I Just Can’t Believe it!

Okay, it’s official – the world is filled with idiots.

While cruising through WordPress news, I saw that Cheezburger (the cat website) and Stuff White People Like are getting BOOK DEALS!!!!! I’m sorry and no disrespect intended but WTF? How does this make any sense at all? Why do I even bother?

Clearly, people don’t want to read actual books anymore, they want to read about how dedicating a website to cat pictures came about. Now there’s some stimulating information, eh?

These sites apparently get millions of hits – literally. Why? Somebody out there has to tell me why? What is the business model that makes these sites successful? I honest to God don’t get it. Do you?

I’m fricking speechless.

WC (putting on her black shroud now)


22 thoughts on “I Just Can’t Believe it!

  1. My opinions of the cat shit is well known. As far as the White Folk site. It should be renamed Stuff Uptight White People Like. It is as lame as it gets. But there’s a sucker born every minute and these sites appeal to the suckers. Don’t let the man get ya down.

    I know, you’re right, Evyl – but man $300,000 advance? It’s so fricking unfair. But then again, so what? Who said life was fair? 😯


  2. I actually get a kick out of the I Can Has Cheeseburger website. But, in my defense, I love cats and enjoy the pictures. I can’t see there being much meat to any book content though. And I can see the pictures for free so why would I buy a book? The White People site I did see but couldn’t see the draw. If it were making fun of any other race it would be attacked as being racist. My fear is that too many people just want to jump on the bandwagon of what they think other people consider cool or funny, without really asking themselves if it really is cool or funny. With the crap type of television, books, and movies that have been coming out into the mainstream lately, it really makes me concerned about what people find funny. It’s one thing to make fun of yourself but to stereotype a whole race is kind of sad, especially these days.

    Ditto, Teens. I mean, what they heck could either of these ‘books’ be about? As to the ‘white’ blog – it seems to me it’s just a reflection of this ‘hip thing’ of self-loathing. I’m not sure how that got to be a cool thing, but it seems to have gotten to the top of the list – ‘hey I hate myself, I’m cool, I reject everything I am, ain’t I above it all, now?’

    It just irks me because there are some really awesome writers out there, struggling to get any attention – so to see these folks get money for what will clearly be novelty books just really chaps my hide, you know?



  3. What’s funny about Stuff White people like is that i liked most of the stuff too and i’m not white. But i had to stop going there because it gets ugly in the comments section. As far as it being racist, i’d have to say no- it is a class thing. As far as them getting a book deal, i can kinda see it, because it is touted as “satire”- which these days means being offensive and calling it satire so people won’t get pissed.

    But it doesn’t seem fair. Where’s the feeling? The work? i’m prolly just jealous.

    Scooch over, Chica. i’d like to join you under that shroud. 😦

    No worries, Chica-Chica, there is plenty of room under the shroud. And no, it’s not fair. And no, I don’t think being offensive is satire either. Maybe somebody should start a dictionary blog that actually educates people on what things mean. On the other hand, maybe it’s too late and most of the world just thinks in sound bites and there is nothing more that can be done about it.



  4. i didn’t even know these sites existed … though i did suspect that the world is full of idiots and that is so freaking depressing …

    Hey D!
    Hey why don’t we all start a blog called, We Ain’t Stupid! And then post nothing but stupid things. Think that’ll work? It’s a thought.


  5. Hi, Annie πŸ™‚

    Just remember..there is ALWAYS room in the Universe for your unique contribution. There’s more than enough to go around and someone else’s success won’t take away anything that truly belongs to you.

    Something about your life, as I’ve been reading it lately, seems to leave me with the feeling that the Universe is sort of herding you in a particular direction by NOT opening certain doors. It would be foolish of me to say I knew what that direction is, but I do know this: You are here for a reason – and that reason can ONLY be accomplished by you.

    xoxoxox Chin up.

    Sent you an email…thought of you when I saw the site….


    Hey Gracie,
    Sent you an email back. The debate continues…


  6. Holy hell. I just checked out the dashboard because I couldn’t believe it, I thought it had to be an April Fool’s joke. Alas, it seems to be true. The dumbing down of America continues. I’m going to go jump off a bridge now. Cripes.

