Leave 'em Laughing

An old adage from show business, which I suspect started in the Vaudeville days. The logic being that if you could keep the crowd laughing and happy, no harm in the form of a giant hook would come after you. Yep, that would be me. I am that girl. I have been since I can remember. There is just something in me that has always been able to coax a laugh out of anyone. Even people who despise me.

And when you learn something early on in life, it gets used a lot and also, it becomes part of your arsenal of survival. I wouldn’t say I grew up in an unhappy home – but there was a lot of fighting and noise and my mother bless her heart is one high strung woman. Apparently, it was for her, that God gave me this gift. It seemed no matter how upset she would become I could always manage to crack her up. As long as I could stay detached it worked out pretty well.

So, I grew up with this weapon of humor. There were points in my life that I had a repertoire of 200-300 jokes and I could literally tell jokes for 2 hours straight, barely taking a breath in between. Which was good because I was kind of scrawny and geeky when I was a kid and it was probably the only thing that kept the popular kids (read bullies) from humiliating me along with the other geeks and stuffing me in trash cans and lockers. Needless to say, I developed this talent to a veritable art form expanding from mere humor and jokes into witty repartee, sarcasm and ascerbic adventures and continued to hone it through the years.

So much so that it became just who I was. And I have to say that for most of my life I have always thought of myself as the funny chick. You know, not the pretty one, not the popular one, not the smart one, not the talented one, the funny one. That was my personna. Don’t believe me, ask anyone who knows me to describe me, the first word out of their mouth will be funny…. and, so on.

So, when I got the blogging bug, as so many of us have, what would make more sense than to do funny stuff. Write funny pieces, stories, anecdotes, satire, political rants seasoned just right with a blend of sarcasm and potty jokes. Yup – that was Writer Chick. Nobody ever came to my blog without leaving with a smile on their face. I can promise you that was the case. Because you see, it was the goal. Though secretly I longed to write other things, well actually I did, but I longed to post them here. And actually I did a couple of times and as Michael likes to say, ‘they went over like a fart in church’. So, I knew that wasn’t going to fly – yet I still had the need to write the ‘other’ stuff. So, I started another blog so that I could do that – and no this is not an invitation for people to ask about the other blog and get a link and visit, because if that blog was something you wanted to read it would already be on your radar – in other words don’t worry about that.

But the point I guess, if there is a point, which I’m seriously beginning to wonder about – is this, I got myself into this mindset that the only reason anybody came here was so they could get laugh and then move about their business. And in essence sort of created my own monster, no one made me feel that way it was wholly created by me. Nonetheless, the blog began to feel a little bit like a prison that held me in a certain cell and would not let me out in the exercise yard. And I started to really think that my only worth in the blog world was the laughtrack. Again, this was me making me think this, no one else. But it made me restless and made me want to pull the plug on the blog, made me want to do something else – yet somehow I just couldn’t quite get there, let it all go. 500 plus posts, all the hours, all the time, all the energy – I couldn’t quite throw it in the trash.

So then the new solution became self hosting. It was going to somehow make me feel that I wasn’t trapped in the good humor truck and that I could offer other flavors of ice cream and it would be new and exciting. Well, not so much. With the new blog now, not only did I have a litany of crap I had to learn and clearly didn’t understand on the technical end, I lost my page rank, my stats tanked and I wasn’t sure if anyone was reading at all, funny or not. Crap! Now what?

Well, slowly but surely I believe I have evolved if one can do such a thing in the blog world. I like the humor, truly I do and lately I’m missing it – and I want to round it up again – but also have other things to say. Things that aren’t funny, that may even be quite serious or a bummer, but I’m okay with it now. Because the truth is I am the funny chick and I will always be, but now I know I don’t always have to be funny. That’s actually pretty cool and somewhat of a relief, you know what I mean. And crap, I hope this post made some sense.

13 thoughts on “Leave 'em Laughing

  1. I love Writer Chick being the chick she is and I love Annie the way she is to. Yes ! I can see you you making your mother laugh, me to, my son is the same. It’s a quality dear as I’m sure you’ll know.

