Do You Hoard Your Wealth?

No – I don’t mean, do you have a savings account, retirement fun or a 401K. there are many forms of wealth in our possession that we may not even realize. And yet, on some level we must realize it because, if you’re anything like me, then there are certain things that you cling to and hold close – lest someone get it away from you.

For example: A beautiful woman who keeps her beauty for other beautiful people but not the nerdy bookworm staring at her from across a crowded Starbuck’s. Perhaps knowledge, intelligence or wisdom is your treasure. But you don’t share it because you don’t want ‘to interfere’ or because someone else might get ahead of you if they knew what you know? Talent, anyone? Do you reserve that for only those who might advance your career goals? Network connections – no, not the internet – but people you know in all sorts of industries, with all sorts of abilities and opportunities. Experience? Do you refuse to give someone the benefit of your experience because again, they might advance ahead of you? Might use your experience to their benefit – have more ambition and so will go for it, while you procrastinate? How about love? Do you keep a miserly fist wrapped around it? Meting it out to only family and close friends and not give it freely to your neighbor, your fellow man – whether they be millionaires or homeless or somewhere in between?

I bring this up not to chastise of ‘guilt’ anyone – God knows there is plenty of that going around and no one needs to add to that swirling mass of black hole. I bring it up because it was something that dawned on me and of every example I noted above, I am undoubtedly guilty. Perhaps because I never saw it as any type of wealth. Perhaps because I saw at as the few things I could own just for myself. Yet by doing so, it hasn’t enhanced my life or made me happy. In fact, it has made me suspicious and doubtful, perhaps even fearful.

Hoarding any of those things has not done one positive thing for me or my life. On the other hand, when I share it, offer it, give it freely, somehow it comes back to me a million-fold. Total strangers appear in my life and give me things, whether they are words of comfort, discount coupons or marketing secrets, doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I have found for everything I am willing to give something is given back to me and to my delight.

I’m not suggesting, one should be motivated to share or give of their wealth in order to get back – but I am suggesting that giving of your wealth, no matter what it is or may be, is good for your soul and opens you up to the world of possibilities. You may never know what sharing your wealth can mean to someone else’s life, you may never know that you’ve helped people or caused someone to rethink something and turn things around from a negative to a positive. Perhaps we aren’t meant to know – but I do believe that we can know that opening up to the world around you will only result in things being better for all, even if only in the tiniest way.

We all like to bitch and moan about the state and condition of the world – crummy politicians, the government, the price of food and gas, the war, the libs, the conservatives – whatever – but perhaps by doing so, we are being stingy with ourselves and are adding to that which we gripe about. Perhaps if we stopped griping and started sharing the state and condition of the world would change. One person at a time.

What do you think?


14 thoughts on “Do You Hoard Your Wealth?

  1. Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

    Hi Tom & welcome. Thanks – I tried to check your site but the link just wouldn’t cooperate. I will try later though.


  2. Of course, I am “guilty” of “hoarding” wealth, but that makes it sound so negative, doesn’t it? I’d much rather say that I am “innocent” of “saving” wealth. It’s true that sharing wealth may make one feel better or pay dividends later, but it’s a little too wishful to think that the opposite cannot happen (as it has to me several times). As for making the world a better place in the tiniest way, doesn’t it also make you worse, albeit also in a tiny way? Often it comes down to who is more deserving, myself or the world, and while admittedly the answer is probably the world, frankly I’ve all that I’ve got, so please excuse me for being a little selfish.

    That probably came off as a little cold, and I hope you don’t believe that I’m as miserly as all that. It’s just that while I do try to share the wealth from time to time, I pick my spots carefully, and it probably isn’t enough to justify my existence. Ah well, I suppose the world will be rid of me soon enough anyway.

    Hey QM,
    Once again we seem to find ourselves at odds. It sounds as though maybe you’ve been burned a few times. I understand that and have been there oh so many times. But for me personally, it never bodes well to pull back and refuse – I guess I’m just not built that way. We all have what works for us and the trick seems to be in the knowing of what works for us, yes?


  3. Guilty as charged AND scared shitless to write anymore dark poetry about what I am “missing.” Well done sweet Annie. Well done. Ali

    LOL – is someone trying to offer you something that you’re missing? 😯
    And this post isn’t about guilt – just a new perspective. Know what I mean, jelly bean?


  4. You know I read your post on the right time… Lately at work, I have been worried that others might get ahead… It’s pathetic since it has entirely separated me from some of my close colleagues… I am trying to get the fear out of my head.. It’s poison.

