Blogrolls…What Are They Good For?

I was just having a conversation the other day with a fellow blogger about blogrolls. It seems he/she was doing some reevaluation of his/hers (notice how I am consealing their identity – hehe) and discovered that many of the bagillion (yes, that is a word) blogs they listed on their roll was not reciprocal. It really chapped his/her hide (as they say in that salsa commercial). And by osmosis, mine too.

We discussed at length our philosophies about blogrolling – who, when, where, how and both of us seemed to have the same thoughts in general. Linking should be reciprocal.

I have to admit, I didn’t always feel this way. When I first started out I essentially just blogrolled anybody whom I liked and of course, anyone who linked to me (as long as I was aware of it, and sometimes I’m not). But after several months I began to notice that a lot of the people I linked to did not return the favor. So, rather than just cutting them off my rolls I visited even more, commented even more so that they would have that V-8 moment and say, ‘doh, I need to blogroll WC.’ Did that work? Ah…not so much…. Scratching head here.

This floored me.because I couldn’t fathom why a person would not link reciprocally (is that a word, really?). It seems only fair and good manners, right? Well, not to everyone. I didn’t want to be a baby about it, so I just left things as they were. I mean, why not, I liked their blogs or what they said/wrote and liked to read them, so why shouldn’t I?

Well, after talking to my friend I started to see why not. The blogging world is built on links and referrals. It is the ultimate in networking and linking up is the way we introduce our good buddies to other of our good buddies or favorites. Because we want to share what and who we like with all our other friends. And we want them to share us with their good buddies/favs too. That’s the whole idea, isn’t it?

Anyway, I’ve now decided that all my links will be reciprocal. Anyone who links to me, I will link right back. So, please, if you have linked to me and I’m not linking to you, let me know and we’ll fix that right up. I truly appreciate the linkage and want to return the favor.

On the other hand, I will remove links of those who don’t link back. It’s not personal, but it doesn’t seem fair to let another blogger take advantage of your network if they aren’t willing to let you take advantage of theirs. Know what I mean?

Anybody else have thoughts on this?


30 thoughts on “Blogrolls…What Are They Good For?

  1. i wrote a post about this issue some time ago and basically people generally commented that a blogroll is links of places they visit and not so much as reciprocal linking. as for me, my blogroll is part reciprocal linking but mostly reflects who comments in my blog frequently and who i consider friends. so usually, i reciprocate the blogroll link when i see i’m in someone’s blogroll. after a while, if i don’t receive comments from the blogger in my blog, i’d remove it. i find it rather messy when my blogroll is mixed with friends and friendly strangers who blogrolled me. that is just my personal system, though. πŸ™‚

    Hi Sulz,
    Cool name and love your avatar. Yes, it’s a good system – sounds like the approach is similar. Blogrolls can be very unwieldy things too – I’ve spent days sometimes trying to present them in a way that my readers know what they’re clicking and finally came up with a system that works for me too.


  2. Hello,

    Its has been long time hope you doing all right. Good to see you still blogging. Well I haven’t gone through all your post as I know I had missed quite lot, so probably I will go through and share my views.


    Eka!!! (doing the happy dance)
    So good to see you back in the neighborhood. It’s been a very long time. Glad to see you back.


  3. Have to say I don’t like the expectation of reciprocal linking. I don’t like people who I blogrolled to feel pressured to put me on theirs nor vice versa. If I were blogging for a business reason I would definitely agree with you.

    There are two types of links on my blogroll, either they are friends and I enjoy their sites, or I enjoy the site. There are millions of sites out there and I don’t want to spend my life on the internet. Therefore I don’t blogroll everybody. Also, if I don’t think a site fits with my intention of my own blog and my values, I won’t blogroll it.

    I guess, in the end the blogroll is like an address book for myself. I don’t see it as a networking tool that much. Based on my own experience, I usually check out new sites based on either a friend recommending them or because of what comments they have left. I hardly every work myself down another person’s blogroll unless it’s short.

