The Frog Hotel Caper

As many of you know, I’m a bit of a gardening nut – or maybe just a nutty gardener – but suffice to say that I like my nature pretty darn well. I have managed to find every vacant plot of dirt on Roomie’s property and stick something in there to grow and in fact, things do grow, magically.

Consequently, much of my garden or a large section of my many little gardens, is very near my bedroom window. Well, warm weather and happy, thriving plants attract more than butterflies and bees. They also attract crickets. Loud crickets. Very loud crickets. In fact, horny crickets, if I’m to believe what Roomie says. While the hot crickets are screeching out there in order to find the hot cricket chicks, I’m trying to sleep. Closing the window is not an option, unless I want to suffocate, so I began looking for solutions….

Cups of beer nestled into the garden so the hot cricket dudes will be lured over to the bar section of the garden to have a cold one, whilst they wait on the ladies to appear, and incidentally drown in their beer literally, while waiting, was my first attempt. Nope, that didn’t work – I assume they were christian crickets, perhaps Quakers? Cricket hotels, where they check in but they don’t check out – apparently, they couldn’t find any cricket chicks who were willing. Watering the garden at night – only good for producing mold in the squash leaves. Making loud noises – doesn’t scare crickets but does make the neighbor dogs a little cranky. Drugs for sleeping seemed my only option…

Then someone casually mentioned that frogs eat crickets. “What’s that?” I asked, perking up almost instantly. “Really?” To say I was delighted at this ever so simple solution doesn’t begin to describe my joy. The next day I would go to the pet store, buy a few frogs, explaining to them that I have a never-ending, all you can eat, smorgasborg in my garden and there was no limit to what my little warty friends could have. I thought this pitch was sure to not only cause them never want to leave, but also that they would text all their other froggy friends and I would get a good night’s sleep as well. A real win-win. Now, I can just hear some of you saying that frogs make noise too – well, that’s true, but I like the sound of frogs, maybe it’s the non-screeching – but I digress…

So, the next day, off I go to the pet store – only to discover that no, they don’t actually have frogs in the store and they are a special order item and then the pet store lady showed me a big poster of all the many frogs one can buy and have as a pet. I had a feeling she’d freak out if I told her I was looking for a few mascotts for my garden, so I politely left, hoping I’d find another store who would just have frogs in stock and sell them to me.

While I was at it, I thought it would be good to g**gle what kind of frogs hang out in gardens, lest I purchase the wrong. The info was even more overwhelming – in addition to the fact that there are several religious sects which worship frogs, there are breeders with odd names and scary website and so that approach began to look hopeless and expensive. So, I did another search on how to tempt frogs into your garden. It was so simple I couldn’t believe it.

You make a little resort for them. I did just that. Nothing fancy, mind you, an old bowl, some water and rocks and floating plants and viola – a froggy pool. Since they need shade I got my potted bamboo plant and took it out there and positioned it so it would shade the area for them. And then…well, I crossed my fingers.

So, Friday…I finally managed to drag my butt out my blogging chair and went out to the garden to do some much needed weeding, tying, staking and fertilizing. After a couple of hours, things looked much better and I got the hose to water the thirsty devils that are growing like Triffods gone wild. As I sprayed the water over the cherry tomato section I saw something move. A little brown/yellow/green something, which I thought was a moth or butterfly that had lit on a leaf and flew off when the water got too close. But it moved again and I knew it wasn’t a moth, so I bent in closer to take a look. It was a teeny, tiny, little froggy. My heart skipped a beat. Had word about the froggy hotel spread already? I couldn’t believe my luck.

I chased him back and forth for a minute or so and finally caught the little fellow. He looked deeply into my eyes and I’m pretty sure, we had a moment. Then ever so gently I took him over to the hotel and put him in the pool. He swam a few strokes and then hopped onto a rock, then out of the pool and then he sunned himself for a sec before he hopped over to the big tomato plant and went for a climb.

Hopefully, he’s emailing all of his friends and they’ll have a summer of fun in the froggy hotel and I’ll get a good sleep through the summer. Crickets, beware!! Muwahahahahahahahahaah πŸ˜‰

Update: Today, my little Freddy frog bounded out of the squash plants, let me chase and catchΒ  him and take him to the pool again. What was really amazing was that he let me take some pictures of him too! He even waited while I ran in the house to get the camera. So, if you want to see pictures of Freddy and the Froggy Hotel & Spa, go to my gardening page. Woo Hoo, we’re having fun now. πŸ˜‰

13 thoughts on “The Frog Hotel Caper

  1. I’m so glad it worked! Nothing like seeing a plan work just the way you want it to! Hopefully the crickets all run for their lives now. πŸ˜‰

    And e-mailing and texting???? You are one phunny lady Ms WC! πŸ˜†


    Oh Jen,
    I’m so excited about this – I know it sounds silly but I swear the crickets must know there is a frog in the neighborhood because they’ve been awfully quiet lately. LOL.


  2. Crickets sound nice from really far away. But they are way too loud to have near a bedroom window or anywhere in your house while you try to sleep. I hope your froggy friend takes care of the problem.

    I think it will help, but I hoping to get a real froggy party going on. That will shoo the crickets out or send them to cricket heaven…or something.


  3. I loved your story. I love gardening also.

    I can always send you frogs from my garden aka frog hotel they’ve permanently set up camp there. I don’t hear too many crickets. We also have turtles between those two the crickets are in hiding πŸ˜‰ The frogs also like to hang out in our stream.

    Hi Opal, fellow frog lover and gardener. You would seriously send me some frogs? Seriously? Wow, yup, send ’em – puleeze, I love little froggies and I have lots of bugs for them to eat.


