Lock, Stock & Barrel

My blogging career, such as it is, has been quite the ride and I’ve really loved every minute of it. I had no idea when I started this thing up how much fun, laughs, tears and thought-provoking moments I would experience. The people I’ve met over this last almost two years are all amazing and you couldn’t be more blessed than to have met all of those I have.

The fact that total strangers have become dear friends – more than friends, family in fact, never ceases to amaze and humble me. Never in a million years would I have thought such things were possible by hooking onto this whacky ‘fad’ called blogging.

Not long ago, it dawned on me that I have done everything I can in this place. From jokes to midnight confessions. And then of course, the next thought was, ‘what next?’ The obvious answer is to move on. And that’s just what I’m doing. No, I’m not giving up blogging – I’m just taking the next step.

I’m moving, lock, stock and barrel, to a bigger, and hopefully better blogohood. Yup, I’ve taken the plunge to self-hosting. It’s not really a very far drive but I have to tell you the view is amazing. I hope like the dickens, that you’ll all be visiting me at my new home. The directions are here. And the drinks are free. 😉

And really, I just want to say thanks to everyone who ever walked through the door of this blog. Everyone who read, chatted, left a comment, gave me a link, blogrolled me – I’ve never encountered such kindness and friendship and it’s truly touched me and enriched my life. And a big thank you to WordPress for giving me this free platform for my rants and thoughts too.

So – hope to see you at the new place – real soon. Like now, would be a good time.


PS: I did send out invites and I apologize to anyone I may have missed, I tried to get everyone, but I’m sure I may have missed a few.

3 thoughts on “Lock, Stock & Barrel

  1. I have changed your URL in my blogroll. BTW, great looking joint you have over there.

    Oooh, my first official link. Yay! Thanks, I kind of like it myself.


  2. aw!! Dearest Annie,

    I’ve loved coming to your home here in my blog street. I’m a bit of a reclusive and don’t visit many people. I didn’t speak much when I came to visit you. I just used to come and look at your picture’s. I thought you always found great shots.

    It took a while for me to start to read you but when I did. Wow!! What fun I had. I always found something that amused me, you always touched something in me that made me laugh out load Annie.

    Honest – When I think about you, I always see you sat in your garden in the sunshine, relaxed, making outfit’s for your melons. ‘Gimp Melon Outfits’. Hehe! Funny what sticks with you isin’t.The garden is beautiful, it’s in a house that you showed a picture of. It was a house that you used to go to as a child I think.

    Right get that kettle on – I’m coming round. Coffee, white with two sugar’s please. Smiling.

    Always loving and thanks dear Annie for all the time,love energy and effort you have put in to give us neighbour’s thought proviking moments and loads of smiles and tears.

    Your friend
    Diane x

    Aw Di,
    You’re such a sweetie – but never fear, I just have a new blog address. Go here: http://writerchicktalks.com and you’ll find all the pics and jokes and that lovely garden you speak of. I think you’ll like it in the new place too.


  3. Very nice “goodbye” post.
    You done good here but you do need to move on.
    See you down the street . . .

    Thanks, honey. Lots happening, for sure. LOL – why does it always come in waves????


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