    Although I am always honoured to be on someone’s blogroll, I don’t get my satisfaction out of that. I get the most out of the comments left on my blog and the responses to comments I left on other people’s blogs, the interaction so to speak.

    As far as good manners and fair goes, I think answering comments is much more important. Although there again, that’s the standard I hold myself too. I don’t expect someone to answer my comment and that’s not why I write them. Also there are people out there who get 30 plus comments on each post, and so I’d rather they’d continue writing good posts, answer comments if they want to and spend their free time doing what they makes them happy. If that’s answering comments fine, if that’s something else that’s just as great.

    Having said all that, it’s up to each blogger what he/she wants to do, I guess. And in your case, I am glad that I’m safe. After all, you’re on it! πŸ™‚

    LOL Spaz,
    I just can’t figure out how we got to be friends. πŸ˜† We just love to disagree, huh? Okay, all kidding aside. I get what you’re saying and definitely people should do what works for them. In my case, I had a lot of blogs on my roll because they had rolled me. Then I discovered a lot of them dropped the link. Which is fine – but I didn’t see any reason to keep their link on my blog.

    I guess a lot of people have friends who blog – I have 2. The one who got me into in the first place and then another friend who I pushed into it. Now, of course I consider everybody on my blogroll a friend, but I met them through blogging, so I don’t really have a separate category for that.

    And of course, the comments mean a lot. And when I have somebody who is visiting a lot, as a rule I stick them on the roll. I mean, heck they are giving me the bloggy love so I’m happy to give it right back. Though, yah, I’ve been bad about visiting cuz I’m such a crazy woman lately. But I try to respond to comments as quick as I can.

    Of course you’re safe you big goof. There are some who I couldn’t pry off my roll with a ten foot pole – rest assured you’re in that category.



  4. Wow! You said this so well. I’ve been feeling it didn’t know how to put it in words or how to avoid looking like I was being a big baby for having it bother me when someone doesn’t reciprocally link to me. In some cases, I can ALMOST understand when someone doesn’t link back to me since I don’t fit into a lot of niches. It bothered me that they don’t link back and it wasn’t really that I was being oversensitive – something just didn’t seem “right” or fair about it and you hit the nail on the head. As bloggers, we work hard to build up our communities and I sure as hell value mine. I think I get a really decent number of hits considering I don’t really rely on too many social networks yet. And I worked hard to get them. So I am totally with you on this and will do a post of my own about it in the near future. Why should I share all that work I did and the great people in my network if they aren’t willing to share theirs? It is all about relationships and relationships are all about reciprocating. And I would hope nobody is too ashamed to have me in their blogroll. And you can certainly have more than one set of links – people can be listed under fun sites or serious sites or niche-related sites. So really, there is no excuse as far as I can tell. This post is getting stumbled too.

    Hey Teens,
    Wow, this one got you going, huh? LOL- you’re a ‘stumblin’ maniac girl. Yeah, what you said. πŸ˜‰


  5. I’m actually thinking of revamping mine and copying a style of someone I ran across recently…basically breaking into categories of say blogs I like to read, friend’s blogs, my many other blogs…because I have about 5 now…ack…God help us all, right?

    Here’s my hard thing with blogroll…sometimess I ask to link sometimes I just like to whomever blogrolls me. What I run up against is that some friends have blogs and are not lookin for traffic…so they might link to me but I’m not sure they WANT to be blogrolled…ya know? So, basically…I’m linking automatically from here on out to people who link to me (as I discover it) and then asking first for “friend” blogs or more personal blog types.

    That’s mah plan.

    Hey MM!
    You have FIVE blogs? Do you ever sleep? I can’t even imagine how you do that. I hear what you’re saying about some folks maybe not wanting more traffic – although, I’ve never met a blogger who didn’t – but I’m still pretty new to the game. I just think it’s fair – somebody links to you, you should link back. If you’re not sure they’d want you to, then shoot them an email and ask if it’s okay. And yeah, for the record, there is the rare blog that I like so much that I don’t much care if they link back to me and I’m okay with that – usually, it’s writers who are just so awesome I can’t stand it – but to be honest, not that many.

