The Words

The words try too hard to say
what comes so easily to my heart
They strain to define
the what of you –
the soul, the spirit
the elan vitale

They flounder about
gape and drool
like Idiots
in a pie eating contest

And never arrive at
the finish line
Off course, eternally
dehydrated and lost
craving water

Forgetful of their mission
Distracted by the blue-ing sky
purple finger-painted sunsets
Picnics and roller coasters

They sneak away
like randy teenagers
on a summer night
Just one small word
hangs back….


Happy Birthday, Dad.


4 thoughts on “The Words

  1. Happy Birthday to the obviously wonderful man who raised an amazing daughter!

    Thanks, Chica – I’m sure he thanks you too.


  2. i got completely and utterly lost in these beautiful words, such a lovely tribute to your dad, hugs and love, xo

    Thanks, D – I only wish I had your talent with a camera…I’d love to be able to do a photographic tribute to him.


  3. That was so beautiful and creative and fun! What a great tribute!

    Thanks, Jez – I was trying to go for a little fun here – he probably would’ve have gotten a little kick out of it. I hope so.


  4. Wow, love it.

    So true, sometimes words can not capture the essence of someone.

    LOVE the pic too btw.

    Hey, Shamrock!
    Thanks – and yeah, the words do escape us sometimes. My dad loved eagles and birds, the picture struck me as something he would have liked.


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