Is Hillary Still Gasping for Air or is She Dead in the Water?

I read this article today. It’s mild and a bit bitchy, true. But I have to wonder why it was written at all, if there is no real threat perceived. I know for months many have subscribed to the view that an Obama(nomi)nation is inevitable and frankly, Hillary wasted all that money and those black pant suits for nothing. Apparently she was only there to make it look like he had competition, right?

Hmm…here’s the thing, we all know Hil and she isn’t a quitter. Far from it. I mean the woman who coined the phrase “vast rightwing conspiracy” has always had many tricks up her sleeves and I doubt we even know the half of them. She stuck it out with Bill through 2 or 3 dreary govenortarial terms in Arkansas, then the campaigning, that tacky Fleetwood Mac soundtrack, Monica-Gate, Impeachment, parsing over the meaning of the word is – White Water, the Rose Law Firm, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Vince Harris and lots of bad hairdo’s, so now when her lifelong dream is actually on the table, she’s gonna nod, pat Barack on the fanny and say, you go, guy? Doesn’t sound like Hillary to me. Seriously, does it sound like Hillary to you?

The Dem rules for their convention and nomination process are so complex and contingent on such a wide range of variables that I doubt most scholars could even understand them, much less know when they are being violated. And there is this whole super-delegate thing which apparently (start biting your nails, folks) we won’t know the result of until the actual convention (and when the hell is that?). Conceivably, they could all decide they are going to vote for her. Many of them are not telling who they plan to vote for and since they’ve now decided that Hil will somehow be part of the nomination process, who the hell knows what might happen?

Sure, the Obama camp seems cool and not worried but the fact that they just keep repeating that makes me think they aren’t so cool and could be worried. Plus there are a lot of very bitter Hil supporters who might just want to teach somebody a lesson.

Since you all know I have no vested interest in either candidate because I’d rather extract my own teeth than vote for either one, I just find this an amusing and interesting proposition. Having watched Hil over the years manage to skirt prosecution, jail time and a much needed makeover, I have a very hard time believing this is just going to go clippity clop. Actually, secretly, I’m hoping it doesn’t if for no other reason than this has been the boringest presidential season I have ever witnessed in my entire life. The candidates on both sides couldn’t be more predictable, nor more boring if they tried.

Anyway, I’m wondering what y’all think – any opinions, does the Barack-man have it in the bag or will we be witness to some bizarre out of left field smashdown the likes of which we’ve never seen before? I hope so, I have a lot of popcorn and diet coke waiting and there’s nothing on television worth watching.

And as a bonus sidenote – Grit has got a wailing good tale to tell, which dovetails with this in a twisted nice way.

UPDATE: For a much harder hitting piece with well researched info and abundant links go see what Ange has to say on Mr. Obama. Spoiler: did you know that Obama pays his bloggers? What’s up with that?

12 thoughts on “Is Hillary Still Gasping for Air or is She Dead in the Water?

  1. Hi WC,

    Thanks for the link.

    You’re quite correct about Hillary. The polls are showing that a significant number of Democrats are a bit miffed over Obama’s coronation, and may make quite a fuss at the convention. You might also note that Hillary isn’t exactly begging them to keep quiiet. Then there’s that whole thing with the Super Delegates, and you have to suspect that the Clintons are doing some political arm twisting behind the scenes on that front. Plus, Hillary can make a good case as to how bad it’ll look for the Dems to choose a candidate who didn’t win the popular vote in the primary. All in all, I’m thinking that the DNC Convention is going to make for some mighty fine TV viewing. Oh, and the popcorn sounds good, but I think beer will be my beverage of choice.

    the Grit

    Hey Grit,
    I was utterly delighted to give you the link. I laughed my ass off on that one. πŸ˜‰

    It seems you and I are of the same opinions where Ms. Hil is concerned. I cannot believe this will go down without a hitch. It would be so out of character for the Clintons to let that happen. And after years of watching this ‘power couple’ haven’t we all learned that they always have one last trick up their sleeves? Seriously, haven’t we?