    In my many treatments to address my addiction I always got told I avoide with humour. Hey ho !! I’m not feeling gulity about that. I love laughing and I love people who make me laugh.

    I love this blog and what you chit chat about and what you write about. It’s really intresting in a real funny sort of way in a real real sort of intellegent way to. You do cover a lot in so many ways really.

    I can’t believe I actualy ‘get you’ me being all stupid but I do. Your a stepping stone for me to. I don’t have a blog roll or ought like that so I come here to visit other people. I call here to visit you and others.

    Always stay Annie. Your a cool chick. PS. Are you a secret poet. Smiling. What does ascerbic mean please.
    Di X

    Thanks Di, you’re a sweetie – I’m glad you like to come by and visit and read. Yes, I suppose you do ‘get’ me. Perhaps I am a secret poet, one never knows, does one? And ascerbic, well first of all, I misspelled it and it means this: Sarcastic, slightly caustic, (figuratively) sharp, cutting or biting as acerbic humor.



  2. Hehe !!

    Yes ! This poat makes great sense – Thanks Annie. It’s a great post. I like reading more about you.

    It is really okey to not be so funny sometimes isin’t. I find what ever I do or say is funny to others, it’s not to me . I sometimes don’t mean to be funny.

    It’s not always that funny is it, but theres somert so funny to say about/in that.


    Oh Di, I have the same problem. I can be in the depths of depression and say something in all sincerity and still people laugh, even when I’m not meaning to be funny. LOL. It’s a curse I tell you, a curse. πŸ˜†
    Annie xo


  3. I don’t care whether you are being funny, sarcastic, crazy, loony, serious, sad, upset, grumpy–I can’t think of any more adjectives, but anyway I come here for YOU. I think you present yourself here as you. I don’t expect to come here and find anyone except ANNIE!! Will the real Annie please sit down and write “Whatever She Thinks”. Stats don’t matter but you do. I love what your write no matter what it is about because YOU are writing it (OK stats sort of do matter–I check mine about 10 times a day–don’t tell anyone).

    I remember when I first started blogging and read your comments on other people’s blogs and kept thinking: “Man, that writerchick is one cool chick”. I am so happy we became friends because you really are one cool woman.

    Aw thanks, Joanie,
    You are aces in my book too. I can’t actually believe it took that long for us to connect too. We both seem blessed with the same sense of the absurd. Yeah, damn it, stats do matter, don’t they? I wish they didn’t to me, honestly, it would free up enough time to write another novel I think.

    Oooh, you think I’m the cool chick? LOL, I’ve never been the cool chick. Mostly clueless – it’s embarrassing really. πŸ˜‰

    Hugs & Jugs,


  4. You are All Annie. And that’s all that matters. Whatever you write, it’s you, sincere, and true. Which is why I’ll always come back, no matter the “genre” of the piece.

    Love you, A.

    LOL – thanks mJ – that has a funny ring to it, you know? I get all these weird Monty Python type thoughts going with phrases like that. Like, ‘excuse me, I think I’d rather be part Lucy and part Annie today, being All Annie is just too much and burns too many calories.’ LOL, know what I mean?

    Love you too, my sistah.


  5. i like your writing. Whatever you are showing us, sharing with us, is perfect because it is you. And you are so much more than a one trick pony! You are multifaceted, like a diamond- not “the funny chick” or “the bummer” but a person of many moods and observations that can put it down in lovely, loving, touching, smart and funny ways- all at once or honing in one angle.

    You writing, whatever you think, however it strikes you, is a gift. It’s honest and sincere and i appreciate it.

    LOL Chica, isn’t this eerie, I was just at your place commenting. We do have a fun connection I think. Thanks for saying this – I know it is totally sincere and I appreciate it very much. I guess the thing is, in the blogging world there are only certain things that seem to grab others and make them want to read. And I just can’t always write that. I’ve realized that a lot lately. That I just have to write what’s there. You know? So, it’s probably going to suck for my stats but I think I need to realize that the work is more important than the stats. Hard lesson, but true.



