Can You Say- Snoozefest?

You know, I’ve was looking forward to 2008 for one reason and one reason alone – the presidential race. Certain that Hillary was going to run, I was overjoyed at the prospect of some real Hall of Fame Gaffs on her and her opponent’s part. Not to mention the fact that I really wanted to see one of those think pieces done by 60 Minutes, up close and personal with Bill and how he looked forward to being the first male First Lady.

I had my popcorn ready, my scorecards, my blank dvds for recording and several megs of space reserved just for all the fun. I was writing posts in my head with glee. In a phrase, I was into it.

Then it happened. The most boring, snoozefest primary cycle I have ever been witness to. That Hillary and Obama would be the last two standing was always a forgone conclusion – and unfortunately, for the Pubbies, so it seemed a forgone conclusion that Citizen McCane would get the nod. After all, he’d waited lo these many years to be paid back for supporting W (well, sorta) – but we were all hoping for something better. Rudy fell so flat as a candidate I’ll admit to being surprised, Ron Paul (the froot loop of the Universe – sorry Paul fans, the man should be on 24 hour watch and have his meds adjusted daily), Fred (I’m so bored wake me when it’s over) Thompson, Mike Crapabee who may still be able to get his preacher job back and then a bunch of other dudes who I never really heard of -Romney was but the one gleam of light (at least in my opinion) lleft for the pubblies. But no, they had to take the NYT to heart and listened to all the pollsters who by the way are awfully wrong a lot of the time. Bummer. Yawn, yawn, and yawn. The yawns just Kept on coming.

So, now we’re down to the wire and the pubbies have their guy but the dems, not so much. Thanks to the ever so bizarre and complicated rules that were rewritten a few years back – it seems that Hillary could still get the nod. Despite the fact that Obama is the second coming of Christ, is proof that we are no longer a seriously racist country (unless you ask Jeramiah), the best thing since sliced bread and apparently has a whole new angle on a platform “CHANGE” – yeah that’s original. Sorry folks, but I just don’t get the thing with Obama. Though he is highly educated I never heard a politician ah and er his way through so many sentences – his speeches are poorly recycled King speeches (who was the dude who really rawked), all fluff – like so much meringue. What’s there to love? Oh yeah, and for a guy who has a heart so filled with love, what’s up with the seriously scary and mean wife of his? The bottom line is on Hillary vs Obama the only difference is that he’s a he and she’s a she – they are both far left, want universal healthcare, to raise everybody’s taxes, except those who are on the dole and then they get everything for free, give driver’s licenses to illegals who sneak across the border and to revamp Nafta so we’ll pay even more for gas because we’ll lose our preferential treatment with Canada and Mexico. But hey, WTF do I know?

They all talk about how they are going to give us a break on gas taxes this summer. Big whoop – the oil companies will simply add that to their profit. And sorry folks, nope, you don’t get to blame the pubbies for that because they all wanted to drill in Anwar, with the latest, high tech, doesn’t disturb the enviornment methods – you shut them down – they wanted nuclear power and ah…nope, you won’t let them do that either. So, you can blame the libbies who blather about global warming on the steps to their private jets for that one. Oh and by the way, if we went to Iraq for oil, then why the frick are we paying $4 a gallon? I’m just saying, there is some flaw in logic there. And that’s just one example.

Once upon a time, I had an idea for a book where there was an election and nobody came – who knew I would be so prophetic? I’m wondering if anyone besides the candidates, the press and the pollsters are coming out for this one. If you ask me, it’s a snoozefest we can all see once it comes out on video.


11 thoughts on “Can You Say- Snoozefest?

  1. Phew! Go girl! The coverage is rather minimal here as you can imagine. But there seems to be quite a fan base for Obama. Can I wave my Obama flag without you raising your eyebrows at me and sighing quietly?

    Hey Simonne,
    I’ve been told that Hillary is quite the rage in Oz – true? Sure, you can wave your Obama flag all you want – I just wish someone would tell me what all the hoopla is about. 😯


  2. From the UK, this seems to be the most interesting race for some time. Strange how the same thing seems so different from different perspectives.

    Hey Tony!
    I’m curious….why is it the most interesting race? Is it just about the race/gender thingie. You know, we’re gonna make history thing or something else. I’m telling you, state-side, we are bored to tears.


  3. They’ll be in my state next week .. I’ll get you her autograph. I know you want it. Real bad.

    Ooooh…can you get a lock of her hair too? I have a hex I’ve been dying to try. πŸ˜‰


  4. LOL@ Red’s comment and at yours, “we can see once it comes out on video.”

    LOL Teens, if they’re lucky, the video revenue will cover their traveling costs. πŸ˜‰


  5. McCain looks more like a grizzled Wal-Mart greeter than a President but he is probably the best of a bad lot.

    Sad, but probably true, my friend. 😦


  6. Hi WC,

    Once again, we seem to be on the same wavelength. I was thinking this morning that the campaign needed more jazz, so I did a bit of elective surgery on “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better.” As to oil and gas prices, although there is plenty of oil available at the moment, speculation on just how bad the Democrat Congress, and soon, a probable Democrat President, will screw up business in general, the situation in the Middle East, free trade, and the automotive industry, is the reason for the rapid increase in the cost of oil. Gas price increases are mostly a product of another branch of liberal nonsense, their long term eco-freak war on the building of new refineries. Thus, while we can purchase all the oil our hearts desire, we can’t turn it into gasoline fast enough to meet demand, so the price goes up, and up, and up… You, and everyone else in the Country, should send a thank you card to Speaker Pelosi.

