The Art of Parenthood

The following pictures were sent to me by an (appalled) friend in an email. The idea was that it was funny…

I never gave birth to any children but I did raise a couple and they’d go out naked before they’d leave the house sporting a tee shirt like this. How old do you figure she is? Six? Seven? Won’t she make some lucky guy a wonderful mate some day?

Okay, so a family that hates together mates together. What slays me is the little one on the right, what is she two or three – she’s using the wrong finger of course, but I’ll bet it won’t be long before she has the routine down pat. I’m thinking Mom of the Year for the chick in the green dress, how about you?

Listen, I know that child care is expensive and sometimes kids get underfoot – but don’t you think the parent should actually know that their child is a human being? I can only imagine what a lovely teenager he will be and how the parents will be quite forlorn over the way he acts.

Yup, start ’em young – but the glass seems a might large.

I can’t even comment on this, except to say, sometimes you shouldn’t always follow through on what you think is a brilliantly funny idea.

No wonder kindergarten kids are getting hit with sexual harrassment suits.

I hate to sound like one of those old fuddy duddies who don’t like people to have fun and such but I seriously couldn’t imagine myself having my children in pictures like these, or in these situations, much less be passing them around the internet. Sorry, but some people should not have children. No. Way. No.

16 thoughts on “The Art of Parenthood

  1. That first one is as bad as the Mr Men T-Shirts there was a furore about a little while back. Instead of Mr Happy and Miss Chatterbox, they were lovely names like ‘Mr Pimp’, ‘Mr Arsehole’, ‘Mr Well Hung’, ‘Miss Wasted’, ‘Miss Floozy’, ‘Miss Gold Digger’ and ‘Miss Bitch’ all great messages for children to be wearing…… not!

    Some parents are idiots – worse still they are setting their children up to become idiots.

    Like that old saying goes, you need a licence to drive a car but they’ll give any idiot a baby……

    Oh my gosh, Bettina, I had no idea it was so bad. I can only be grateful that I don’t have a child clamoring for things like that because it’s ‘cool’ – I know, some people should not procreate. πŸ˜‰


  2. Oh My Gawd. I must be a fuddy duddy too then!

    Hope all is well in your world Annie Darling. Sorry I’ve been so absent – have been trying to work on my writing projects with a bit more discipline than normal!

    Hey Simonne!
    I should be like you and working on books and things – bad me. I do miss you but I understand. You go for it, dear.

    Annie xo


  3. First of all, I don’t think pictures of your children should be floating around the internet period end of discussion. I don’t even post pictures of my adult children without their permission, and the one picture I do have on my blog of one of my daughter’s has her face hidden with a camera.

    Okay, I am going to keep my rant to picture number 1. The very sad thing is, that it’s the parents buying the clothing for children that age. Don’t even get me started on thong underwear for six year olds. AND I just read that now they are making high heeled shoes for baby girls!!!!

    I have to agree with you, Annie. Some people should not have children.

    Hey Panther,
    You can be on your soapbox all you like around here. It’s getting worse and worse it seems – there is such a stampede toward sexualizing children that once they are two their childhood is over and it’s on to getting hooked up or something. I just can’t think with it.


  4. I was so fortunate with my kids. I never had to argue with them about what to wear because they always picked out the right clothes. Unfortunately, my daughter always had expensive taste and still does.

    I post pics of my kids but only with permission.

    The only pics I’ve ever taken of my kids when they were little were the cute kind not the “you should have your child taken away from you” kind.

    Hugs and Jugs

    Hey Joanie,
    Yeah – I just can’t figure what was going through these peoples’ minds – I really can’t.
    Hugs & Jugs


  5. Yup, some people shouldn’t be allowed to have kids, and they also shouldn’t be allowed to have a camera to document their stupidity.

    I’m with Panther, I won’t post photos of my kids on my blog or anywhere on the net. And the first one, there is only one thing worse than that, the supposedly cute or funny t-shirts for babies. Ugh.

