Doggie Radar

Hi Guys, have you missed me? LOL. Yeah, I know I’ve been scarce but working on becoming rich and famous takes time. 😯

Okay, so I take the pooch for our usual morning walk the other day. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining the the sky was as blue as Mel Gibson’s eyes and life was good. We were chugging up the trail that leads toward the Angeles Crest Forest – though a road runs up there and cars often zoom by on their way to a woodland emergency (apparently), it’s usually a pretty peaceful walk. Lots of sky, lots of fresh air, hoards black-eyed Susans wave to you as you walk by, and crows screech their crazy talk as they sail overhead looking for roadkill. In a word, pretty nice.

So, anyway, me and pooch are walking along the path, me daydreaming, she dragging me like the lead mutt in a sledding team when suddenly she nearly trips me by walking backwards. Now, I have to say that my pooch, Maggie, is one talented little dog. She can jump three feet in the air, especially if a doggie treat is involved – smile, chase her tail non-stop for fifteen minutes and even retrieve her new pink tennis ball and bring it back to me….sorta. But walking backwards was a new trick and I had to stop what I was doing – daydreaming – and see what the deal was.

Well, apparently, there was a woman walking on the other side of the road and somewhat behind us. She seemed harmless enough – middle-aged, donning sneakers and sweats and hair in a pontail – possibly even a baseball cap on her noggin. Like I said, harmless. But Maggie would not take her eyes off this woman. I’d walk, she’d stop and pull me backwards and I’d see the woman that she was staring at. I kept reassuring Magie that it was merely a soccer mom out for her morning constitutional but Maggie wasn’t buying it. Clearly, she believed the woman to part of a secret FBI operation or a drug ring and knew she had to keep her eye on the chick.

At one point, the woman crossed the road and stopped at the railing to look down at the riverbed. I wondered if we were freaking her out by being so uber-aware of her and felt a little embarrassed to be honest with you. But soon enough, she was walking again and Maggie just flat out refused to do anything but watch the woman. Finally, we just stood there and watched as the woman passed. Odd though, because she never once looked at me or acknowledged us in any way. Customarily, in these parts, if you see another person walking when you’re out and about, they say ‘Good morning’ or something. But nope, this one just kept on walking. And I swear I heard a little bit of that Twilight Zone music as she ambled by.

I’m starting to think she was an alien clone and Maggie just wanted to make sure we didn’t get beamed up to the mother ship. You gotta love that doggie radar.


15 thoughts on “Doggie Radar

  1. They say that dogs always know. Although all dogs seem to like me. Maybe they just see me as one of their own.

    I know what you mean about dogs feeling you are one of their own – I too have that feeling. πŸ˜‰


  2. If your pooch doesn’t normally behave that way, I’d figure something was up. Freaky. Now I’ve got to go hide under the covers. **shivers**

    It was really odd, Teens. I couldn’t really see anything odd about it – except that she didn’t acknowledge us in any way which was strange. Must of been something Maggie smelled???? Who know?


  3. WOW you r pooch sounds lovely…….And yes I miss you!
    Hey when are we doing that poetry? I am ready lol!

    Hi honey, well don’t know about that poetry thing – I’ve gotten quite a bit of work and still plugging on the new novel – I’m barely finding time to blog. Sometime in the future is all I can say. Sorry. 😦


  4. Dogs definitely have a keen sense for weird things and weirdos! Never know . . that dog coulda saved your life that day.
    She’s a cutie, by the way!

    Hey Red!
    Yes, they do have a keen sense. Although, Maggie has been known to bark wildly when a leaf falls from a tree two blocks away, too – so maybe not so much?? Thanks, I think she’s a keeper too!


  5. Hi WC,

    Definitely a space alien. Speaking of greetings, the new one in Memphis, given their surging violent crime rate is, “Glad you haven’t been shot yet.”

    the Grit

    Good Lord, Grit,
    What the heck is going on in Memphis? πŸ˜†


  6. A clear case of dog reincarnation. What happened was that the ‘Soccer Mom’, when she was very young, stole a doggie treat from the pre-life of your pooch and since that must have been a very traumatising event for pre-life pooch, so that it crept into the afterlife (which is your current pooch).

    So your pooch when seeing this woman, clearly realised that something wasn’t kosher with this lady. Better keep an eye on here. Your dog is clearly a Budhist dog. πŸ™‚

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. I agree with your fellow reader’s, don’t mess with the instincts of your dog especially when it’s not the kind of dog that is in need of Cesar Gonzales.