    Hi Z and welcome,
    I agree, fear certainly can act as a poison. There is that school of thought that believes that no one can take what is yours – if something doesn’t come to you, perhaps it doesn’t belong to you in the first place. See what I mean? I recently came to that realization and it has really helped to qualm fears, concerns and jealousies. Amazingly so.


  5. This seems to happen a lot in the work world. I remember so many times when a co-worker would take other’s ideas and credit, or someone would leave out important pieces of information while explaining a procedure. I came to learn that this was all a survival technique– people hoard knowledge because they think it gives them job security– none of us wants to think we’re expendable, but of course we all are.

    Years ago, this stuff used to just eat me up, but then I realized that I’d much rather give it all away than to let the unfairness of it poison me. I started not caring if my ideas were swiped, and I would sometimes ask more than one person for information to make sure I was getting the complete picture in order to do my job well.

    There’s a book called Many Lives, Many Masters and it’s about a woman who, under hypnosis discovers that she’s been reincarnated many times, usually because there was some lesson that she needed to learn from the last time around. At one point, she finds out that, in ancient times, she was one of the first book binders. She had known all there was to know about compiling words onto pages, and assembling them. The reason she had to come back after that one was that she had hoarded her knowledge of this process. That’s always stuck with me for some reason.

    Sorry for the early morning, not-enough-coffee-yet ramble– it’s as long as your post!

    Hey Queenie! I was just thinking about you. You’re right, this is very prevalent in the work world and I think it makes work a dreaded place for many because of it. I find it interesting that you finally decided to let go of the worry of being ripped off of your ideas, etc. I wonder if that made it happen less? I’ve often found when I stopped resisting things, the things I resist, stop bothering me. Odd, eh?

    This book you mention…is it fiction or a true story? Just curious.

    No worries about the length of your comment – doesn’t bother me one bit and I like the exchange of ideas and thoughts about things and…er…ah…can I offer you some coffee? πŸ™‚


  6. Oh yes please– we’ve run out!

    The book is non-fiction, and I like it a lot. It’s written by the woman’s psychiatrist, and he had much credibility to lose by writing it, but apparently he felt he had to. If you’re interested in reading it, e-mail me your address, I’ll send you my copy. I give it away and re-buy it every few years– I don’t want to hoard it! πŸ˜‰

    Okay then, put your coffee cup on the ol’ kitchen table and I’ll give you some of my wicked brew. πŸ˜‰

    Cool. I’ll shoot you my addie. I’m the same way with books, I love to share them. Maybe I can find a good one to send back to you too. πŸ™‚


  7. Annie, another thought provoking post.

    I like Moombeam realized to some degree years ago some of the things she has shared in her comment about her experience in the work world.

    What I have found is that many times those we help or ‘share our wealth with’ may indeed use us or abuse us..however the beautiful part about it has been that more often than not..another has come along in unexpected places & unexpected people that will bless us and ‘share their wealth’. I cannot share how many times that has happened..It begins in the heart and our true motives..I think.

    Yes, there is a lot of negative out there..I get very tired of all the negative but at the same time feel someone just might not be I blog about what I have learned or am learning and it does seem to be begin to think the world has gone to h*ll in a hand basket. LOL! At the same time, for now I must.

    Really as always enjoyed your post today.Very thought provoking and so reeks of your sweet heart.

    You know I am a real coffee freak, it is a must have. Do you have any more to share?

    Love and hugs

    Hey Ange,
    You know, I don’t look negatively upon what you blog about at all. I look upon it as a public service – you are simply making information available that might not otherwise be there. And to me that is sharing to the ultimate.

    Sure, there is always a bottomless pot of coffee here. Decaf or full octane? πŸ™‚


  8. Hi WC,

    I hoard food, ammunition, and drinking water. I expect to be very popular after the collapse of civilization.

    the Grit

    Likely so…and I’m hoping you’ll give a good price to your friends? πŸ˜‰


  9. I see you as one of the more giving people in my life these days.
    The countless emails and questions from me that you just up and answer.
    You are a kind soul.
    And yeah, I’m still laughing my ass off at Evyl’s comment.
    he’s another giver . . . πŸ˜‰

    LOL Mikey! Yeah me and Evyl are the mother teresa’s of the western world. πŸ˜‰ And hey, you get what you give, yes?


  10. I’m out there. If I have something to share, it’s freely with whoever wants a grab. I’m a very private person (no, really, I am), but when I do open up what I consider to be the better parts of myself, I open without condition.

    I don’t do well with conditions. On anything.

    I understand the dichotomy – being private and yet open. Makes sense to me. I’m not really good with conditions myself – something about my bratty inner child just won’t stand for them. πŸ˜‰


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