    Sounds like you’ve got a good plan there. πŸ˜‰


  6. i don’t get annoyed by the blogroll as much i am annoyed by the lack of reciprical visits.
    There are blogs i like, visit and comment on frequently. Now, those writers do not have to visit me as often. Just because i like their blog doesn’t mean they’ll like mine (even though they totally should! πŸ™‚ ) but still… They could at least comment on my ‘about me’ or something. They don’t even have to do that! If they just visited my page i’d be grateful! Gimme some hits…

    i think one’s blog mission will direct one’s blogrolling policy. i have folks on my blogroll who i know will never put me on theirs, but it’s okay because a)i maybe just love their work and b)i really only strive to be linked back to friends and fellow writers.

    That’s my thoughts on it.

    Hey Chica Chica,
    So, I’m probably in the doghouse for not visiting much lately, huh? I know, I’m a bad blogger. But I’ll make it up to you, honest.

    You made me laugh about the comment thing though – I wrote a post called Could You Just Grunt or Something? about that very thing. So, yeah…I definitely comment when I visit – I mean, why wouldn’t you?


  7. I’m not so great at keeping up my blogroll, but I often add people whose blogs I enjoy reading, and ones I think others may enjoy as well. I have loads of people added to my blogsurfer thingie, so I visit many. If I added them all, my blogroll would spill out over my monitor across my keyboard, and down to the ground. Since we all have different tastes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the person whose blog I like will like mine, and I’m seldom offended if that’s the case. It could also be a management style issue. Some folks just aren’t as good at keeping up with that stuff up as others. I agree with spasmically perfect– the comments thing is more important to me. It makes me feel good when others (you included) take the time to acknowledge the visit, or the thought that often goes into some comments.

    I’m so glad you posted this, WC. It’s something many of us have probably grappled with from time to time.

    Hey Queenie,
    I know what you mean about blogrolls spilling over. I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve been trying to hit everybody on Sat/Sun and sometimes it just can’t be done. So, then I try to hit everybody who’s made a comment and sometimes even that isn’t doable. We all have schedules that change, ebb and flow – so, no I don’t expect people to visit everyday. But I do love the comments too. It is a nice acknowledgment for the time and energy spent on posts. I definitely owe you some bloggy love and will try to get by this week. You are one of my favorite new discoveries and always cwack me up.



  8. My own blogroll is labeled “Blogs I read when I can,” and that’s the criterion for inclusion: I read ’em when the opportunity presents itself. (Since I have a day job and other trappings of so-called Real Life™, not everyone is going to be read first thing in the morning, seven days a week.) It is not required that those linked reciprocate; however, if I discover that someone’s linked to me who isn’t on the list, I’ll look for a reason to add that someone.

    Yeah, makes sense. I suspect though, you don’t have to look too far for a reason, though, eh? πŸ˜‰


  9. I’ve been debating this a lot lately. I just started a new blog (well you know that already LOL) and am wondering if I should blogroll everyone who blog rolls me or blog roll no one and then when I see an article of theirs that sparks my interest do a post about it linking the original idea back to the person’s blog. (I call that linky love).

    Hmmmmm… always make us think WC, STOP – my head hurts πŸ˜›

    Otay Free…I’ll start putting a warning label on the posts from now on…. Warning! This post may require you to think. if you do not want to think then please avoid paras 1-5 and go straight to para 6. How’s that? πŸ™‚

    You know after all these comments, I realize it is more than just the reciprocal linking – it’s that and all the other stuff you guys have been talking about. Clearly, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Guess you have to go with your gut.