    You had better had your karate chop-moves ready WC, yes?

    And yes, watch the papers.

    Fabulous theory, Spaz….Karate chops? Ah…er…no, but I can run pretty fast. Who the heck is Cesar Gonzales? 😯


  7. What a smart cookie you’ve got there. She knew that chick wasn’t friendly (or human)! My 95 lb. Lab would have directed me straight toward her. He’s all about checking out the humans (or non-humans). If someone is walking behind us he’s always tripping me up because he’ll stop to look behind; if someone is in front of us he pulls toward them; if someone is across the street I’ll be damned if that dog won’t drag me across the street and almost get us spucked by oncoming vehicles just so he can “check out” the person.

    Hey 2LD,
    Yeah, our canine children do have their own approach to social interaction, don’t they? Mine loves to meet new friends too. God forbid I should take her into the local corner store. She’s got her nose in everything and everyone. Cripes, the embarrassment. πŸ˜‰


  8. Your dog was on to something as that was strange behavior given the circumstances. Boy wouldnt we like to have your dog’s instinct and discernment? I would have felt I was in a Twilight Zone too. Glad you had him with you. Ya just never know.

    Really enjoyed reading your post Annie

    Hey Ange!
    Yes, my little dog is quite the canine detective. And even though she’s a little thing – I do feel safer with her around. She does have good instincts and has a fearsome bark for such a runt.


  9. The dogs have a sixth sense sort of thing going, that’s for sure. I trust my guys…unless of course, the racket they’re going on about is just the dogs next door… πŸ˜›

    There is that – what is it about the presence of another dog that makes them go so nutty? I can’t figure out if they are just talking crack or excited or pissed off. πŸ˜†


  10. Scary puppy eyes!
    What a cute little pal.

    i know that when i walk, i’m not trying to talk to anyone.
    And anyway, i’m usually listening to my mp3 player so, m’yeah.
    Also, i tend to walk with my head down, watching my feet, so i don’t step in grodiness.
    Stepping in grodiness can ruin a lot of my day.

    Maybe the puppy sensed sickness or sadness in that woman?
    Or maybe she was just a weirdo and puppy was all wtf.
    Dogs are keen on the scent of eee-vill. πŸ˜‰

    Yeah, I know – couldn’t get the blue out of her eyes with the photo program, her eyes are actually brown and don’t really glow in the dark. πŸ˜‰

    It occurred to me that Maggie might have sensed a sadness too in the woman. Maybe she was just a lost and lonely soul – it could be – but I guess we’ll never know.


  11. Hi WC,

    Our neighboring urbanites, through years of long hard effort have managed to reclaim the title of most crime ridden and dangerous city in the country. They still haven’t captured the grand prize, murder capital of the US, but that’s mostly because our criminals are notoriously bad shots. I hear that the City Mayor is attempting to add funds firearms training for all jail inmates to correct this situation. The problem is so bad that the morning talk show host answers callers with, “Thanks for the call, and glad you haven’t been shot yet.” I’m so looking forward to my next trip into the big city.

    the Grit

    Wow, who knew? It used to be my home town, Detroit (Motown) used to be the murder capital of the year. Though I have to admit in recent years, they’ve turned into a bunch of whimps. Well, all I can say is keep that pump action shotgun nearby. πŸ˜‰


  12. goddamn! thank god i turned away in time. your naive little pooch almost hypnotized me and almost got me to sniff its butt!!

    Yes, she often gets treats just for being her. Dang her! πŸ˜‰


  13. The Dog whisperer or something like that. He mostly spends rehabilitating the owners more than the dogs though. Some people have no clue about dogs……

    Ohhhhh….I’ve heard of him. I think I could use him – the dog is outta control.


  14. That’s such an amazing photo! Maggie’s almost hypnotizing me. I want to reach out and shake her paw or give her a doggie biscuit. πŸ˜‰

    I’m not sure what your pooch sensed but I’d definitely trust it. Animals have a knack for sensing things and it might have been as simple as Maggie smelling another animal on her. If she has a bull terrier at home and I smelled that, I’d be put off too.

    Still, sounds spooky… you might have the beginning of a short story there, WC. πŸ™‚

    Hey CJ!
    I think I have the beginnings of a story for sure. In fact, there are many urban legends surrounding that whole area. And yes, Maggie is very persuasive indeed, luckily for you, it was only a photo. πŸ˜‰


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