7 thoughts on “The Impossible Dream

  1. *be still my heart* is that ME on your blog roll? Free? Am I one of the gang? *tears*

    After the shita$$ day I’ve had, this was a sweet and unexpected surprise. Ok, enough mush.

    Windy, you’re one of the gang too. *more tears*

    It’s otay, Free. Just take a deep breath. LOL – not really a big deal. I just realized today that I hadn’t added you yet and I thought I had – so I did. Glad it makes you happy.


  2. Can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy watching this.
    Must have been fifteen minutes before I decided to comment.
    Shit, I can smell her burning too . . .
    {damn, she stinks}


    I know, it does have a sort of euphoric-hypnotic effect, doesn’t it? Did you click on the little link. That one is a scream.


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