Is a Vote for Huckabee a Vote for McCain?

Wow, I just saw this on Drudge. If it’s true – it’s pretty creepy. I don’t know much about Huckabee but I wouldn’t put it past McCain. He is so maniacal about being the candidate and never got over losing the nomination from Bush, I’d be willing to bet he made some sort of deal. Huckabee might not mind being part of a McCain cabinet.

What really sucks about this is the Huckabee supporters, if it is true are being screwed. If they are voting for Huckabee in good faith, should their candidate be donating their votes to McCain. It would piss me off anyway.

I’ll keep you posted.


20 thoughts on “Is a Vote for Huckabee a Vote for McCain?

  1. I’ve been thinking that for about a week now.

    Been thinking what? That Huckabee is throwing his votes to McCain on purpose? If that’s true, he’s doing a vast disservice to his supporters. Because if they wanted McCain, wouldn’t they be voting for him? It’s getting weird already.


  2. *slaps hands against face*

    I think that McCain and Huckabee have an “under the table” agreement. Huckabee stays in to keep Romney from getting the votes Huck mighta gotten and in return McCain will pay for Huck’s exenses that he incurs and a place in his — oh hell what do you call that — in his cabinet — advisors – whatever the name. Huck’s got a job when it’s all done if McCain wins besides having his campaign debt paid off.

    Interesting theory – especially that part about covering Huck’s expenses – since McCain was claiming they were having money problems some time back. Though, now that he is the bonafide-wanted-by-the-media-endorsable-guy, maybe he got some dough. What a putz he is.


  3. ***edit**** from the votes Romney mighta gotten (if Huck had dropped out previously).

    Is it time for bed yet? *thunks head*

    Maybe so – get your blanky and hot chocolate and rest. Poor girl. πŸ˜‰


  4. Absolutely feasible. Like I mentioned before, I was privy to this kind of talk and these kinds of deals made inside the beltway all the time. The boys go out to the Old Ebbit Grill ( and bingo presto, deals are miraculously spawned. I’m telling you, ALL these politicians are parasites. I know Drudge is known for sensationalism, but he’s pretty dead on accurate about his junk. This article doesn’t surprise me a bit. It’s the reason I feel helpless and powerless with my vote.

    I don’t mind Drudge – he tends to be pretty fair, I think – puts up what’s out there. I’m glad he’s there, frankly.


  5. I saw this on Fox the other night. Like the media is saying that a vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain and some say that he is taking away votes from Mitt Romney. Huckabee was on there and he was saying that it’s fair to say that Mitt Romney is taking away votes for him and not to rule him out just yet. This was Monday night. That McCain still had to get 1190 electoral votes or something like that. I don’t know how each faired, I’ve yet to check that this morning. If it is at all true, it’s just wrong on levels I can’t even sink to to think about.

    Well, I have a feeling that whatever Huckabee is thinking he’s going to get from McCain, he is going to be sorely disappointed. I mean, if McCain can’t even keep his word to his own constituents, I doubt his word is going to be very reliable where another competitor is concerned.


  6. If that is true then Romney must be fuming… it’s strange how politicians make these backroom deals and then complain when voters have a hard time trusting them later. It’s about integrity, not just having the credentials to lead.

    Do you have any ideas for who might get the vice-presidential nomination under McCain, WC? I’ve been wondering since Giuliani pulled out if there was some kind of an offer made for him in the cabinet… this feels similar too.

    Speculation about Guliani in terms of a McCain cabinet is more head of homeland security or something like that. The only name I’v heard floated for VP is Tom Ridge – who ironically was originally head of homeland security if I’m not mistaken. I sure haven’t heard that Huckabee is up for consideration. Some people are even floating the idea that he may end up asking Romeny if he gets the nod – hoping to bring in the discontented fold? I don’t know. This is such a mess, there is no telling where it will lead.

    The thing that bothers me the most about all of this is that McCain is the guy that the liberal media want to be our candidate. And I have to ask myself why on earth would the LA Times or the NY Times be endorsing a conservative candidate period. And the only answer I can come up with is that they feel certain that once he gets the nomination they are just going to cream him. And they’ll be able to because he has betrayed conservatives so many times in big ways. It will drive the conservative vote into further apathy, they will sit it out and one of their lib candidates will easily get voted in. Anyway, that’s my take.


  7. I dont know, WC .. Im still trying to figure everything out .. Super Tuesday confused me and now it’s Wednesday and Im still confused about the whole thing.

