Don't Be Shy – Say What You Really Think

H.T. to my friend Jenny in Texas. She sent me these in an email. Apparently there is some dude in Pittsburgh who changes his restaurant sign as the mood moves him. Pretty funny stuff, meanwhile, I’m recovering from the toof pull. Have a giggle on me and Casa d’ice.

20 thoughts on “Don't Be Shy – Say What You Really Think

  1. Now that’s hilarious.

    Some people kill me. πŸ™‚

    Hey RHW,
    I thought so too. It makes me want to eat at his place just to see what he’s like. I love it when people get all non-pc – so refreshing.


  2. Not sure I’d want to eat there. What if the guy is having a bad day? What if he thinks my Okie accent makes me a “fureigner?” πŸ™‚

    Don’t worry, 30 – I’ll go with you. If he gives us any trouble we’ll just whip out our six shooters and tear up the place. Then I’ll hold him down while you hogtie him. Sound good? πŸ˜‰


  3. I’ve seen this guy’s signs before. For some reason, they hit me the wrong way today. Like, not funny wrong way. Sometimes I think people go too far with their anti-immigrant messages. This guy is borderline. Or it could be just me. I fell on my ass yesterday in the parking garage at work and scraped my foot and knee, and spent the rest of the day weeping and sleeping.

    Hope your toofie is way better soon! πŸ™‚

    Oh Sandra,
    Falling on your ass and getting owies is a good reason for feeling a bit blue. Hope you’re feeling better.

    My toof is fine and has to toofie heaven – it may even have its wings by now. The toof faerie however, stiffed me – damn pixie! πŸ˜†


  4. Did you ever see the Tubby’s in Royal Oak that does the same thing?

    Hey Girl!
    No, I never did – but Royal Oak is my old home town. I grew up there. It just jazzed me so much to hear someone else say my home town’s name – I know, I’m a dork. πŸ™‚


  5. Very honest about his opinions, isn’t he? I wonder what he’d have to say about the political candidates?

    Hey Mrs. V!
    Why yes he is – there were actually another 10 or so and I just didn’t have the room or patience to post them. He doesn’t seem to like politicians either. LOL, I’m sensing a pattern here. πŸ˜‰


  6. Didn’t anyone else find amusement in the fact that he complained about people not speaking English yet his restaurants name blatantly uses a spanish word. I just love hypocritical hicks! Not refrshingly non-pc, just ignorant

    Hmmm, interesting point – though I was under the impression that d’ is either an Italian thing or French. They don’t use apostrophes in spanish like that. Could be a nickname for the family name or maybe casa dice was taken and they had to fiddle with the title to get the ficticious name filing. That aside, we’re all from immigrants and carry with us that heritage – maybe the man is of mexican heritage. I think his point is that if you want to live in America, then be an American and if you don’t want to be an American go live in your own country. A sentiment I have no problem with.



  7. I appreciate the fact that we, hopefully, still have freedom of speech in this country and can post any sign we choose. Once that is taken away from us we are doomed. I’m not PC and never will be. I don’t care if people come to live here from any country in the world as long as they do it legally and at least attempt to learn our language if they plan on staying. I also don’t think illegals have any rights here hence the word “illegal”. Just my humble opinion.

    Hey Joanie,
    Yup, last time I checked we do in fact, have freedom of speech in this country and are free to post any signs we like. And I’m with you on the rest. I don’t care if someone wants to come and live here, in fact, I find it kind of flattering – but if they don’t want to be an Amercian and only want to exploit the country, then yeah, I have a problem with that.



  8. Oh, I almost forgot. How’s the toof pull? It probably feels better with it gone. Here I am asking you a question and then answering it myself. I know when I had mine removed a couple of weeks ago I was very relieved that it was gone. But the dentist didn’t give me the tooth for the tooth fairy. I thought she might leave me a video camera under my pillow or are they still cheap and leave quarters?

    Oh, it’s better to have it gone, to be sure. It does feel a little odd still and a bit sore but no serious pain or swelling – so I’m sure it will be fine. I would have loved to have a new camera under my pillow too. LOL.


  9. White people are stupid.

    Hmmm…well, that’s rather a generality. Although I would agree with you that stupid people are stupid. And I have no idea if this man is white or not.


  10. What a of pile jerk. Seriously, “Piss on China”? What are you the son of Joseph McCarthy? I WILL say what I think: “Please take yourself out of the gene pool. Thanks, signed, the rest of the known world.”

    What a of pile jerk.?
    CW, I can most assuredly tell you, that you do not speak for the rest of the known world, otherwise we’d all be illiterate. Also, I’m not sure what history books you’ve been reading – what does Joseph McCarthy have to do with China? And honestly, if you knew anything about China’s human rights record you might reconsider your opinion. On the other hand, you might not. Thanks for adding your insight to the debate.