  10. *checks WC’s blogroll for me name!*
    Whew, it’s still there πŸ˜‰

    I blogroll blogs that I read and I enjoy. I’m not going to do it if Im not planning on reading your blog on a regular basis. And yes, even if that person does link to me. I have to like it to link it, ya know. That may be snobbish, but Ive seen my name on some blogrolls, and I didn’t add them to mine. Why? I didn’t like them, even though they obviously saw something in mine that they did like. More times than not, I do add .. I like the little community that I’m involved with, and yes, it is soo flipping diverse; that makes me enjoy it even more.


    Hey Red, yeah I can see how feeling obliged to link to a blog that may link to you could be a put off. Although, really, logic still tells me there must be some common ground or they wouldn’t have linked to you in the first place. But, what the heck do I know?

    PS: Thanks for the grunt, I needed that. πŸ˜‰


  11. You are not in any dog house with me, Chica.
    You are one of the readers i can count on for feedback and all around wonderfulness.

    i have to say that there are some posts i do not comment on becasue i either don’t know what to say or have so much to say, people i enjoy may not like me anymore.

    i remember that post of yours- Grunt or Something. It was one of the first posts i read of yours.

    You had me at Could You Just…

    Phew! Well, that’s a relief – cuz i feel the same way about you. And like you, there are some posts I don’t comment on for the same reasons. Either I really don’t have anything to add to the conversation or…it inspires a response that will only lead to disharmony.

    LOL – you had me a clouds…



  12. Great post, I see exactly where you’re coming from on this one, too. However, the whole issue is a bit of a two heads job for me. It depends on levels I guess. I enjoy all the sites on my blogroll, some link back, some don’t. Not all are blogs, not all link to anyone. Some are like minded souls some are completely different in outlook and ideals – that’s what makes them interesting of course. There is only one criteria, I guess. That they interest me.

    So, on one level, the serious blogger in me thinks yes, they should link back. On another, WordPress doesn’t allow Google Adwords or the like and I can’t be arsed to sort out a blog where I can use ads or any other money earning tricks, I’m not an ambitious or serious blogger, I blog because I like writing and because it’s fun. So to me, if my blogging crosses the line from a hobby, writing practise, a bit of light fun to a commitment, I just get guilty and stressed. No fun. That part of me is much more laid back and chides my serious head for taking it all too… well… seriously. Also, I can’t have too big a blogroll because I don’t have time to read many more blogs than I do and wouldn’t expect people whose blogs I don’t have time to read to make the effort to wade through mine!

    Dunno if that makes sense…



    Sure it makes sense. I mean obviously, we all have blogs that we visit daily or very often and I suppose those are the ones where there is a strong kinship – then there are those we visit sometimes or are in the mood for something different (maybe like listening to different music sometimes?)

    I don’t know expectations…personally, I’m always surprised when anyone visits here – especially lately, since I’ve had so little time to visit anyone with my recent tunnel vision – I’m always flattered and happy when anyone does. However, there are some for instance, I had on my rolls who never ever came by – or when they did, seemed only to want to cause trouble – those had to go.



  13. I link for me and me only… If I like a blog I add them regardless of whether they like me or not. Sometimes you have to take your writer hat off.

    But I know what you mean.. I recently removed one or two blogs where I have spent the best of eight months leaving comments and joining the comment trail but never received a single comment back. I know that is a contradiction to my first statement above but if someone regularly leaves comments then i think its only polite to go visit them and if you can’t be nice once or twice every few weeks then you don’t deserve the readers.

    Phew.. ok that was my two cents.

    Hope you are doing ok.

    Hey Paul,
    Yep, I agree and I suppose it is sort of contradictory and yet not. Again, I go back to the acknowledgement angle. I think that may be the maker or breaker of the deal.

    I’m doing okay – hanging in there. Thanks for your concern. Much appreciated.



  14. I agree with your thoughts here, WC.

    For my personal blogroll I prefer to include only those who actually link back (or may link back, based on my input to their site.