    Hey 2LD,
    No, don’t jump off the bridge – then they really win. There has to be a way for real writers to get deals too, eh? Doesn’t there? Please say yes. And we’ll miss you if you go, so please don’t.


  7. WC
    You know i fucking boycott that stupid ass fucking cheezburger site with all my strength and whor-i-tude. I don’t get it either. People are fucking lame. it’s gotta be that people are just fucking lame.

    Hey Reggie,
    You’re right, it could be that people are lame. Or maybe it’s just like car accidents, no matter how ugly people still have to look?


  8. That’s nothing.
    I was on Amazon last night and saw a book titled “Alzheimer’s for Dummies”
    And I’m not lying.
    Talk about deflating my spirit.
    I’m seriously thinking about sending the editor a letter . . .

    Yeah, you told me about that. Now, that really is taking that franchise just a little too far. I mean, how could one do a How-to book on that topic? It truly boggles the mind – but there you have it. Dummies. Does that tell you anything?


  9. Hi Annie.
    Just popping in touching base with you.I don’t have much to say sorry about the little list of stuff we have on our wordpress thingy. I have never clicked on any of them. Smiling.I just simply can’t be arsed.

    Sending you loving thoughts from the UK.


    Miss chic, you won an award. YAY!! Congratulations. Your a Chic not to Flick (through) Smiling
    Diane πŸ™‚

    Hey Sweet Di,
    I was just thinking of you yesterday. How is it going? I love the phrase ‘I just simply can’t be arsed’

    Award? Eh?



  10. Hi WC,

    Considering that I still don’t understand why over priced clothing with an alligator tag on it, cell phones, rap “music,” or baseball are popular, I’m probably the wrong person to express opinions on this topic. I can say, however, that it does reinforce my generally low opinion of the publishing industry.

    the Grit

    Hey Grit,
    See Lumpy’s explanation of cheezburger below – to some degree that does explain it. They found a simple common denominator, cute pics, set it up so people had to join to view and made it free so they would get mega reaches for it. Basic marketing I guess. Still, what the hell are they going to write a book about?



  11. I saw that on wordpress. I was shocked to say the least. It’s just a bunch of cat pictures..
    and the stuff white people like, checked it out once and was bored to tears!

    Guess you do have to do something stupid or weird to get a pub’s attention,

    Ya know,’We ain’t stupid’might be the ticket(as an extra) or ‘We ain’t stupid Rednecks’ or ‘So I’m stupid shut up’.. LOL!
    Must be insulting or lame seems to be the criteria for a deal like that.eh?

    You know, Ange, I did a little experiment once. I deliberately wrote a post called Stupid Shit, just to see what would happen – see if that would get a big response or what. It turned out to be one of my highest scoring posts ever. I still get hits on that thing. So, maybe there is something to be said for finding the lowest common denominator and running with it.

    And if we were all going to start a new blog, I’d say Stupid Stuff or Fluff n Stuff, or I Can Has a Brainfart might all be good titles. LOL.


  12. Hi Annie

    (((((Hugs Sweetie))))))

    Yes! The award thingy on your page. It said you won an award.

    ‘WINNER! This blog rules award’. My congratulations is for that – and just for ‘YOU being YOU. Smiling.

    Diane πŸ™‚

    Ahhhh…I see. Well, thanks, sugar.


  13. I actually have come to enjoy the cat site. I use to not get it at all. I was thinking, so they found some pics on the internet and put nutty quotes on them, so the hell what! But, they didn’t just stumble onto random pictures. People actually join for FREE, sign-in, have their own account, and upload their favorite cat (or pet pics too I think?) They submit them with their own words and the pic is also left for other members to add captions and post. Then, they vote on how much they like the pics. Until I realized that people were uploading their own pictures I was just thinking it was THE dumbest thing ever. Now, I see how it’s taken off because people are crazy about their pets. I mean, CRAZY in love with their pets. So, 2 key things there… “FREE” and a way to participate… Not to mention the fact that the age demographic for loving your pet is age 0 to 100. That’s just explaining a “picture” site with little antidotes written in cryptic English. You really cannot compare your blog to that of icanhascheeseburger. Not the talent, nor the number of hits.