  4. can we name the little guy? My mom would never let us kids name anything, she seems to think that a name lets you get attached. but I would say that you are already attached so there for he/she needs a name.

    Hey Cowgal,
    I did name him. Did you click on the link at the bottom of the post to see his pictures? I named him Freddy the frog but you can give him a middle name if you wanna. πŸ˜‰


  5. Now you need some big fat toads. They are bound to eat more than just a little frog. Although beware the warts.

    I know! VeganMama said she’d send me some tadpoles – so maybe I’ll luck out??? πŸ™‚


  6. Screeching crickets. LOL! Freddy is adorable. I hope he has a wonderful time at your hotel and spa. Surely the girls will be showing up any time now …

    I would hope that the girls do show up for Freddy’s sake. LOL – don’t know why I’m so enamored a teensy little frog but I am. πŸ™‚


  7. Annie, this has to be the cutest post ever!! I love frogs and they’re a very spiritual animal to have in your environment, so enjoy the peace and prosperity πŸ™‚

    Thanks honeypie – I’ve gotten a sudden love for frogs in the past few days. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am whenever I see him. Silly, ain’t it? πŸ˜‰


  8. I enjoyed every paragraph of this post! I love calling over the neighbor kids when I find a frog. They are actually very respectful of my LAW that they be released in a quite spot in my garden.

    I like that law. Unfortunately, until I have frogs hopping everywhere, I won’t have to employ it. Also, not too many kids here. Oooh, but Opal is gonna send me some tadpoles, then Freddy will have some friends. LOL. Glad you enjoyed the adventure, I’ll be reporting more as breaking froggy news occurs.


  9. What a truly great post! It’s a great true story, from which o
    ne can feel the author’s excitement and love for nature (well, except for the crickets).

    I hear chameleon’s like crickets too….. thinking of expanding? πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to updates.

    PS. Not sure whether I’ve mentioned that I LOVE your new home.

    LOL Spaz, I knew you’d love it. Did you go to the garden page and see his pics? I saw him again this morning, sleeping under the giant squash plant. I’m really getting a kick out of this.

    I love my new home and thanks for dropping by – I don’t remember if you’ve been before. I’ve missed you. Aren’t you posting right now? No url????? Whassup?



  10. Yes! What a lovely story. I can’t believe you don’t have frogs and you have to buy then from a pet shop.

    We have so many frogs here – you’ve no idea. I sit by my friends pond and watch them for hours. I name them. One year I watch them all grow from tadpoles to frogs. What a beautiful process, them all those pesky birds ate them – I was guttered.

    Annie – The main reason I have come here this morning other then the obvious – smiles being the obvious. I came to thank you for your support, your care and your love over the year I have known you. I have a quiet blog as you know and I like it like that – my blog is such an emotional journey for me as I’m sure it is for all of us.

    I thank you for being on my journey in such an quiet, unintrusive manner. I sit sometimes going absoutly crazy writing, get myself all obsessed and then and I come here and I feel all better and get tons of smiles.

    Always keep those fairy wings in your pocket dear Annie – sent specaily, so specaily from that wacky brit named Diane.

    Thank-you for being you and sharing you in the way you do. I bloody wish I could write and be as descriptive and intellegent as you are.

    Smiles and slimy frog hugs.
    Di x

    PS. Should I make the frogs a little outfit – smiling.

    You see, Wonderful Di,
    This is why I love you so – you’re so honest and candid and convention be damned. How could I not love you? And I’m so glad that smiles find you whenever you come here. That’s the way I want it to be.



  11. Just a beautiful PS.

    I’ve just been looking at your blog roll to take a look at your friends and I saw Wonderful Di.

    I thought OH! That sounds nice, I wonder who she is.

    I take a look and its me. OMG! Annie you sweetheart. I don’t think I was ever under wonderful Di before was I ?

    You’ve no idea darling how I feel. – Tears are rolling down my face here, beautiful tears.Your title of me is an example of your love, care respect and support for me in such an unintrusive way.

    I feel touched – God is with us, I could twitter on for ages as I’m in an emotional state, the emotion being feeling cared about and it just feels so nice.

    Thank you

    Wonderful Annie.

    I read this at 2 in the morning and it made me cry – in a really nice way. And I thought, ‘this is why i keep blogging’ wonderful people like you. Big hugs, honey. I’m always here – you know that.



  12. Crickets AND Frogs? Oh my.

    Okay, I’m sometimes a stickler for detail, but are you sure it’s a frog, and not a toad? I think my little guy (who’s turning 5 soon) told me the difference between frogs and toads, and when I called something a frog, he exclaimed it was a toad. Like DOH mummy.

    Then again, maybe both frogs AND toads like crickets and it really doesn’t matter?

    PS. I am liking the light background better than the dark. As much as I like the visual of the dark background, the white background is easier for me to read and there are so many goodies to read!

    Well, perhaps your five year old will drop by and make an official determination for me? I’ll be happy to pay him in ice cream sundaes. πŸ˜‰ I do believe, however, they are frogs. I did some research on the internet and looked at many pics of frogs and they come in all size, shapes and colors – the black one I think was a Pacific tree frog, looked like the picture anyway. Maybe it was a California tree frog – some sort of tree frog. And really if a toad dropped by for some crickets on the half shell, he’d be more than welcome.

    I really love this theme too. I loved the dark one but I felt like I was in a cave, writing by candlelight. And I’m a total freak for black and white photography too, which is why this one caught my eye. I’m thinking it’s a keeper.



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