You were my heart
from the first look

My strength
from the first word

My laugh
from the first wink

My soul
from the first tear

My star
from the first night

You were my everything
and you are still.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you and miss you.

(J.A.R. 1925-1984)


7 thoughts on “DAD

  1. A great tribute. He would be proud of you. The best gift for any father is simply the love of their children.

    Hey Darlin’ – Happy Father’s Day to you. You’re right, the best gift is love, isn’t it?


  2. God Annie, this made me cry and it’s not even Father’s Day here.
    Love ya x

    Oh Simonne…there is no one earth who I miss more than my dad – what a character he was. That this made you cry, makes me hope it gave you a glimpse of a wonderful guy.

    Love ya too.


  3. What a loving tribute, Chica.
    i know from past posts, as well as this one, that you love and respect your Dad very much.

    The proof of a good father is in his children.
    And by that theory, knowing you, your Dad was obviously aces. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Oh Chica, you would have loved my dad – he would have made you laugh. I just know it.


  4. Oh, Annie, that was so beautiful. You couldn’t have said it better. Today my dad is with me, I just know it. Though I always feel him with me every day. Well, you and I met randomly. I’ll bet the Dads somehow did too and they are looking down on us with smiles and love. I just wish I could give him one last hug. I was holding his hand when he died and I can still feel the warmth of it against my skin.

    I bet they are, Joanie, I bet they are. I would give anything to give mine one more hug too. They don’t make ’em like that anymore, do they?


  5. How very pretty and touching. I think it is amazing how much dads figure into their kids’ lives and I know so many of them don’t realize just how much they mean to their kids. I’m guessing yours had a clue though, Annie. I suspect he was one of the lucky ones. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks Teens! You’re right – we were both lucky – and the funny thing is, that Lucky was his nickname. Cute, huh?


  6. What a lovely dedication to your father.

    Thanks, Mrs. V – he was a wonderful guy. I really liked him a lot – but I guess you’d could tell, yes?


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