Purple Socks

I put on purple socks today
which made me think of you
I walked them out into the day
and wished the sky to blue

I bought a box of chocolates
and ate them in your stead
I called up God and placed my bets
then uttered prayers in bed

I forced myself to belly laugh
and make it very loud
and gathered lillies along the path
to chase away your clouds

I tried to do the many things
that inform the world of you
in deepest hope that angel’s wings
will fly us back to true

copyright 2008

13 thoughts on “Purple Socks

  1. It seems that we are on the same wavelength. I posted a poem about socks today as well. Your poem is a little sweeter than mine though.

    I’ll have to come by and take a look. Socks are very important to the universal order. πŸ˜‰


  2. Congrats! I really like how you’ve decorated the place! I’m particularly tickled pink (or purple) to see that you’ve added me to your list! Thank You!

    I’m loving this poem too – I can’t explain the what or the why, but it’s just hits me righ where it should. Thanks.


    Hi Daisy!
    And oh yeah, you’re blogrolled now.

    As to the poem – it’s about a dear friend who isn’t doing so well right now. I’m working on a series of poems for her and hope to present her a little book of them upon her full recovery. I’m glad the poem spoke to you – I think that is the magic of poetry – regardless of what the author is writing about it can be interpreted by the reader in a their own personal way.

    Thanks for coming by and please come back.



  3. I love your new home. The colour (whoops, color) scheme is amazing.

    The writing, as usual, fantastic.

    Hi Anja!
    Thank you so much for coming by. Don’t worry about the spelling – I know both versions, either is fine with me. Hope to see you again.



  4. Wow – why are you and Evyl both writing about socks today? Did I miss the memo? **Looks from Evyl to Writer Chick with eyebrows raised high** Hmmm? LOL.

    You know, Teens, I have that same weird channeling thing with Michael and Moe too. Naturally, what spills out on the page comes out quite different – still, it’s pretty fricking weird, eh? πŸ˜‰


  5. teeni, I missed it too!
    Oh well…you have done a fab job with the theme here. On my way to check out what Evyl has done with his.

    LOL – yeah, go check out Evyl’s – it’s a stunner.


  6. Beautiful site, beautiful prose. What more is there to say except congrats on the new site!!

    Well thanks, Suze and welcome. I just peeked at your site and I love the post and the name of the place too cute. When I get my act more together, I shall be stopping by your place as well.



  7. I .. hate .. socks.

    But I loved this ditty. And if I was to wear socks, they’d definitley be purple.

    Or…red…maybe? πŸ˜† I love me some purple socks, also have shocking pink, lime green, and orange ones – in addition to all the whites, blacks, blues, browns. Glad you liked the poem.



  8. wow! beautiful new site! love the poem. I have a few pair purple socks. and lots of various colors and colours. The poem book for your friend sounds lovely.

    Hey C!
    Yay, for purple socks! They rawk! Thanks for checking the new digs, don’t be a stranger, now, you hear? And don’t forget to change the url. πŸ˜‰


  9. Socks? Is that the thing my washer keeps eating one of? And am I going blind(er), or does that gal in the pic have polka dots on her legs?

    Love your colors here, btw. And purple anything rocks.

    Yup – the very same. Yup, polka dots on her legs. Yup, purple rocks. πŸ˜‰
    Glad you like the place – can you tell I love blue?


  10. Oh I really love this Annie, and not just because it rhymes! (I can’t do rhyming poetry!) πŸ™‚

    Hey Sweetie,
    I can’t always do rhyming poetry either – it sort of just has to be there, you know. I love this poem because it is so Kelly – she is such a nut and purple socks are just the thing for her.
    Annie xo


  11. Love this Annie, Btw, I got a pair of purple fishnet socks…:) whoo hoo!
    Purple Rocks! Did Donnie Osmond really wear purple socks? just asking..
    Seriously, the poem is lovely. I really do have fishnet purple socks..one of the holes stretched a little bit..been looking for more..lol!

    Ain’t purple socks the best? Bummer about the hole. πŸ˜‰


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