  11. you call words like “shit hole country” and equating “illegal” to “foreigner” refreshing? they’re ignorant, idiotic and this guy is a bigot.

    and you – unless you’re a native indian – should feel a tinge of indignation too.

    one nation under god? god live in iran then, that’s where there’s no separation of state and church.

    I find it really interesting that you feel completely comfortable trashing somebody whom you feel is trashing somebody, because you (feel) your opinion is superior to theirs. Here’s a little tip: Read the signs separately. They each communicate their own message – they aren’t a collage, one melting into another. I will grant you, the man is angry. But perhaps he has a right to. Oh yeah, this is the US of A and in fact he does have to right to and also is allowed to voice his opinion, just as you are. Apparently, you think only your opinion shouldn’t be censored. Don’t look now, but I think you just made his point for him. Thanks for adding your two cents to the discussion.



  12. Goddamn bless these here United States of Amurrica. And if you don’t like it, you can giiiiiiiiit out. You can just giiiiiiiiiit out!

    Glad that this image of Americans lives on. Feverish, blind patriotism isn’t at all why we’re the most hated people on earth. Whoooohooo!

    Actually, I beg to differ – we are not the most hated people on Earth – quite the contrary. Whenever anyone is in trouble, who do they turn to? America. Whenever there is a disaster of any kind, who opens their pocket books? Americans. After WWII who rebuilt Europe and forgave the debt? The American People. After centuries of darkness and tierany, who enable women to vote in Afghanistan and Iraq? American soliders. And out of all the countries in the world, which one allows its citizens to say the most stupid and outrageous things without fear of repercussions and punishment? Oh yeah, America. And seriously, if we are so hated, why is it that every day that thousands of people daily are willing to give up life and limb to get here? Why have millions come here for a better life?

    That you hate your country or buy into the ‘world opinion’ spewed by people who also hate, does not make your statement true in any way.

    So just call me a blind patriot and honestly, I won’t be insulted in the least. And can you hear me singing, “And I’m proud to me an American, cuz at least I know I’m free…” ?



  13. You’re clearly right and I’m clearly wrong, there’s no middle ground here. Shiiiiit, with America? There never is.

    The freedoms of this country – the things that make it great – as fantastic as they may be, are far outweighed by the things our leaders have done to unequivocally label us superficial, murderous bullies who will do anything for a little luxury and a lot of security.

    The freedom is great, but trust me, America is not the only place with freedoms. We are, however, the only ones that will drop bombs on you, call it the bringing of democracy, accidentally kill thousands of civilians, call it collateral damage, and make money off your oil and opium, and call it…wait, we don’t call that anything!

    You’re a blind patriot. There. And patriotism is a virtue of the vicious. Congratulations. Arbitrary self-identification rocks.

    Are you kidding? Middle ground? What in your last comment inferred you had any interest in middle ground? I simply disagreed with you – that that now makes me some sort of neandrathral in your eyes I guess isn’t surprising.

    You’ve had your say. I didn’t censor you, as you are trying to censor me. I don’t agree with you and if that pisses you off – oh well. This happens to be my blog and if you don’t like what I have to say or what I think then no one is making you read it, are they? I mean, some nasty American isn’t holding a gun to your head or anything, are they?

    Before you decide you know who I am – think about this: I could very easily have clicked the delete button, right? And yet I didn’t. I’m not required to let you speak your opinion here, since this is my ‘home planet’ and I get to decide what happens here – yet I have let you voice your opinion, as much as I disagree with it.

    I wonder if you would do the same thing for me. Somehow I doubt it.

    In case you haven’t figured it out, that’s the whole point of this post. The idea that people can say what they think if even no one else agrees with it. Clearly you only think that your opinion is of any worth and that any dissending opinion to yours is unworthy. Okay, cool, go it. You don’t need to keep repeating yourself.

    Although, I will give you this – at least you had the balls to say what you think and for that I tip my hat to you. However that email addie was a crock.


  14. I’m repeating myself? Now it’s YOU that’s starting to make me angry.

    1. I haven’t said a single thing about you “censoring” me. You’re clearly not. Thank you for that. I respect that. I understand this is your blog and you could delete my posts if you wanted. I never said you had any intention of that.

    2. I did not ONCE say your opinion didn’t matter. I don’t know where you’re getting this from. I’m also not saying my opinion is worth more than yours. All I’m doing is stating mine. I certainly think I’m more right than you are, otherwise why would I say anything, but I’m not saying either of us has more of a right to speak because of our opinions.

    3. Can you please address my comment about the collateral damage and the war profiteering?

    4. Back to your original statements: why would you point out how everyone breaks themselves to come to America, yet at the same time advocate the tragedy of illegal aliens? Some people, who strive for the “better life” you so fervently discuss, don’t have the means to come here “legally.” Their family will die of hunger before the paperwork ever goes through.

    5. E-mail addie? Are you referring to e-mailing back and forth? I’m at, if you want to talk, without taking up any more web space. We’re kind of cluttering the page aren’t we!

