Badge of Honor??

Last week, I wrote this post. And put a call out to my readers to help me find an appropriate badge for the phenom. Well sure enough, one of my buddies came through and came up with a delightful image for me and really anyone who wants to proudly display their multiple blogger personality disorder.

Ladies and gents I give you the MBPS Badge! Tada!

Grit, I have to say you did a bang up job and in quick order too. Of course, we are still wating for Bella to do her thing too – because, naturally having a mulitiple blogger identity problem I feel the need for multiple badges, makes sense, don’t it? πŸ˜‰


Bella has come up with more badges for your viewing pleasure which you can see below. Feel free to grab a copy of the badge you like best. Bella, you have outdone yourself my dear! Thanks so much!


10 thoughts on “Badge of Honor??

  1. Grit, awesome badge- I love the watch; ya never do know how you’re gonna feel from minute to minute! I love it!

    Yours ain’t nuthin’ to shake a stick at neither. πŸ˜† You guys rawk!


  2. ok, so wanna know when you are way past being over tired? At your new site as I’m typing a comment, it gets typed out below as a “preview”. I went to read it over before posting and saw the “preview” down below, thought it was already submitted, and wondered how I had commented before this and not remembered. DUH! Your site is trick’n me Annie! WTH?

    Sorry honey, Moe added some wicked cool and wiley widget thingies to the site and I’m just learning how to outsmart them myself. πŸ˜‰


  3. I probably should use the badge but my case is so severe that it should most likely be deemed blogpolar.

    Well you could us all five of ’em if you want. Or create your own – do you have a freak of the week badge? Somebody should do one for you if you haven’t.


  4. They’re all great.
    i like the last one and am totally gonna use it.

    The last one is so dark and friday night horror theatre, isn’t it? Love it.


  5. They are too cool. Hard to decide which one I like best..hmmm?:) Like Scarlett Ohara I will think about it brains tired.

    I will be back just like the terminator.

    There are so many pretties on here Annie. Gorgeous site!

    Hey Sweetie,
    You don’t have to choose, just copy all of them and use them at your pleasure.

    Thanks for the compliment on the site – I’m pretty proud of it myself.



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