You – Theme Fridays

She sat down at her desk, blew on the hot coffee before she took a sip and lit a cigarette…

Dear You,
As I sit here in early morning daze and drink coffee and smoke cigarettes – trying to lift the fog of bad dreams and lousy sleep, my mind grasps nothing but the thought of you.

I wonder where you are and what you are doing. If there is music or fresh air, sunshine or rain in your little corner of the world. What you ate for breakfast, if you sleep in contented suspension and dream of good or terrible things.

I wonder what you would do if your doorbell rang and it was me. Would you still know me? Would I be welcomed with embrace or slamming door? I wonder too, what would happen if my doorbell rang.

It’s funny what we wonder, isn’t it? Why people can’t get along, why they hurt each other. Why the sky is blue and the sunset takes your breath away. Why chocolate tastes so good. Why money is such a problem.

The whys and you get wrapped up in my mind like a giant ball of string – no beginning, no end. And I’m left with a mess of everything and nothing. Wondering how you are while trying to think of anything but you.


And she folded the paper in three parts and tucked it in an envelope – sealed it without addressing it. Then put it in the drawer with the others.

Jess, what about you? And how about you, Christine?

15 thoughts on “You – Theme Fridays

  1. Wow, lovely, lovely writing Annie. This is so gentle and sad. Very nicely done.

    Hey Simonne,
    Thank you, dear, I have to admit I was dreading the theme – yet something came out. I guess you just never know where a simple word like ‘you’ will take you, eh?


  2. Wow. How simply elegant.
    I really like this piece, Annie. I read it twice, because I didn’t want to miss anything.

    Hey Jess,
    Elegant, eh? I never think of myself or my writing that way – it’s lovely word though, thank you. And thanks for reading it twice.


  3. How did you create the beautiful layout on the bottom of this post?

    Hi Stacey & welcome to my little dive. If you mean the logo at the bottom of the post – I found the picture and Jess (one of my co-theme friday writers) did the design and layout. I think it’s lovely too.


  4. Wow: that was really so amazing.
    very beautiful. I like that you dont need to fully explain it, and the subtext screams from between your lovely prose.

    very nice:)

    Hi sarahM & welcome to my little dive. I’m overwhelmed by your kind words. And I’ll admit when christine gave us the theme this week, I groaned quite loudly – but then you never know what will come up, do you. I’m glad you liked it, thank you, hope to see you again.


  5. Oh, I love this for many reasons.
    It reminds me of waking up from a dream with an old friend…
    sigh for nostalgia…
    mostly I love the rawness…

    happy friday

    Hey Kimmie,
    It’s so good to see you around these parts again. Yes, I think nostalgia sounds about right – it was an interesting theme to work with – I had no idea where it would lead, although I never know where the themes will take me. This one surprised me too.

    happy friday


  6. With so few words-well chosen, well placed words- with the close- this note being added to the others- you have conveyed so much emotion. You have created so much for the reader to consider.

    This is excellent, Annie.

    Hey Chica,
    You and your you theme! Damn your eyes! πŸ˜‰ It never ceases to amaze me where these little words send us – it seems to find some very interesting caverns in us, don’t you think? For as much as I dreaded this theme, I’m glad it happened – this piece I think needed to come out.



  7. Loved it, Annie.
    love love loved it. It was simple and yet said so much.
    I’ve written a note or two very simliar to it.

    Thanks, babycakes – I’m sure you have written some awesome letters.
    Annie πŸ™‚


  8. Oooooohhhhhh…it went back in the drawer! My sister and I were estranged for 3 years. When I was pregnant with my first child and she had just had hers, I wrote a similar letter, only I mailed it. She wrote back. We then wrote faithfully once per week for a solid year. At the end of the year she died tragically. I was 22 and she was 21. I am incredibly thankful that I mailed that letter.

    Hey Panther,
    How wonderful that you had that year with each other – I’m sure it ended up meaning the the world to you. I would be thankful too for having mailed it.



  9. Hi WC,

    That was cool! Of course, after the blowing on the coffee and cigarette part I was pretty much in a daze. Next time, if you would be so kind, try and mention the color of the lipstick stains on said smoking implement.

    Just, sort of, kidding. So, since I’ve taken a bit of liberty, I’ll give my opinion as to why people can’t get along. We’re not built to. Really, there’s no future in it, from an evolutionary point of view. The critters who evolved to get along are grazing in our fields, enjoying the easy life, until slaughter time rolls around.

    What I find interesting is that, given our history and evolutionary pressures, we can, as individuals, take time off, every now and then, to look at clouds, just for fun.

    the Grit

    You’re such a nut, Grit. πŸ˜‰
    Um…actually I think it was pretty early in the morning so there probably wasn’t any lipstick. However, if there was it would have been pink shimmer or something like that.

    I’m not sure I agree with you about not being built to get along – you could be right and I could be wrong (which I frequently am) but I think people just think they shouldn’t get along. That it somehow makes life exciting to disagree and worse.

    Although, hanging out in a pasture, staring at clouds and feeling the sunshine on my haunches does have a certain appeal. πŸ˜‰



  10. Wow, Annie. I wonder things like this all the time. And I would probably write those same letters if only I could keep my words as organized in my head long enough for them to come down my arm, through the pen and out onto the paper in the nice sensible, readable manner that you do. You make it look so easy. I enjoyed this week’s theme from all three ladies. πŸ™‚

    Thanks, Teens. I’m glad I make look easy…:) Glad you liked it, thanks.


  11. Such incredible and intense reading this Friday. Enjoyed it. Immensely. The wondrous Friday Chicks rule!

    LOL – the wonderous Friday Chicks – wow, that has a nice ring – I must tell the other girls. Thanks for reading, Gerry.


  12. Aww!!

    I’ve written loads of letter like that – Ha ! No way near reading as beautiful. I love the gentle yes ! elegant detail. Hold on…. Let me read it again.

    ‘The whys and you get wrapped up in my mind like a giant ball of string – no beginning, no end. And I’m left with a mess of everything and nothing. Wondering how you are while trying to think of anything but you.’

    This is so simply beautiful but not that simple if you get me. This letters beauty is making me cry this morning. I’m glad I never read it yesterday or tomorrow.

    Everything & Nothing

    Hi sweet Di,
    I guess we’ve written the letters, eh? Perhaps like the conversations we have in our heads that we never say. I’m glad the piece spoke to you, honey – the theme fridays prompts I think have gotten all three of us to dig deeper and find some stuff that we might not have otherwise.

    Annie xo


  13. This is very good Annie, a natural tone, with
    the sadness threading through. I like the idea of
    a letter, so unique these days. The ending is
    perfectly melancholy and heartbreaking.

    Thanks, Jade. It was an inspired moment that this came out of – much as I was loathe to try to tackle the theme. Though, I’m starting feel like one big fat bummer – LOL. Maybe we’ll do Mickey Mouse next week or something.

    Okay, okay, all kidding aside – there is something that really touches me about the letter written but never sent. When I was younger I used to do it a lot. It helped me process whatever was bothering me – helped me to say the things I didn’t feel I could say out loud, you know? I don’t do it much anymore, having become quite the outspoken shit that I am today – but sometimes, it’s good to write letters you don’t send – I think they tell you more about yourself than whomever they might have been sent to. You know?

    Thanks for reading, it means a lot.



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