    Yeah, I may switch to beer myself if this thing gets exciting. Hey, do you think we’ll get any inflamatory shots of the Dem Convention Git’em detainee center? Perhaps some burlap sacks over their heads reading ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’, eh? πŸ˜†


  2. You can bet Hillary Nation is going to be vocal at the DNC in Denver. This could make for some interesting happenings. I certainly don’t see this as a cumbaya moment for the Dem’s..I think the Hillary base is going to go out kicking and screaming..I am going to enjoy that.. If he chooses Joe Biden as his veep. It’ll be his downfall..

    Hey Ger,
    Oh lord, Biden and Obama, what pair to contemplate. Mr Talk and Mr Mean go to Washington. Oh yeah, that’ll be pretty. Yikes. And seriously I don’t know if the Clintons and their supporters will go down at all – they may go up. That’s the thing. The other shoe has not dropped yet – but I think it’s about to.

    Don’t forget the Clinton machine is ever spinning and there is no telling what big dirt they’ve been holding onto to reveal at the last moment. I could be wrong but I have a feeling…. πŸ˜‰



  3. When the primaries ended, I thought maybe Obama had finally put the Clinton genie back in the bottle. Then along comes the convention, and he’s planning to turn over two successive evenings to Clinton speeches AND allow Hillary to enter her name into nomination. Pledged delegates are only “pledged” for the first round of voting (I think). After that, it’s Katie bar the door. God knows what the superdelegates will be doing, or when. What was supposed to be the Obama show seems to have become the Clinton show. (Of course, the disgruntled PUMAs will be there, too.)

    I can’t express the depth of my concern. It was enough that demonstrations, security, and likely violence will virtually close downtown Denver during the convention. Now it sounds like Obama is just begging the Clintons to stage a coup. If it turns out the Clintons ARE that self-serving, and Obama really is dumb enough to open the door for them, I’m going to have a real problem at the polls in November.

    Hey 30!
    I forgot you were in the center of all of the fun and games. That’s gotta be interesting. Have you considered live blogging it? I think it could be great fun and very interesting for you.

    Personally, I don’t really understand why they are concerned about violence at all. I must be behind in my reading???? Who are the PUMA’s? Again, I’m behind I guess.

    Katie bar the door – yup, I think so.

    And yeah, I do think the Clintons are that self-serving (what would show that they weren’t?) and that Obama is that dumb. Sorry about the trouble you may have at the polls – but I have to say, I think it is still anybody’s ballgame at this point. I really do.



  4. I’m with you popcorn and diet coke.
    I’m curious as all get out to find out what is going to happen but I’m with you, we haven’t seen the end of Hillary. πŸ˜‰

    Yeah, I think if we hurry we can get some front row seats – and possibly even hide our beer in diet coke cans. πŸ˜‰ And oh no, we have not seen the end of Hil – I just don’t think we have. Which makes for some must-see-tv, don’t you think? πŸ™‚


  5. Hi WC,

    As to the detainees, I hope they at least have the decency to hose them down good before jamming them into the Dungeon of Democracy. Given the tendency of liberal protesters to fling their own dung at the police, I’d bet some of them have rather strong aromas.

    On the Hillary question, don’t forget that she may be shooting to keep Barack from winning, with the intention of running again herself in 2012. Or, she could even be angling for the VP slot and “hoping” that Obama doesn’t last long in office. Heck, if she times it right, she could serve out the last two years of Barack’s first term and two of her own. Now that would finally put Bill in his place πŸ™‚

    the Grit

    Dungeon of Democracy? LOL, Grit, you cwack me up. Someday we must do some serious drinking and talk politics – it will definitely be a highlight for me.

    I know people think she may be angling for VP but I just can’t see her swallowing that much stomach acid for four years though. I think putting Bill in his place would land her in jail, if she wanted to do it up right, that is. πŸ˜‰

    Let the games begin!


  6. Personally, I think she has been planning all along to have him killed. I actually didn’t expect her to wait this long, but maybe her hitman is waiting on the check to go through.

