Technical Difficulties…Damn It!

Yikes, well, we tried to fix some other issues with the theme and it ate my blogroll – but not to worry, we have a search party looking for it. Hopefully, it turns up soon.

Also, with the theme changes, in order to make a comment, you have to click on the little tab at the bottom right of the post which reads: Meta with a little downward pointing arrow. Just in case you couldn’t figure out where the comments were.

4 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties…Damn It!

  1. Evyl, that’s what I came to say too! LOL!!!! We’ll just call Annie, Miss Curser. Bwahaahah

    ~signed, the queen of cursing

    Hey, I can curse…just ask my dog, she’ll tell you. 😉


  2. I would curse too if a theme ate my blogroll! But don’t you worry – we’ll still come around and even help you rebuild it if we have to (just don’t assign me to anything too critical so I don’t mess it up).

    Well thank God, Moe found it again. That was really flipping me out. LOL – Teens, no worries, we’ll make you the greeter and tea suggester at the door. 😉


  3. Oh, dear.


    i hope it will be recovered soon and easily.

    Hey Chica Chica!
    The girls, my little angels, managed to find it. Thank goodness.


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