17 thoughts on “Positioning is Everything, Ain’t It?

  1. Hmmmmmmmmm so you went through with the post… to boldly go where no blogger has gone before…I applaud your decission to post it WC.. And yes a picture is worht a thousand words..or in this case one is enough

    Apparently so. I have to imagine that somebody’s head rolled on this one though.


  2. ROFL! Wonder if someone in Obama camp arranged this position? Or their position to get this shot!

    Applause WC.

    LOL – don’t applaud me, Ange, I am simply the messenger. But I agree, you’d have to think that somebody in the Obama camp so their shot and took it. Would be interesting to know who took the shot though.


  3. Oh.My.God. Wow…that’s all I’ve got to say!

    Can you imagine her face when she saw this? I don’t like the woman, but were I her, I’d have freaked out 10 ways from Sunday. Yikes!


  4. hah, yeah, I’d seen that one before. Funny shtuff!
    Gawd, I am sooo over her damn commercials. “Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobssss!”

    Well Red, don’t know how she can promise jobs since she plans to tax as many businesses out of business as she can. Perhaps she meant government jobs in her new health care system? Could be.


  5. I got the exact same picture by e-mail last year, except they put George Bush in where Hilary is.



    Hey BC!
    Well, I have to say, that is a disappointment. And really, that wouldn’t make sense to have GW’s pic in there – since I think it is a female noun.??? 😯


  6. Chica, Chica!
    i laughed so much (Lord forgive me!)
    Because i’ve been wanting to post something about how very, very, very much she is irritating the shiznit out of me. How she touts feminism but has engaged every stereotype and caricature there is of feminism (and i keep thinking of “mean eyes”- you were right on), the way she contradicts herself and her overall practice of fakeness, sipping a shot when she knows that’s not how she rolls, being a blatant hypocrite and behaving as if we’re all morons… i get so upset.

    But yeah. Thanks for the reprieve and saving me all that work. πŸ˜‰

    Well darlin’ seems you’ve said it all. And quite well, I might add. She really does use that stereotype thing to her advantage, doesn’t she? Cripes maybe they should have given her the Academy Award instead of algore? Could be. πŸ˜†


  7. LMFAO. YOU MADE MY NIGHT! I am forwarding that one to all. XOXO Ali

    Well, it doesn’t get any better than that, now does it? πŸ˜‰

    PS: thanks for putting billy onto me – that was really sweet.


  8. Bahahahahahaha… that’s gold. Thanks for that. πŸ™‚

    It was utterly impossible to resist. Caution to the wind and all that, you know? πŸ˜‰


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