    LOL MJ – if only she could convince him to get on the small prop plane, eh? I don’t know the Clintons seem to like to do things in the 11th hour, don’t you think? I’m sure the media is chomping at the bit for some sort of juicy scandal or upset – probably more anxious than we. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. πŸ˜‰


  7. I’m not very political because I don’t think it really matters who’s elected to run the machine… all we’ll get is another professional politician with an ax to grind, be it philosopical – as in Hillary’s case and Mr. Obama, well I haven’t quite figured him out yet … but I’m working on it. So I must have become some sort of jaded American because I don’t think I’ve actually trusted any president since John Kennedy. Nixon was the dregs of course (my mother actually knew him as a young girl & she despised him. She said he was a box boy at a market next to my great-grand mother’s house and that on his break he would sneek over to granny’s pond and kill frogs for fun. Creepy huh?) Hillary’s got her groove back…you can see it in her smile and body language so she’s up to something & you’re right on that… I’m just hanging, waiting to see what these two are going to do next. It seems Obama either knows it’s in the bag… which I doubt is the case, OR, he’s worried sick that he’s going to lose & that’s why he’s making such an effort to come out all GQ, yet I can see how stiff he’s become (I’m totally into body language as you can see). Sorry I’m rambling. Great site.

    Hi Daniel,
    I do understand your point of view, although I don’t share it. I do believe it does make a difference, albeit small sometimes, still a difference.

    I don’t believe anyone has figured out Mr. Obama yet, nor do I think they ever will – which is probably fortunate for him but not so much for us. JFK – don’t get me started –

    Yes, I do agree that Hillary has her mojo back and that spells trouble for anyone in her way – namely Mr. Obama – and I do think he is worried sick about something. Why else would he have consented to such histrionics? I wonder.

    And too I think you have the GQ angle pegged nicely – and there are worse ways to read people than by body language. Nice response, thanks.


  8. Hi Ravensburg,

    President Nixon kept me, and several of my friends from having to fight JFK’s war in Viet Nam. While I would have been happy to participate at the beginning, after your liberal friends started spitting on returning soldiers at the airports, my patriotic spirit mostly dissipated. On the other hand, I have beaten several people senseless over this issue, and if I ever get the pleasure of meeting you in person, I will add another one to my list. Sorry to be so blunt, and physical, but I’ve learned over time that liberals have little understanding of either history or logic, and that they only respond to emotions. Since I rarely have time to woo each one I meet into a warm fuzzy monument of understanding, and since I find it impossible to ignore such ignorance, the only working compromise is to put my fist into their face and hope that, when they regain consciousness, the light of reason will be with them. Repeat as necessary.

    Hi WC,

    Sorry to go ballistic, but Nixon, the war, and all that is personal, in far too many ways to explain here, and I’ll never be able to back off on the issue. Crap, I’ve punched out one of my ex-bosses over the subject. Actually, he wasn’t my ex-boss for two days, because that’s how long it took him to wake up and fire me. Surprisingly enough, the officers who responded to the call were vets, and testified that said ex-boss provoked me. Go figure.

    I will totally understand if you decide to kill this comment, as I know that I have been a bit rude.

    the Grit

    Response edited from original
    Gee Grit,
    Seems like you nailed this dude long before I did. Well done. Given the bull he’s been hurling since this, I’d say you get to go to the head of the class for your super sonic perception. Keep up the good work.



  9. Hey I am with you and Grit as far as opinion on this subject.

    I think sometime back I heard she had something that we might hear in October. Who knows? Could have been a fear tactic for the delegates, could be some truth in it.

    I think she definitely will run in 2012 if NoBama does not win this election. If she is his VP, (which I doubt unless there is a power struggle at the convention and she feels forced to by the powers that be for her own political future) he better have a poison taster at his!

    I don’t believe for one minute that all is forgotten from the primaries from either of them. She is just doing her public duty to please the party and oh yes, the check please! Oh, I forgot, that is not his pay grade.

    I am hoping to do a post over the weekend on this, would love to link to you.


    Hey Girl,
    You know I just heard the teaser for the news a little while ago and it would seem to indicate that Hillary has indeed thrown in the towell. I still can’t quite believe it. Just shaking my head here, wondering… You know? Nah, it’s not over, don’t have a clue where things are going, but it’s definitely not over. Damn it. LOL.