    Well sorry but I don’t really care if I’m making you angry – you’re the one who came at me and my blog. I’m simply responding in kind. I think you’re kind of parsing words here – your comments certainly did infer that my opinion was not worthy – but fine, let’s forget that for now.

    And no, I won’t address your comment about collateral damage and here’s why: What a fellow who owns a restaraunt puts on his signs has nothing to do with war, collateral damage or how bad America is. They are not the same subject and I see no point in getting into a protracted debate about war and the results of said war. Clearly you are against the war and likely lean left politically. Okay, fine. You are entitled to your opinion, but it has nothing to do with this post.

    As to illegals not having the money and starving, etc. While I am sympathetic to anyone who is suffering, in general, the fact is that is that the american taxpayer cannot afford to continue to pay for everybody to have a better life without some sort of equitable (for lack of a better term) exchange. The traditional ‘exchange’ for an immigrant in this country is to go through the steps to 1) legally gain entrance to the country, 2) if they want to stay forever, become a citizen and 3) embrace America as their country. That some feel they can come, take everything that America has to offer and send it back to ‘their’ country and somehow force us to embrace their country, traditions and cultures by changing ours does not wash with me. My ancestors were Irish, yep they risked life and limb to get here. Yup, they suffered humiliation, in some cases bias and biogtry and lousy jobs – yet apparently, it was somehow worth it to them because they knew it was a better life they were making if not for themselves, than for their children. I don’t think it’s unfair of me to expect a person to take the prescribed route. Did you know that if you violate the immigration policies of Mexico (for example) you can be shot on sight? No trial, no deportation, no civil rights, just a bullet. So please, don’t talk to me about how bad America treats people who violate our immigration laws – because in comparison to the rest of the world we are the most kind and humane toward those violators.

    As to the addie address – ‘’? Come on.

    If you want to talk privately, check my contact page.



  15. Ooooh. I’m not sure I should jump in here, but…
    Someone’s (not you) feeling a little pissy, huh A?
    I can recommend some very good meds. Alcohol helps too.
    (And for the record, guy who uses different identities, I’m a registered Dem. So don’t be reading my comment and be calling me a right-wing-blah-blah-blah)

    Hey J,
    Yeah, we got a little static, yesterday. But the air waves seem fine, this morning. Speaking of meds…what have you got? πŸ˜‰


  16. This bloke if he is a bloke is a dick.i bet he wears a tea towel around his head or even goes out and hugs dope plants. Grow more dope plant him and you would have the Feds raiding your property. this is the type of slime that spit on returning soldiers who have been fighting for their country and calling them baby killers, when if they feel like that should be doing it to those who sent them there. Don,t like America come to Australia and i will take you mud flat fishing up north. You would look good standing on a mud flat while we use chicken carcases for burly. Trouble is i don’t think even our river gekko’s would want you either.

    Hey A-Pop – I have a sneaky suspicion that he wouldn’t do well in Oz either – and yeah, I doubt the Gekko’s would find it appetising either. Of course, now you’ve scared me about ever going to Oz myself. πŸ˜‰


  17. amum and apop…you guys are absolutely hilarous. I love how people step up in defense of one of our own.

    I love your opinions, A.

    Kiss off, secret-man-who-changes-his-name

    Hey J,
    It is nice to have friends, isn’t it? And those two are quite a pair. You’re not exactly chopped liver yourself. πŸ™‚


  18. OMG !

    I’ve loved reading this debate. Whoo Hoo !! Your a sound lass Annie. Get ya guns Whoo Hoo !! Come on ! Lets have it.

    Yikes !!

    I think your a bit to clever to be my mate.( kidding darling ) Wow ! I thank ALex who ever you are. Gave me a bit momre insight into my blogs mates fighting spirit. Do you not get what she’s saying ALex with a capital L, for no good reason what I can see.

    ‘ Freedom of Speech ‘ Thats all.

    Listen. I’m British, I live in England but for sure would want a job in that restraunt. I want the job of re-arranging the boards.I look at it as performance art.

    I bet those boards get looked at more than anything and create a few ‘sighy’ feelings. I don’t know how to write ou’s!! and ar’s !!

    Oh ! I wish I was as clever as you lot. I’ve loved this post. Maybe I should start reading kinda ‘clever posts’, I don’t think this post was ment to be a debate tho was it. So glad it turned out to be one.

    Just Annie posting her pictures and thats how I connected to this blog, by coming here and looking at her pictures. I always thought you have great pictures. Keep finding the brilliant pictures Annie. Love you for it.

    Di X

    So glad you enjoyed the debate, Di. Phew there was some fur flying last weekend over this. And you’re right, it was just some pictures with a point something like, ‘let’s not take ourselves too seriously’ and of course some did. I always find it interesting that those who scream about free speech the loudest want to censor others the most. funny, eh? πŸ™‚


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