Pimpin’ the Evyl

It’s been a while since I’ve done a pimp post and I feel inspired to re-introduce someone near and dear to me. While I know many of you know him, for he is simply lengendary in the blogosphere – it may be some of you newer guys haven’t met him.

In a word, he is Evyl. Yep, he’s rude, crude and likely tatooed. He is also one of the funniest bloggers you will ever encounter. He has an uncanny ability to find the most alarming gifs, all with working parts, sometimes to a reader’s horror or, in the alternative, their delight – depending solely on which way your minds twists. He says exactly what he means and could no doubt, kick Superman’s ass if the guy pissed him off.

He also has the distinction of being the very first reader who ever read a blog post from me. So, he holds a very special place in my heart. And shall always.

He pulls no punches but sometimes lets them fly. Warning: if you are faint-hearted, have the smelling salts at the ready. Also, if you pee your pants when you laugh really hard, make sure you visit the restroom before heading on over there.

Go give him a read or two – I promise it will be one very unique blog experience.


10 thoughts on “Pimpin’ the Evyl

  1. Thanks darlin’. You are tops in my book as well.

    I must say that I was pleasently surprised when looking at the possibly related links that WordPress stuck to your post. It seems they put a link to a blog named Insane World. I can think of no better reference.

    Thanks again!!! Luv ya darlin’.

    LOL Evyl!
    Perhaps it is your long-lost evyl twin? 😯 Could happen. Love you too.


  2. I have to give humble thanks to Anonymum for giving me a gentle nudge in Evyl’s direction. Now he is compulsory daily reading. I love his work, as do the nurses at the hospital I work at. Evyl has been voted the guy they would love to have as a patient on nightshift. They would fight each other for the privilege of giving him a bedbath.

    LOL Anja – knowing Evyl, he’d probably want them all to give him a sponge bath. πŸ˜†


  3. Thanks for the link WC. I really enjoyed reading Evyl’s blog (as well as the rest of my officemates). πŸ™‚ – Z

    LOL Z,
    maybe that’s something you can all bond over at work. Evyl would love that.


  4. HAHA – Loved his nasty little smurf. There was a second of shock and then I almost fell of my chair laughing.

    That’s right, Teens, if you can get over the initial shock then you’re hooked. πŸ˜†


  5. Anonymum: Could it be we all like our men down and dirty??? —I second that!

    Evyl is NO devil in disguise. The best kind hehehehehe >:-)

    And why am I not surprised, eh? 😯


  6. The man rocks my world and I can’t even think about a blogoshpere void of his sick and twisted shit. And I hear he makes one mean-ass chili . . .
    Nice post.
    rock on, Evyl

    Yummy, chili without beans – my kinda chili. I know what you mean about the void – the world just isn’t the same without his twisted wit. πŸ™‚


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