I’ve Moved

Just in case any of you have missed the annoucement – I moved the blog here. Please stop by to say hi, I’ll be glad to see you. Oh…and don’t forget to change the link.

Annie aka Writer Chick


2 thoughts on “I’ve Moved

  1. Oh Yes!!!

    I forgot… Silly me. I did have your new address but don’t seem to have a memory. I’ve called in at your old address this morning to say hello and share some love. Hope you go and pick your mail up from your old address.

    Sending so much love wonderful Annie.

    Thank you so very much for your prayers. Recieved with love. X

    Di without a memory. Smiling.


    No worries, honey. You’re more than welcome and big hugs to you. But…you should probably bookmark the new address…there’s hardly anybody here anymore and I wouldn’t want you to get lonely.

    Love you,


  2. OMG !

    I’ve still come back to your old address. Bloomin eck ! It’s a god job your only a few clicks away somewhere and I’m not on foot some where in America looking for you isin’t.

    I’d be worn out. I wouldn’t give up tho. Hehe!! Right…Add to favourites new address. I still really love this old house tho. Smiling. It has a nice feel to it.

    Ha ! Maybe I’ll just stay here. Just me. Hehe!!

    Sending you love dear Annie
    Di. X

    Oh Di, you little nut. Please come to the new house and play. We’re all waiting and there’s tea and cookies too.


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