    However, there is a limit to the number of sites I can get to in a reasonable period of time. And so there are those I read, but who I don’t get frequent enough chances to comment on.

    And then there’s the way I present my blogroll, with a list of the latest content from their feeds.

    I do separate out mega-bloggers who I like and who I want to send people to, even if I’m totally out of their league, from those who are more my “league” and thus more likely to reciprocate.

    But that leads to the question: the internet being a great leveler: is there such thing as “leagues” in blogging? Or ought LGF and Hewitt be as willing to link back based on quality as WC and 4Simpsons?

    LOL Matt, can you imagine if HH or LGF linked to everyone who linked to them? They’d have rolls with 1000s of links. And in their case, I’d have to say, yeah, they are mega bloggers but more than that – they I think are actually providing a public service and act in many ways as news outlets. So, I’ll give them a break. πŸ˜‰


  15. When I left Blogging, a HUGE contributor to my decision to do so was the sheer amount of TIME it was taking for me to be a faithful friend and hit everyone on my blogroll. When, for whatever reason, I started to attract alot of new traffice, I felt equally ‘responsible’ for visiting and hanging out a bit. I even did this with people who did not visit my own blog, but whose blogs I enjoyed reading….

    Soon I realized that Blogging was feeling too much like a non-paid, part-time “JOB” that was (literally) taking me hours to do every single day. And that didn’t even include the creation process of my own musings. Since I already work full time, I realized that way (WAYYY) too much of any ‘free’ time was spent locked to a computer….something I really was feeling very warm and fuzzy about after awhile, for many reasons.

    Frankly, I have a love/hate relationship with the Blogroll. Lovely tool for a quick reference list, but one that can quickly turninto a heavy load to carry if one is blogging with obligation.

    The important thing about blogging (to me) is that we should each feel free to use our blogs and blogging time in whatever way suits us personally.

    Hey Gracie,
    Yeah, I run into similar problems sometimes – especially recently – I think because I am trying to do so many other things as well, that I just run out of time and energy. And dang it, I have to eat sometimes. My compromise was to try to at least hit everybody once a week and hope they will forgive me for not being around more. We do what we can and I’ve found that tends to change depending on what’s happening in our lives.



  16. a long time ago, i used to have a blogroll and then i did away with it because i started to feel pressured and i worried about who had linked me and should i link them and i didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and and and … i started to get headaches thinking about it so i did away with the blogroll completely. i have everyone i read and love on my google reader and i share links there and i post link love as i am inspired in small chunks and my blog feels free’er somehow. i like it that way : ) i don’t always comment but i do fairly regularly on those that i read and that to me is how i chose to participate.

    that said, i do agree with what you said which is why i am always somewhat amazed when i find myself on someone’s blogroll knowing that i don’t have the same, amazed and touched because i would never expect someone to blogroll me given that i don’t have one … i think we should all do whatever makes us comfortable … i love that about blogging …

    glad you are doing what is right for you … : )

    You know, D…I’ve thought about doing that but then, me and feed readers…oy! I just don’t enjoy using them. I really prefer to visit the blogs and see what’s going on firsthand – so I have to have the links to find them cuz I can barely remember my phone number, much less a bunch of urls. 😯


  17. Hey WC!!

    I agree, if someone links you, alot of the time they kind of let you know they rolled you, obviously so you’ll repay the favor. I have a couple i haven’t rolled yet, out of sheer laziness, but i will (i swear).. it just gets hard to get to everyone on a regular basis when your fucking popular (as you know my sweet!) and i feel bad that i get to some blogs more than others.. damn, i need a system.

    Hey Reggie, girl…
    Well, we all have our own approach and I guess you should just do what works for you. Right? And I agree, it is hard to get to everyone on a regular basis, but we try. πŸ˜‰


  18. I agree with you but have started slacking in the blogroll department since I installed comment luv. I like the plugin because it does the linking work for me (what? I am lazy)..

