‘we don’t send the same people to Washington so they can sit in different chairs’ I hear you, Mitt. I really do.



    Well, I guess we’ll see who does win – frankly, I’m not looking forward to it.


  7. And do you know why the media is pressing the McCain thing, because it is a Win Win if it comes to that because that is what the liberals want. You need to get a good old boy that is not part of the Washington Cronies in office for things to get done that why “I’m with Mitt” I’m Mitt Romney and I appove this message 8)

    Yeah, I hear you, Ger.


  8. Hi WC,

    You really think that the people’s still vote counts? Silly girl. Truly, once we went to a two party system, established by Federal law, it was inevitable that we would give up our freedom to a compromise group politic which caters to everyone as much as possible, while screwing everyone as equally as possible. What fun!

    the Grit

    Hi Grit,
    Well, maybe you are right and our votes don’t count – still, I have to believe that I can somehow make a difference. If nothing else, I can voice my opinion.


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