One Voice

Hi everybody, hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. The sun is shining and it’s a perfect summer morning out here.

I just wanted to give you a quick heads up. My friend JOS of Shyspeak, has opened a new blog called, Uno Voce (one voice). To my surprise and delight I have discovered he is quite a talented poet. Please go visit him and say hi, read a few of his poems and comment. They are worth the time and are such a perfect read to go with your morning and coffee.

JOS, I’m so jazzed you are doing this. I love your work, you closet poet, you.


4 thoughts on “One Voice

  1. thanks, wc. i will definitely visit his site. we poets have to stick together. 😉

    I promise, you won’t be disappointed, my friend. LOL – yeah, definitely we have to stick together. 🙂


  2. Annie: What a splendid endorsement–I’m speechless. Thank you.
    – JOS

    And well deserved. You’re very welcome – like Sarah said, we poets have to stick together.



  3. Hey lovey,

    Absolutely stunning picture. Do you know where it’s at?

    Hey Gurlfren!
    I really don’t know where the pic is of – I think a friend sent it to me in an email. Be a nice girl and go read one of JOS’s poems, will you? Email on its way.

    Annie xo


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