    I figure I want to get comments so allowing the commenter to gain “linky love” from the comment is just fine by me… Then to get my reciprocal link I just visit their blog and return the comment favor and hopefully get the “linky love” in return since most blog platforms link the authors name to their blog.

    I still have my blogroll but like I say I have gotten lazy with it.. Thanks to your post though I have added you to it! Reciprocal linking is good, yay!

    Hey Talina,
    I wish we could use plugins on WordPress, unfortunately we can’t. I think it’s because it’s easy to imbed viruses or something into them that would be bad for the server’s digestive system. Thanks for the link! Consider yourself one of the gang. πŸ˜‰


  19. I get where you’re coming from. When I first started blogging (that was two months ago) I was blogrolling everyone I liked. Like you, I wasn’t feeling the love. Also, their blogs weren’t very active and I grew bored and took them off.

    I’m learning that if you blogroll someone, it is the ultimate show of affection in the blog world to that person. Sort of like when my cats roll over and let me pet their bellies.

    Hmmmm……Why doesn’t the wordpress spell checker acknowledge “blogroll” as a word? It underlines it in red every time. You think it would be a no brainer to put that one into the dictionary. Oh well.

    Hey TM,
    I guess it’s a process…at first you want to blogroll everyone you encounter. But things change, you start to find your way/place in the blogosphere and maybe tend to gravitate to other types of blogs and the original linkage doesn’t work. For, at least right now, I’m going with the reciprocal angle – I think that works for me now. I may change my mind though – you just never know. πŸ˜‰

    Yeah that spellchecker needs to join the 21st century, eh? πŸ˜‰


  20. I understand your thoughts on this. I view my blogroll differently. Most of who you will find on my blogroll are blogs that I belive people will enjoy. I do not even look to see if I am included on their blogroll. Truth is, it doesn’t matter much to me. I do not want that to be a condition of my blogroll. I do eliminate blogs from time to time, the biggest reason is that the blog has gone stale, meaning that the writer is not writing frequently enough.

    Hey Mark,
    Yes, we all have what works for us and you’ve found what works for you. I used to feel that way – I guess recent events changed my mind. Maybe I’ll change my mind again, I dunno. Although, I will say it felt good to take some of the links off for me – hard to explain exactly why but it felt like they were weighing me down, if that makes sense.


  21. I actually don’t care either way. I used to have a blogroll of just sites I enjoyed reading–regardless of reciprocity. I figure if people like my site, they’ll come to read stuff on it. I no longer have a blogroll of “bloggers” although I have all my faves BOOKMARKED and visit them almost daily (your site included). I’m not a “tit for tat” kind of person, so it doesn’t bother me whether I get reciprocal treatment. I actually find it funny when people remove me from their blogroll based on my actions on mine. I write fiction and assume that people come back to read because they enjoy it, not because I have them linked. Then, it merely becomes a “chore” to keep up appearances; or to visit sites out of a sense of duty.

    Hey (S)wine,
    I’m flattered you have me bookmarked – thanks. I’m not surprised by your view on the topic – you’ve always struck me as the modern day beatnik – off centre, quirky, edgy. It’s all good. πŸ™‚


  22. Hi WC,

    Our blogroll is, mostly, my reading list. The Brit, for some unknown reason, rarely adds anything to it. On the other hand, if you’re interested in helping people find your blog, then you must consider how the search engines see your blogroll. Things they consider when deciding how to rank your site are: number of reciprocal links, the number of sites linking to you, the rank of sites linking to you, the rank of sites you link to, and the age of those links. Details of how these facts are tossed together to generate your ranking are closely guarded secrets, and, I suspect, all of the major search engine companies retain teams of assassins to take care of those who dare reveal the full truth. Thus, on one hand, there’s a complicated, social system like force that drives the link trade. On the other hand, some people who don’t subscribe to something like Technorati to track these things, may not be aware of your link. On the gripping hand, some people may not, what with the Internet and blogging being relatively new developments, be aware of the proper etiquette.

    the Grit

    Hey Grit,
    I think you’ve aptly described my awe and angst where search engines are concerned and how/what they search. Last time I checked my google rank was 5 – which somebody said was pretty good. And this blog is in the top 100,000 at techno – which I guess is good too – although, who the heck knows and even if it is all good, whether that means a dang thing in the greater scheme of things, which I suspect it does not.