    So I guess this makes me a fuddy duddy too, where do I sign up to join the club ????? πŸ™‚

    Looks like we are starting a club, Gem. LOL. I hate those cutsie t-shirts for kids too – I think everything gets so marketed to death that we’re all just too hip or cool or something. Personally, I prefer normal. LOL. But that’s just me.


  6. Wow! I am sure that the kid with the beer mug must be what happened to me πŸ™‚ I actually kinda like that one. But most of those pics are way over the top, especially the last one. Someone probably should have destroyed that.


    Hey Wayne – well I sure hope you weren’t fed a big glass of beer as a child. And yeah, over the top is right.



  7. i am terrible because i laughed at the baby sandwich. 😦

    But the baby chewing his mama’s thong or the duck-taped baby scare me. If that mother is sitting at the kitchen table in a thong and seemingly nothing else, i can’t imagine the cleanliness of that thong. Ew.

    But i think that aside from the safety of the baby taped to a fucking wall, the most disturbing to me is picture one. That little girl looks around the same age as my younger daughter. i find the idea repugnant. A little girl is not supposed to be a bitch and proud. That’s not something to be proud of, it’s not an attitude a child should be promoting. Despite what the mother might think, it is not empowering. In fact, such ideas promote, instead, the emotional cruelty and cultivate the psychological weaponry girls are becoming increasingly famous for.

    The parents believe this stuff is funny. The children are at the mercy of their parents. Some things are cute, but other things, like in some of these photos, are downright tacky and gross.

    And when she’s 13 and says, “Moooo-ooom… why’re you like being such a bitch about this!” that mother’ll have no one to blame but her ignorant self.

    But still, that baby sandwich killed me!

    LOL – you’re not terrible – the baby sandwich kind of grossed me out – but I can see how someone could laugh at it. And you’re right about the shirts and taping a baby to a wall – unbelievable. That kid will have issues when he’s older.

    I can see you’re really laughing about the sandwich – πŸ˜†


  8. I am guilty of getting the chuckles over the one with the baby taped to the wall. I think it was mostly the baby’s hair sticking up though. My first thought was the balloons at birthday parties when I was a kid and how we’d rub the balloons on our hair to get static electricity and then stick the balloons to walls. So the balloons ended up sticking to the walls, much like the baby in the picture but our hair ended up all static-y just like the baby’s too. But yeah – taping a baby to the wall in real life is NOT safe and would probably make you guilty of abuse. The clothing and gestures really make me angry though, because the other pics seem more posed and fake like jokes, where those don’t.

    Hey Teens,
    Yeah, I agree about the hair – when I was kid I didn’t even have to use the balloon to do that to my hair – it’s so fine that a dry winter day would do that to my hair without further provocation.

    I agree the clothing and gestures ones are more upsetting – because they seem more real.



  9. OMG. That’s about all I can say. I did think the baby sandwich was remotely funny–if you get the “Funny Times” look at the most recent “K Chronicles” and you’ll see why.

    But taping a baby to a wall? A whole family flipping the bird? Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

    I’m old-fashioned, and I admit it–when it comes to the safety and well being of children!

    Hey Sandra,
    How are you? Yah, OMG just about covers it.


  10. I can appreciate satire and dark humor, but when it comes to stuff like this with kids, it crosses the line. Especially when those pictures are put out on the internet like that. Those are true examples of “What the hell were you thinkin’?”

    Yeah, it’s just too much, isn’t it? Using your kid for a joke? Not good.


  11. I am a fuddy duddy too and proud of it!

    Why do we wonder why some youth have no respect for any authority? Heck,for any human beings for that matter. Can we see the future with these children? Hope I am wrong. Desperately seeking hope for the children not Susan!

    Guess I am appalled with the parents,and I thought I was broadminded..Not! πŸ™‚
    Hugs to ya Sweet Annie!

    Hey Ange,
    I know, I wonder what the hell this world is going to be like 20 years from now myself. People just don’t think when it comes to their kids sometimes.



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