bAd BlOg dAY…

Take this blog
and shove it
I don’t know why
I love it

It drives me
up the wall
I might as well
just crawl
my endless rants
just fall
like acid drops of gall
and I won’t
just play ball
So I’m tagging
up the hall
With gra-feet- tee

Take this blog
and shove it
I’m sad from
dreaming of it
Am I now
above it??
Below it???
Tell me if you
know it…

My words are all
just nothin’
No fruit inside
the muffin
My mind can’t
stand the huffin’
Cuz I don’t get
no lovin
From no-bod-dee

Take this blog
and shove it
Find a box
and stuff it
in the drawers
of fluff-it
Cuz mine are
more than empty
And nothin’s
gonna tempt me

to spew,
to sputter
to simmer
or stew

copyright 2008

12 thoughts on “bAd BlOg dAY…

  1. Wow – your bad blog days are better than my best! πŸ˜‰ Hope all is well in WriterChick land! Hugs to you. I got a kick out of your poem. I think we all feel those sentiments at one time or another on the blogs.

    Thanks, Teens.
    Yep, I guess we all do feel it from time to time – and I’m sure feeling it lately.


  2. ((( Annie )))

    At the risk of sounding totally dorky and cliche, tough times don’t last…’tough’ people do. Your blog – as an extension of your own creative genius – is amazing. In fact, it’s the only one I’m even paying attention to these days….you make us think, you make us laugh, you make us cry….you make us FEEL and PONDER and ask the question “Why?” Should you decide to stop blogging – unless it was simply for your own R&R – there would be a huge hole Ripped into the fabric of the Cyber Universe.


    Hey Gracie,
    Well, you’re too kind and I really appreciate it. But I doubt I would rip any kind of hole in anything, except maybe my jeans because of my fat ass. πŸ˜‰


  3. Love the poem, Annie. You capture that feeling we all go through so well, the love-hate relationship with blogging… sometimes it just feels overwhelming, and other times with the people you meet it’s one of the most amazing things… hang in there. We’re thinking of you and your blog is a ray of sunshine in all our days… even when it’s a bad day for you.

    Aw CJ,
    You’re such a sweet soul – thanks for trying to make me feel better.


  4. Hi WC,

    I read your blog and love it
    I want all you write and more
    even though I don’t know all the reasons
    you’ve been writing for
    you better not try to find a way
    of walking out that door
    I read your blog and love it
    so you’d better write some more!

    the Grit

    Hey Grit,
    You’re a poet and I bet you know it. πŸ˜‰


  5. If I plagiarize you will that make you feel better.

    Your ever loving favorite old fart trucker.

    Hey Squawky,
    Like you – sometimes I just have to step back, eh?


  6. You’re hardly stupid, I’ve seen the inside of your brain (remember that day you showed it to me? We’d had “one too many” and it slipped out — bwahhahaa).

    I feel like anything I say right now will just sound like I’m being a suck up….so, how about if we just drink up and this time, keep your body parts covered, k? πŸ˜‰

    Okay, now you weren’t supposed to tell anyone you’ve seen the inside of my brains. Jeez, never going to tell you a secret again. πŸ˜†


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