  6. i feel you on that.
    It seems the silly stuff i write gets more views than the pieces i love and that mean something to me.

    i guess i should save those for “the book”.

    But yes- the curse of stats! A love/hate relationship…

    Yeah, I know…go figure. For me, my stats are for those stupid signs and recently some cartoons I posted. LOL – I didn’t even write anything on them. Although I sure wrote a lot of responses to comments. I say screw it, you have to write what is there – if they come, they come, if they don’t – oh well. πŸ˜‰


  7. Funny writing is actually something that must be taken seriously, IMO. I’m the “funny” one too, and sometimes there’s just not much funny about certain things or situations. And sometimes I just don’t feel funny, looks not withstanding . . . But I think the most important thing is to write sincerely, which you seem to, and then the humor naturally follows or comes to you later, on second draft.


    Hi KJ & welcome to my little dive. Yeah, I agree, good funny writing is something to be taken seriously, if you want to write it well. I have no argument there at all. My particular problem was that I felt compelled to write it whether I wanted to or not, you know? I’ll have to stop by your place – are you a humor writer?


  8. One of the things I’m most thankful for is my sense of humor. A good laugh I’m convinced works wonders for my face, maybe not those laugh lines…but thank God I have ’em. It means that I’ve laughed a lot. And you’ve been responsible for a good many of those btw. Your site is looking fabulous.
    Love to ya,

    Hey Kimmie!!!! (wildly waving)
    As I live and breathe – there you are! I can’t believe it. Are you back blogging? I hope, I hope, I hope??? Yeah, we’ve had some good laughs, haven’t we? So good to see you again.



  9. And I started to really think that my only worth in the blog world was the laughtrack.

    Interesting, but I suffer the same blogging insecurities. I am a witty woman, and posts reflect that. But what if, for just one day, I want to write something serious? Will people turn away? Will they complain that they only come to my site to get their daily smile? Pshhhh…get over it Panther! You are more than a witty feline. You have wise and insightful things to say. Go for it when you feel like it.

    Annie, I love your funny stories, but I love your self-exploration ones as well. Keep doing what you are doing. I want to see all facets of you.

    LOL, Panther are you talking to me or yourself or both of us? πŸ˜‰

    I’m glad you want to see all the facets – not sure I do. But thanks, sweetie – nice of you to say and I know you mean it, too.



  10. Hi WC,

    I, for one, have always thought of you as the pretty and funny chick. I would also point out that the funny part is, to me at least, the most important. I’ve also considered it an honor that anyone with that status would associate with me.

    Oh, and if you want to leave them laughing, your opening picture just ain’t going to get the job done. Gods woman, that’s some kind of scary clown thing! That critter knocks at my door in the middle of the night and I’m going to put a couple of 12 gage rounds into whatever the dogs leave!

    Crap, but I do so hope that’s not you in costume!

    Really, I shouldn’t make comments after I start drinking.

    the Grit

    Hi Grit,
    Well, I’m flattered but how do you know, that I’m not covered with warts and stunted limbs? It could make the little girl in the clown suit look purty good. πŸ˜‰ Actually, I thought the picture was kind of cute. You should have seen the ones I passed up.


  11. You wrote funny stuff??? I just came here because you are hot.

    Seriously though, you are funny and so much more. Never feel that you have to stifle yourself for your readers. We love you no matter what you write.

    Hmm…did you see that thing that just buzzed past your noggin, yup that was the frying pan, darlin’ πŸ˜‰ Well, you’re right, I am hot. LOL. Thanks, sugar, I love you too.



  12. I’m so not funny.

    And, like everyone else, I visit to read whatever you decide to write – funny or not. Though you are darn funny. Can you pass me some of that “funny” spice over my way?


    Funny Spice, is she the one they cut from the group? πŸ˜‰ Sure, here it is, be careful, it’s very fragile and is water soluble.


  13. yeah, i like you funny and i like you serious, i like your poetry and i like your prose … your rants and your thoughts … i think i just like you πŸ™‚ xo

    Well, I like you too, honey, you’re a sweetheart and awesome to boot. πŸ™‚


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