    Hi Evyl,

    He’d never make it at that job. Wal*Mart greeters have to be friendly and alert. On the up side, Bob Barr just entered the race on the Libertarian ticket, which immediately lowered my blood pressure by ten or so points, now that I won’t have to do a Dr. Strangelove fight with my hand to make it press the button for McCain.

    the Grit

    Well Grit, I have to say you put your finger right on the problem, as usual. I know it’s nice to think that voting for a Libertarian is good but personally, I think it’s just one more vote for the Dems. Though we all have to be true to ourselves, however we can. Though I’ll probably vote for McCain, I’m steeled for higher taxes, more government interference and traveling via bicycle. It’s only four years, right? πŸ˜‰


  7. It’s a snooze fest from which we will all wakeup to a nightmare come November. I think I’ll sit outside the polls this fall and throw pie at the faces of everyone after they vote. Since I always vote I’ll be the first one with pie in my face, doh! I can hear the beginning of your story’s trailer once it becomes a movie.
    -This November… nobody wins!-
    I feel like I’m voting for a substitute teacher. Oh well. Herb Brooks in 2012!

    LOL! I feel like I’m voting for a substitute teacher
    that just about sums it up. Who is Herb Brooks? Dad? Uncle? You?

    Thanks for the belly laugh. πŸ˜‰


  8. ….”and how he looked forward to being the first male First Lady.”

    BAHAHAH! You are a hoot!

    Yes, ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Wake me when it’s done….

    LOL Bella, can’t you just see the interview now? What kind of ball gown will he choose, who will design it – and the thought of all those teas and ladies he’d have to entertain…It’s just too rich, eh?
    Annie πŸ™‚


  9. They are all 3 bozos in my (not so humble) opinion. I have never been so miffed at our choices..did I say choices? The Dems have clearly hung Hillary out to dry…they don’t want her…Howard Dean’s panties are in a knot..excuse Bill will most likely miss his chance for First Male First Lady!

    Meanwhile Hillarys supporters have ads the Gop could use against Obama,,they may keep this more interesting than originally thought. I keep thinking of that infamous line..Ya must acquit or ya must have quit!Unless she has an announcement in the next 2 weeks, She ain’t quitting. On the other hand…would you not like to be a little mouse behind the scenes?

    Obama my mama… Obama like JFK? do ya think a group like Hamas would have been able to support JFK? Obama the Messiah? Give me some smelling salts..I might just faint! Personally, I think the world has gone freaking mad! LOL!

    Ya don’t want to get me started on the oil and gas.. We are sitting on lots of resources and will we even try to be independent of foreign oil? Heck no, between the radical left and the greenies….we will pay and pay until our economy and way of life has gone bottoms up! Good bye Middle Class….Just as Goodbye to made in America! As Citizen McCain has said, he ain’t touching the pristine…even the Artic..This next year we have to suffer through Al Gores 350 million dollar environmental ads in prime time. Meanwhile back in Russia, China and others like them..they are laughing their a** off..

    Well I will stop my little or big rant now..can ya tell I am not a happy camper with all this mess?

    Darn good post Annie..I am going to catch some zzzz’s now..the campaign going on makes me sleepy… wake me when the election is over…

    Okay, Ange, could you tell us what you really think? πŸ˜†

    I’m with you though, where does the comparison to JFK come in? I just don’t see it. I really wish someone would explain to me the appeal of this man – it can’t just be that he’s charming and speaks well, can it? Oh well, I’m sure no one will tell me and maybe that’s just as well.


  10. The race/gender thing is part of it, certainly. But the main ‘thingie’ is will the Democrats pull themselves apart and let another Republican in.

    Ahhh, I see. Well, there does seem to be a lot of that going on. Although, they are trying to do damage control on it and make out that Hill and Bar are really good, good friends…I guess we shall see. If Hillary does manage to get Florida and Michigan seated and can call in some favors, she could get the nod – I’m still convinced she will somehow pull it off, as illogical as that may seem – just a feeling I have. Anyway, if she does, I do think that is going to set some cannons off and God only knows what the fallout will be.


  11. I was shocked that Rudy fell so hard as well. 😯 He was my man at the beginning, now we’re left with this……*sigh*

    Yeah, I know what you mean – I thought he had it sewed up before we even started, but then maybe he thought so too and that was the problem? Though, I’m surprised that you were for Rudy – aren’t you an Obama Mama? I confused. 😯


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