Theme Fridays – Independence

She dreams her independence in lyrical escape. Safely sheltered in butteflies and perfumed meadows. She is free-born and self-possessed. Nestled in sunshine embraces and azure admiration.

In the quiet still of imagination’s repertoire, she tries on the mantle of dancer, piper and earth-bound saint. Of beachcomber and poet. A lovely face among the crowd, strolling the shops and drinking iced lattes. A traveler in the throes of life’s adventures and delights. An amazon warrier who champions the weak and unloved.

She stops to sit by a whispering lake that is still as glass and pure with truth. “May I stay here?” she asks. And then, like her dream, independence dissolves. The lake replaced with a bathroom mirror that reports two-fisted violence. Whose calling card says, anger and hate. That leaves its mark in greens, blues and deep violet.

And before she can recapture her dream and freedom’s wings, a door slams. Now. The nightmare. Returns.

Christine expresses her Independence here and Jess expresses hers, here.

9 thoughts on “Theme Fridays – Independence

  1. oooh!!! I like this. I really like your take on Independence. I woke up this morning, and wanted to see yours and christine’s. Before coffee, even.
    Queen of dweebs…

    Thanks, J. I was trolling at 1 a.m. to yours and c’s. So who is the bigger dweeb? 😆


  2. This is poignant, Chica.
    i like how the subject is both independent and trapped at the same time.

    There is great imagery throughout- all of it working together to that surprising end to make it even more of a shock.

    Well written, sad, powerful. Excellent job, Annie. Excellent.

    Hey Chica,
    You know, it’s funny because I didn’t expect this to come out of the prompt. I really thought I’d end up doing something about the 4th – but the muse had her own ideas. It’s one of the things I’m really enjoying about this is that it keeps surprising me.



  3. WC: Wow. Soothing, cooling imagery shattered by a hellish reality. Powerful and poignant!
    – JOS

    Thank you, JOS. Wow, I feel a teensy bit swooned over. 🙂


  4. I don’t even know what to say. This one that starts out so beautifully and then you want to cry for the poor girl’s reality. You did a great job on this one. I love Theme Fridays.I love the picture you chose to go with it too.

    Hey Joanie,
    You know, you’ve sort of become my ‘gut check’ on these things – your reaction means a lot to me. This is a whole new thing for us girls – well, at least for me – using a prompt and letting it take me where it does. I’m really enjoying it because it’s taking me to places I wouldn’t ordinarily travel.



  5. powerful real a modern day fairy tale complete
    with beautifulnature and a women trapped with her
    familiar horrors.

    Hi Jade & welcome,
    I think your description is really spot on. It’s funny what prompts will elicit from a writer’s mind, eh? BTW, I loved your poetry. Shot you an email.


  6. This sent a shiver up my spine. Amazing imagery you’ve created there.

    Thanks Gem! It’s darker than I expected it to be but I think the contrast between our imaginations and reality are often that huge. Sadly, so in some cases.


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