I am the ghost at your bedside

hovering closely to hear

your whispers

I am the anchor that tethers

your spirit to this world

giving you plenty of line

though not release.

I am the voice that sounds

in your aching head and lies

to you for your own good

So you will get well.

I am the fretter select

who clucks and tends

a poor substitute

but…a willing one.

I am the city you left for love

but remain a fan of its lights

now returning to you

as a weary and devoted tourist.

8 thoughts on “Tourist

  1. Loved this.
    Looks like we’re both discovering poetry.

    Tony! Wow, I haven’t seen you in a coon’s age. I have to drop by soon and I will – promise – poetry, eh? I must see it.


  2. So, I’ve been here a couple of times and seen some of your writing. It’s always been good, but I happened to be here today on an off chance and I have to tell you that this is absolutely incredible.

    This piece is immensly poignant. It drove right through my skin deep down into the center of my beating heart.

    “I am the city you left for love

    but remain a fan of its lights

    now returning to you

    as a weary and devoted tourist.”

    Needless to say, I’m going to be more than a tourist around here from now on.

    Hi Deanna & welcome.
    I’m very touched by your comments and I thank you for them. This poem is for my friend Kelly, who was in a very severe car accident about 3 weeks ago. It is part of a series of poems I am writing for her and hope to be able to give her someday. She is doing much better and it looks as though she will make a full recovery. Though at first it was very scary and touch and go.

    I would be honored if you chose to visit often. Thank you.



  3. A…this is fantastic. You know I’m a fan of your writing, but this was absolutely beautiful. What a perfect synopsis of everything right now.
    Gosh, the tears. Seriously….I think there’s one hanging in the corner of the eye right now.

    Love you.

    Thanks, sweetie – sorry I made you cry.
    Love you too,


  4. Wow. Very beautiful. Kelly will definitely love this. I also like the image you included with it.

    Thanks Teens and I hope you’re right. It will be a while before she will be reading anything I suspect.


  5. Yes, Kelly certainly will love this. You’ve done a great job of finding a way to describe what it means to be the person sitting beside the bed. Not an easy job to describe or do, I know. Fabulous Annie.

    On another note, I feel so incredibly honored that you feel my blog is worthy of not one, but TWO links in your blogroll! What a great friend you are! :mrgreen: Of course, I completely understand if you need to clear one of the links away to make room for someone else. I would hate to ever get in the way of your continued quest for new and interesting blogs to read and put in your blogroll. 😉

    Yeah, you do know, don’t you, Jen? Ain’t easy, huh?

    As to the blogroll – pishaw – don’t you worry your pretty little head about it. I have plenty of room on my blogroll. Always room for you and your blogs.



  6. Everyone who has ever watched and waited and worried at the bedside of a loved one can identify with this.

    Thanks 30 – it is a scary place to find yourself in – and one I hadn’t been in for a very long time. She is on the mend though and for this I am more grateful than I could ever say.



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