    You are a major talent and the deepest thinker I’ve come across. When I read your posts, I’m completely blow away on how you hit every single crevice of the topic. No stone is left un-turned and I usually learn something interesting by reading, or you’ve given me pause for thought. That’s what I love about your blog. An average Joe might take a topic and cover it from A to G, missing several letters in between and lucky to reach Z. You definitely cover A-Z and everything in between; sometimes so much so, I’m left speechless in your comment area! I feel like I’m just quoting you in the comment area – – – I am rendered speechless at times because WC hit that shit!

    I don’t know a thing about the writing process. Nada, zippo, zilch. I have horrible grammar, miserable spelling, and it takes me FOREVER to get out the jumbled thoughts that are scattered all over the place. YOU are force to be reckoned with. You ARE fantastic and I just get the feeling that great things will happen for you. I wish only good things for you Annie πŸ™‚ I just love your writing and am so glad I stumbled onto your blog!

    Hey Bella,
    Thanks for giving me the lowdown on Cheesburger – I guess I understand now. Still, what is the book going to be about? It boggles the mind.

    Wow, I’m gobsmacked by your comments. All I can say, is, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


  14. I was with Moe on this one…it’s not really just for April Fool’s Day? It should be a combination book… “The cat’s lol about shit the white people have to clean up”

    Hey Cowgal,
    You know, that has possibilities. Maybe we should start it before someone beats us to it. πŸ˜‰


  15. Hi WC,

    Once again you’ve inspired me! I’m going to start a new blog that’s nothing but a daily picture of a cute little cat eating a mouse, that gets eaten by a dog, which is then eaten by a polar bear. How does, Gobble – Gobble – Gobble, sound for a name?

    the Grit

    Hey Grit!
    That’s a fantastic idea! As an alternate title you could call it, “I Can’t Believe I Et the Whole Thang” πŸ˜‰


  16. You know I wish they’d make it easier for me to believe that people were still intelligent. πŸ˜‰
    This is depressing shit. Stuff White People Like pisses me off a little I’ll be honest with ya.

    Well, I guess the good news is it gives the conceptually challenged some place to go. πŸ˜‰


  17. I actually love the cat site. Makes me laugh. But then, I’m a big dork too… (you may have seen my picture on my site) The white people site? It’s funny in the sense that you can laugh at the self loathing yuppies and the garbage they like.

    Well Bmailman, I’ll forgive you for liking cats. The white people one is kinda weird, but yeah, that’s what I thought, self-loathing. Strange. I wonder if a self-loving blog would do just as well?


  18. I’ve finally found someone else on the Internet who doesn’t enjoy lolcats! Seriously, if I wanted to look at little creatures saying nonsensical things with bad grammar, I’d go back to first grade.

    Hi QM & welcome,
    That’s funny…that’s really funny. πŸ˜†


  19. WHAT THE SHIT SMORGASBORD? You know, Chuck Palahniuk’s frist book was rejected by everyone he sent it too because it was “too edgy.” The Cheezburger guy is getting 300 G’s and he can’t even spell! I’d rather get a tattoo designed by a dyslexic toddler. LOLcats are the literary equivalent of being strangled by one’s own entrails.


    Talk about shit smorgasborg, how do you like the new dashboard. Crap!


  20. Joebecca – *standing ovation* for leaving no F word unturned. That takes talent! LOL I do appreciate a person who can do that (and no I’m not pickin on Joe, I like that in a person).

    It’s true, nobody can say it like REggie. πŸ˜†


  21. WC,

    You must understand that we are in a “fast food” society now. We consume easily digestible, low nourishment, cheap products in an attention deficit disorder manner. Spending hours engaging grey matter over something as ominous as a book with no pictures isn’t what the public wants any more.

    It’s dreaded reality, I know, but there isn’t much we can do about it than cry in our beer. Religion is no longer the opiate of the masses, YouTube and LOLkatz are…

    If it makes you feel any better, I’m reading William Hazlitt’s (1778-1830) “On the Pleasure of Hating”. There are some folks still around who like a good book.

    Oh Ham,
    Wow, good to see you around again. Missed you, buddy.

    Sad that what you say is way too close to the truth. Dang! Hey when you’re done with that Hating book, can I borrow it? πŸ˜‰


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