    You can always link to me any ol’ time you want. I’d be honored.



  10. Truth be told, I find Hillary’s supporters to be far more annoying than Hillary herself, which is saying something. Believe it or not, I actually rather admire her for being the first woman to run for president, even though I wouldn’t vote for her if you put a gun to my head.

    But what makes her supporters so annoying is the sense of entitlement they exude. They seem to think that Hillary should have been handed the nomination, simply BECAUSE she’s a woman, and any intimation to the contrary is an open invitation to being called a sexist (if you’re a man) or a traitor (if you’re a woman).

    I’ve got news for these people. Hillary lost because Obama ran a better campaign, pure and simple. As much as they want to believe that sexism torpedoed her campaign, the truth is she just didn’t get her message across clearly enough. And it’s a shame,really, because if forced to choose between the two, I really do believe Hillary would have made a much better president than Obama. Luckily, I am not forced to choose.

    Poor Hillary. Flattened by history. She’s probably wondering, “where was Joe Biden? I would’ve kicked his ass”.

    Sorry Hillary. Joe got the OTHER job you were coveting.


    Actually Smith, Hil was not the first woman to run for president according to this website:

    This woman was:

    Victoria Woodhull, born in 1838 in Homer, Ohio, was selected by the Equal Rights Party to be its candidate in the 1872 election. (She lost to fellow Ohioan Ulysses S. Grant, who was reelected to a second term.)

    Also in the not too distant past Carole Mosely Brown (I think I have the name right) ran in the Dem primaries as a candidate and I believe she has run more than once.

    That aside…as to Obama running a better campaign – not sure I agree with that either. I think he was simply a more appealing candidate – you know, the old image over substance. Hill simply had too much baggage – in terms of what each candidate wanted and their platforms they were nearly identical except that Mr. Obama wants to spend bagillions more than Hil did. As to the entitlement issue, you’ve got a point there was a bit of that going on with Hil but I think that trickles down from the top so to speak, as Hil certainly felt entitled and she also probably believed there would be no real competition. Her bad, I guess, eh?



  11. Actually Smith, Hil was not the first woman to run for president according to this website:

    Damn! You learn something new every day, don’cha?

    Also in the not too distant past Carole Mosely Brown (I think I have the name right) ran in the Dem primaries as a candidate and I believe she has run more than once.

    Carol Moseley Braun announced her intention to run for the Democratic Party presidential nomination in February 2003. On January 15, 2004, four days before the Iowa caucuses, Moseley Braun dropped out of the race and endorsed Howard Dean. The truth is Britney Spears has a better chance of being named Mother of the Year than Braun had of being elected. Hillary at least has the distinction of being the first SERIOUS woman candidate in almost 200 years.


    That aside…as to Obama running a better campaign – not sure I agree with that either. I think he was simply a more appealing candidate – you know, the old image over substance.

    Which is actually what I meant. He’s a slick one. Hillary may be a lot of things, but slick she ain’t!

    For what it’s worth, if you held a gun to my head and told me you were going to blow my brains all over the wall if I didn’t choose between Obama and Hillary, I would pick Hillary. But only after giving some serious thought to the bullet.


    Hey Smith,
    Hmm…I was sure Braun lasted longer than that but you’re probably right – there were so many of them at first and this ‘campaigning’ season has seemed unfrickingbelievably long that it just seemed that way. I also thought she ran before but maybe I’m confusing her with Cynthia Mckinney?

    If someone held a gun to my head with the intent of forcing me to vote for either Hillary or Obama, I’m afraid they would have to pull the trigger – because I wouldn’t pull the lever for either of these assclowns. Yeah, he’s slick just like a former guy we all knew. Sorry but he just makes me want to gag. Just because somebody can talk shit in a nice, warm fuzzy way doesn’t impress me in the least. But then that’s me. Hahah.

    And yes, I will concede that Hil was the first serious woman candidate in a very long time. At least one that could be taken seriously – which may or may not be the same thing. We do like to split hairs, don’t we? LOL.



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