    Hey Red,
    Super Tuesday is just a name they came up for it because there were so many primaries being held on the same day. So it was super day, see what I mean? I don’t know if y’all have had your primary or not – but if not, you should be getting voting materials as the time approaches. Don’t let all the bluster confuse you – it’s just people trying to sell newspapers. Know what I mean?


  8. I heard Huckabee on one of the News programs saying what Krkbaker commented on.
    My take is with Fightingwindmills in that the more we learn the more nauseating it becomes.

    I do personally think imho that Huckabee will be in the cabinet if not VP if McCain is elected.

    I am reminded of the Chicago politicians we used to read about that would make deals in smoke filled back rooms that were not too legit.

    It is clear that the voter is in the trunk, not the back seat, much less the front seat.
    I also agree with FFIA there is a backseat agreement. How bad of me…am I getting just too cynical?

    Hey Ange,
    I think that Huckabee does think that – I wonder though – I really think that if McCain made such a deal with Huckabee that he will not keep his word. Besides, I don’t think it will help him much. Huckabee, while effective as a spoiler, doesn’t get enough support to help pull that much more for McCain. Romney does though – so if McCain offers it to any of his competitors, my guess is he will offer it to Romney. If so, I hope Romney tells him to go to hell.

    Oooh, I feel so dumb, what is FFIA?


  9. Can’t respond to this one seeing as how I’m totally clueless when it comes to american politics. Could have something to do with the fact that I’m not from there hey!
    I did just want to say “Hows the search for an agent going?” as per your request in the sidebar πŸ™‚
    Cheers, Kelly

    Well, since most everyone is clueless about American politics, including Americans, I’m not surprised. πŸ˜‰

    Search for agents? Eh? Right now, looking for job. This sucks. Oh well – don’t worry, be happy, right?


  10. All I know is that I had planned to watch election coverage on tuesday night and instead spent the night in our safe room in the basement with my kids…husband out of town…hiding from Tornados. We all came out of it alright but our neighbors in Fairview (about a mile away) saw real destruction. It brought me to thinking (because I’m Mrs Metaphor) about how this feels almost prophetic in relation to the coming election. How on earth do we battle apathy in the wake of things like this…oy…

    Hey MM!
    Oh my gosh, you’re out in tornado territory? I’m so sorry to hear about that. I grew up in the midwest and have memories of sitting in the basement and waiting for it to pass. It is a scary thing and the destruction that a tornado can do is horrendous. I hope things get better out there. Stay safe.



  11. Oh no mrs! I wondered about you the other night… glad you are ok.


    The other night? You mean on Super Tuesday? Yeah, I was depressed. Romney dropped out because he could see that he was distracting from the campaign going forward – I’m sure party leaders had a talk with him. Too bad, because that leaves us with McCain which ain’t good. The press will decimate him. Plus he’s alienated so many conservatives, I’m not sure they’ll be able to hold their noses to vote for him. Maybe if he offers Romney the VP slot and Romney accepts there is some hope the conservatives will rally round.

    Sadly, I think that spells Hillary. I know everybody thinks that Obama will pull it out – but I think history has an ironic sense of humor and will have the last laugh after all. Still, the way this thing has been going – it’s anybody’s guess wtf is going to happen.


  12. He didn’t drop out on Tues. I got up especially early on Wed to watch the results (didn’t I? Wasn’t that yesterday?).

    WHEN exactly did this happen? OMG I’m seriously losing it. How could I have watched TV yesterday and this am from 5-9 and NOT have caught that???

    I mean….I know what Oprah’s next book club book is going to be and I signed up for the Webinar. Didn’t I?

    *running to look at all my activities yesterday….maybe an alien beamed me up for the day πŸ˜‰ *

    No, he dropped out yesterday while giving his speech at CPAC. Maybe you need to step away from the election for a few minutes. This stuff can turn your brain to mush. πŸ˜‰


  13. FFIA, he didn’t drop (or “suspend” his delegates, as they are calling it) out until his speech at the CPAC around 1:00 pm. That’s why you missed it.

    Yes, I know that Windy – but what the heck does FFIA stand for? That’s what I don’t know.


  14. OK! Thank you windy. I really thought I had missed a whole day. It was on Thur at 1 pm est that he dropped out – I think I have it now.

    I’m still SHOCKED.

    Shocked that Mitt dropped out? I’m disappointed but not shocked. I’m sure Suckabee is doing the happy dance right now – but I think he’ll be shocked himself soon enough. Then again, my perceptions on this cycle haven’t been that good, have they? 😯


  15. Hee hee, WC. You’re Writer Chick, but sometimes people call you WC. And sometimes people call FreeFromItAll, FFIA. My comment was for her. πŸ˜‰

    Oh you goils – πŸ™„ what will I do with you?


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