Dear God…

Dear God….
I’m tired and my soul aches down to its toes
Staring eyes see the blue between the words where I try to find your message.
Trembling hands grasp for meaning in my daily bread but the crumbs scatter toward the crows
That perch outside my window
I hear them mumble prayers of unrepentance and sing hyms of opportunity
My feet don’t stand on their own and prop me up like flapping sheets on windy clotheslines
Arms wrap around to protect what hides beneath – stacatto breath chasms deep inside my lungs and
Forces down the screams that seek pity and surrender
And then your sunset slides down the wall of sky and creeps across the lawn
To comfort me.

copyright 2008

15 thoughts on “Dear God…

  1. Breathtaking….I can so relate. I know you can too. (((HUGS)))

    Night Ms Chicky. Cya in the AM for french toast. 😉

    LOL – I hope I can relate, since I wrote it. 😉 Glad you liked it.


  2. Wow – that paints quite a pretty picture – I loved “your sunset slides down the wall.” Again, wow.

    Hey Teens,
    Thanks – yeah, sliding down the wall – that’s how it looks to me.


  3. what a sweet pic. those words are nicely placed, good job.

    Thank you John & welcome. I gave your sight a peek and I’d have to say you have a way with words yourself.


  4. My goodness I feel that.

    Just posted something you might like… “Do It Anyway”. Check it out – I hope it gives you some comfort the way it did me.

    Hey MS,
    Okay, I will.


  5. It’s these times that are the hardest to see beauty. Yet, you found that picture. Your words are fabulous and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing them.

    Hello again, Jen,
    I love that picture – I love sunsets and find them to be a universal balm.


  6. Oh,no. I hope that things get better. Although I totally understand–sometimes nature is the best cure for whatever is troubling us, even if it is only temporarily taking our minds off of our difficulties.

    Hi Caryn!
    You hit the nail on the proverbial head. For me, especially, nature is a cure. Sunsets, mountains, bodies of water, pastures, meadows – all serve to restore peace in of mind.


  7. You WROTE this? You left that little ditty out in the e-mail. LOL

    I know a true blue author. Go me!

    Yes, dear-heart, I did write this. I write everything on this blog, unless I name another source (as in guest posts or the rare quote/joke) you can be assured it came out of my brain.

    Ah…if only you were an agent…


  8. stacatto breath chasms deep inside my lungs and…

    What a magnificent line, Annie.
    This write is stunning, deep.

    What i admire in this is the beauty and love and presence of God, shown by God, and shared by you here.

    This is a beautiful work, Annie.

    Oh Chica, that means so much coming from you, the mistress of beautiful words. Thank you.


  9. Very beautifully written… I knew there was a reason I always came back here for more.

    Thank you, Paul. I’m touched that you think so and that you come back here for more.


  10. What a gut wrenching wail from the soul, steeped in profound metaphors. Quite a work of art, Annie. It really says it. I love the sunset sliding down the wall of sky at the end.

    Hey PG!
    We miss you out here in the ol’ blogosphere…

    Gut-wrenching, yes, I suppose there was some serious wringing happening here. Your comment is so nice I don’t know what to say, except thanks and I’m glad it communicated to you.


  11. I’m with PG on the sunset.
    As far as the post, your words seem to parallel many of mine in meaning.
    Maybe that’s why I understand where this is coming from.
    It’s not a nice place but just accepting its presence can sometimes open a door to climb out and into the “garden” . . .
    Keep the faith, kiddo.

    Oh Mikey…
    You’ve got your good days, your great days, your bad days and then days like this. Luckily, I can almost always find the door to the garden.



  12. I love colorful sunsets! I think it’s a way of “delighting myself in the Lord.” I am blessed with a front pasture and neighboring pastures that open up the sky and gives me a large view of sunsets. Lots of evenings when the weather permits I’ll get my exercise by walking up and down our road in the top pasture while the sun is setting.

    Oooh, Lolly,
    You make me want to come visit you. I have fantasies about owning a piece of property like that. A place where I can make the world slow down and breathe.


  13. Oh Annie!!

    So comforting – Yes! Thank you for sharing your prayer and your sunset.. So personal. Nice to see you Annie. Hope all is well in Miss Chic’s World. Your in my thoughts lovingly.

    Smiles and huge hugs- Thanks for the hug and comment Annie


    Hi darlin!
    How the heck are you? Glad you liked the sunset.


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