Freddie's Back in Town

Update: Last spring I had a problem with some ever so noisy and annoying crickets screeching outside my bedroom window. So I went in search of a solution. I learned that frogs ate crickets and so began my quest to populate my garden with cricket eating frogs. Not quite as easy as I imagined, pet stores don’t seem to want to sell them and they are mighty expensive too.

So, I opted to created a frog pond and spa in hopes of enticing some frogs to move into the neighborhood. Well, to my delight and surprise about a week after the launch of the spa, I did in fact have three froggies move into the garden. Yay, I was going to be cricket free soon. Well not so much, these were some mighty tiny little frogs and they laid some mighty tiny little eggs in the pond and I had visions of little gremlin froggies everywhere.

The taddies are still there and don’t seem to be becoming frogs, though I’m not sure why maybe they like being the peter pan of tadpoles. Anyway….Freddie my first and main frogasaurus hung out quite a bit and I often saw him around sunset cooling himself in the pool or hanging in the bamboo plant – then one day. Nothing. Gone. Didn’t see him anymore.

It was a little sad because I thought he had moved onto bigger and better ponds. Though I did hear some froggy serenades at night, so I suspected he still came by to hang out. But, the other day, I finally dragged myself out to the garden to confront the jungle it had become. It was not a pretty sight folks, what a mess. Lots of hacking and pulling and weeding and pruning going on. When I finally worked my way to the end of the garden I picked up a trampled eggplant plant and guess who was there? Yep, Freddie! But my oh my how he has grown! He’s an absolute monster now, bigger than a pack of cigarettes and beefy too.

I was so happy when I saw him I oo’d and ahh’d and told him how proud of him I was for having grown so big and beastly and then I put him in the pool for a swim while I finished the garden. He even let me pick him up and pose him for some pictures.

Isn’t he gorgeous? Makes me a little teary eyed too because my little frog has grown up. I suspect he’ll find a wife and move to the Wash where the big pond is – though he is a tree frog and we have lots of trees so maybe he’ll stick around.

So, I guess the moral of the story is, that if you want a frog bad enough, you can grow one, eh?

7 thoughts on “Freddie's Back in Town

  1. LOL. Oh, Annie – only YOU could grow such a handsome little prince of a frog!

    I know! Isn’t he gorgeous! I love my little frog and he sings so cute, chirpy and and sweet. πŸ˜‰


  2. Freddie is … cute. I don’t think I could have picked him up though. I am a nature lover but one that just likes to admire- no touchy bugs or crawlies… He’s adorable though. You are so smart!

    Hey Bella!
    He is so cute and ordinarily, I don’t think I could have picked him up either but I growed him from a little sprout, so it all seemed just fine. I just can’t get over it. He’s so gorgeous and so big. No wonder I haven’t heard any damn crickets lately. πŸ˜‰


  3. A frog spa? That sounds like what we need to build next spring for the mosquitoes. All though I think we mostly have toads. I wonder if a frog spa would work for our local toads?

    Mayhap watching tadpoles grow is like watching water boil? The more you watch the longer it seems to take?

    Hey Crystal!
    I don’t know about growing mosquitoes – we don’t have too many out here. I’m sure your local toadies would love their own spa. I can’t remember where I read about this but the article basically said you make an environment for them that they will like and they will come and I’ll be darned if they didn’t, you know?

    You could be right about the taddies – I’m trying not to watch them too closely – still it’s been a long time.


  4. It’s too bad that it isn’t the right kind of frog for frog’s legs. Then you could call yourself a rancher as well as a gardener.

    Oh Sweetie,
    I couldn’t eat my own frog, that’d be incest or something, wouldn’t it? πŸ™‚


  5. He’s awesome! Great photos, Annie. As a child, I used to have an terrarium (inside our downstairs bathroom) and kept some frogs in there.

    Hey Windy!
    Isn’t he the cutest? I’m positively giddy over him. I never was allowed to have things like frogs in my house when I was a kid – we couldn’t even let the dog in. Mom was raised on a farm and animals were all livestock to her.



  6. Awww!! Freddie is absoultly gorgeous. I would kiss Freddie, hes very dapper. Hehe!a frog spa. Freddie survived and he stayed around. awww!!
    Love to Freddie, he may turn into a prince. Kiss him Annie.

    Love and hugs for you me dear and Freddie the dapper prince frog.
    Di x

    Hey Di,
    You know, Freddie may be my lucky charm after all. Yes, he is one hunky handsome frog, isn’t he?


  7. Love the froggie. πŸ˜€ When I was a nanny years ago, I used to take the boys frog catching down at their pond. Ahh, memories…

    Me too, I’m completely in love with the little dude. πŸ˜‰


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