    All that being said, or unsaid, as the case may be – I too, use my blogroll as my reading list – so all the better to have blogs on it that I enjoy to read, yes? Hope the snow doesn’t last too long. πŸ˜‰


  23. What a can of worms this post is!
    We’re talking about manners once again here in the blogosphere.
    I have some very strong feelings on this and have been revising my blogroll as of late.
    Sometimes we have an initial infatuation with a particular blog and we blogroll it.
    We find that down the road there was never much common ground and the links disappear.
    It happens on a daily basis. That’s life.
    I’m currently tending Smoke and Mirrors with a scalpel intended on shaving my blogroll some more.
    We’ll see what happens.
    I was going to go on for much longer but I said, “Hey, I need to visit some more friends!” πŸ˜‰
    Great post.

    Hey Mikey,
    Yeah – I think the thing you said about common ground really does apply. Maybe we outgrow certain blogs and move on and the same happens to us. It’s always interesting though.


  24. My blogroll is still pretty new and short. Just some places I like to visit for info, with a couple of reciprocals included. I do have one blog where I was discussing atheism and some evangelical type wanted me to link to his preachy site. I passed on the honor. Didn’t feel like being a target for him and his friends. As others have said, I’m much more interested in the reciprocal comments.

    Hey 30,
    I hear you – but I still think a lot of the reciprocal comments are born out of the reciprocal linking. They go hand in hand to me. Or seem to.


  25. I used to reciprocate…who’d ever include me, I’d include on mine. But that was a year ago when I first started my blog.

    I don’t do that anymore. I’m more discriminating these days. I’d like to think that I go for quality now. That said, I try to limit my blogroll to blogs I really appreciate. I might not read them everyday, but when I do, I appreciate the talent and creativity and unique nature of that particular blog.

    As you well know WC, there are a lot of mediocre blogs out there. but that can be a matter of personal preference. So that’s why I think blogrolls are personal extensions of taste and you should include who you want and exclude who you want and not be judged or even feel the need to reciprocate.


    Hey LK,
    LOL – that reminds me…are you on my blogroll? You should be – I need to check that. Thanks for the support.;)


  26. If you knew how ‘big’ I in fact am, you’d be grinning at your ‘big goof’ comment! πŸ™‚

    LOL Spaz,
    I assume you are talking about your goof quotient and not any aspect of your physical being? πŸ˜‰


  27. I am in awe of folks like you who make writing seem so easy, even though I realize it’s not. In those rare times of inspiration, when thoughts and words flow, sweet and syrupy, it’s truly nice to get a pat, or a kudo from those we’ve met along the way. Yeah WC, reciprocated comments are a lot more important to me than reciprocated links.

    I’ll trade links with whomever asks, except for porn, spam, or Ron Paul blogs. But I only comment on blogs I find interesting.

    Track-back links are pretty cool, too.

    warm regards,

    Wow Nuke, you’re in awe of me? I can’t quite get my wits around that. You are such a power blogger that I’m flattered not only that you blogrolled me but that you read me.

    I had to laugh about the Ron Paul comment and ditto on the types of blogs that you can’t blogroll – I’m with you on that.

    I love doing trackbacks and having them done as well, though recent problems with sploggers has me unchecking the pingback button on my posts. Maybe I should just stop fighting it and stop worrying about it.

    What’s really funny is that there is so much on blogging 101, so to speak but not on blogging advanced and intermediate. If you know what I mean? And I think that is something that needs to be out there somewhere. Hmmm…that’s given me an idea. I’ll be shooting you an email.



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