Pain at the Pump?

Okay, most of you know that I’m a capitalist at heart and believe in the free market. I do, however, make a qualified exception when it comes to the price of gas and heating oil.

My buddy, PG, sent me this link and I highly recommend you check it out. They make a good point and if nothing else, give us some sort of forum to maybe have our voices heard. One of the nice features on the site is that it gives you the opportunity to vent. This is what I said to them:

It costs over $60 to fill my tank and that’s an economy car. And of course, you have to forego, small luxuries if you need to get around. I live in California, so we have one of the highest costs for fuel in the nation and there is no way to get around the L.A. area without a car – the public transportation system is inadequate and walking or taking a bike is not an option when you work 20 miles from home.

Though I am not in favor of regulation generally speaking, the utility companies are regulated because people must use their services to survive – that is also the case with gasoline and heating oil – therefore, I do think some sort of regulation or price cap is in order.

The thing of it is, that there is no shortage of oil in this country or any other and that speculators are being allowed to drive the cost of oil up is ridiculous, especially since the oil industry with the help of Congress, works laboriously at keeping competitive fuel sources and energy sources off the market – that my friend, is called a monopoly – which is supposed to be a no-no in this country.

Congress needs to get out of its Hippie/Boomer/60’s mode and look at the situation today – we need more refineries, drilling and clean nuclear power. They don’t seem to mind zipping around in their private jets and suv’s – while letting the taxpayer foot the bill – yet, we practically have to shoot ourselves to get our own government to provide the services we want, as opposed to what they think is best for us.

If we are indeed, living in a free market society, then let all the other sources of alternate energy/fuel inventions and innovations, etc. onto the market and to compete freely and give us a choice about whether or not we want to line the pockets of the oil industry and middle east despots.

You can click on the banner in my sidebar or the above link to check out the site and sign the petition. I don’t know how much good it will do, but it sure can’t hurt.

9 thoughts on “Pain at the Pump?

  1. Hi WC,

    Good points, but unfortunately common sense has little connection to our Congress. You might, for instance, note that the liberals in charge actually proposed that the way to lower the price of gas was to increase the Federal tax on it! Of course, common sense also has little connection to the general public, since Government regulation and environmentalism were a good deal of what the 2006 elections were about, and, well, we all know how those turned out. So, considering how often the Dems mention “shared suffering” in their rhetoric, no one should be surprised at the current situation, and, if they hold Congress and manage to claim the White House, it won’t be long before we start referring to this year as the good old days.

    Oh, if you want real shock at the pump, my tractor has a 48 gallon tank, and it runs on diesel. Last I checked, said fuel was going for $4.18, making my cost for a fill up $200.64.

    the Grit

    Holy Moley Grit,
    I sure couldn’t afford to drive your tractor in L.A. All kidding aside, I wish we could just go back to the 13 colonies and have another revolution.


  2. Damn good points, Annie. I’ll be sure to make my way there!
    Yes, we have a car and truck .. a 4 cylinder and a 360 engine. The latter doesnt get driven unless it absolutely has to. Two years ago, it cost about 12 bucks to fill up my car. Now? Almost 50. I dont remember the last time I filled the truck up completely because frankly I cant afford the whole deal.
    The tractor runs on diesel which is just craaaazy right now. Im hoping for a major drought and a killing of all the grass this summer.

    LOL Red, I feel your pain. This is so out of control that I”m not sure it’s ever going to get back under control. Maybe t hough it will force new innovations onto the market just by sheer demand, we can only hope.


  3. Unlike Red, I try to keep my tank as close to full as possible because there is a good chance that it will go up ten cents a gallon the next day. Freakin’ price gouging bastards.

    That may be the smart thing to do – although they say that half a tank is the smart way to go, because of fumes and pressure, or some such. Me, I barely drive these days – so I just put $15 in it once a month whether I need it or not. Besides, walking is good for a person. 😉


  4. We have a Kia, okay.
    And it hasn’t even seen half of a tank in forever.

    i say we go horseback!

    I”d love to get around on a horse. And in my neck of the woods, some people do to some degree, but overall the area is just too urban for it to work. Also, hay may be at a premium soon too. Lord!


  5. I always find that one needs to defend their adherence to free market principles, and it’s always sort of baffled me since…well…there is not a single case on record in history of any country that has developed successfully through adherence to free market principles. America has had extensive state intervention in the economy and always has. Witohut it our auto industry would’ve been crushed as would our airlines, tech industries, etc. So I don’t think there’s a need to ever apologize for or reiterate free market principle adherence.

    And also…there is all this talk of alternative drilling sites and alternative energy but no one – outside of jesting – ever thinks that maybe we should walk the thirty miles a day that the human body was built to walk. Same thing with the health care industry…drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs. We’ve got this perscription plan and if you vote for me I will get you your pills on the cheap…but no candidate ever talks about the fact that we all treat our bodies like crap, and we don’t use them properly (i.e. walking thirty miles a day).

    Hi Nic,
    Good points, all. Though I guess the truth is that we want our cake and to eat it too. We want to go back to nature and healthier ways and yet we also want our internet connections, Ipods, mp3files, 400 channel television and cell phones, so we don’t miss a thing whilst we shop at the all organic grocery store. something’s gotta give, I think. We are all prisoners of our modern conveniences and now we are paying for them.


  6. Hi WC,

    We may not make it back to 13 colonies, but I suspect you will get your wish on the revolution part. I’m putting the odds at 45% for revolt in the next 4 years if McCain wins and 75% with Obama in the White House. On the off chance Hillary makes it, 65%. Good times; good times.

    the Grit

    Hi Grit,
    Well I guess then I have to say…”Let the good times roll.” 😉


  7. It’s not as though we didn’t know that oil was going to get harder and harder to access, but the ones who knew this best were the oil tycoons and the motor companies. The latter have all the alternatives sitting on their drawing boards waiting for the time they choose to put them out into the mainstream. It’s being managed, IMHO, to their advantage and not necessarily to ours. Don’t know why the governement doesn’t step in and force their hands a bit, though, rather than watch the economy fall in a heap.

    You know Hilary, I do believe you’re right about having the solutions wasting away on drawing boards in locked rooms. But I also think that the government helps that to happen. Unfortunately, while I do believe that there are those out there in politic land who have the best intentions there are so many more who have managed to get there and seek only to feed their power. Which of course, leaves the rest of us out in the rain. Although, we did elect them and did give over some of our own ‘care’ and ‘wellbeing’ to them and now we see how well they are talking care of us, eh?


  8. Boo friggin hoo. Yes, gas prices are at an ungodly price, but there’s not much that can be done about it. No matter how many times they do a gas segment on the news, nothing will change anytime soon. So you can either pray for a petroleum rain, move to Galt’s Gultch, or piss and moan until the cows come home. Either way, you’ll still be in the same position- paying out the ass for gas.


    Well, I guess I have a little more optimism than you have DT. I have seen things get pretty frickin bad and then actually improve – even with gas prices – in my lifetime. It may well be that it can happen again. Although, either way, even if you can’t change the situation you can try to do something about it, because if you don’t at least try then for sure nothing will change.


  9. Hot dog, I can’t believe you posted about gas prices. I just posted about pumping gas and pumping water, and oh dear, I’m afraid we’ve got a bit of a difference of opinion here, but alas, I have so much respect for you, that it’s almost nice to see we disagree or else I’d think you may be a figment of my imagination.

    You’re so cute and funny. I promise I will come over to your place and look at your post, once I’m back home and feeling a bit more grounded. And yeah, it’s good to have differences sometimes, otherwise, you’re just talking to yourself, eh? 😉


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