Heads Up

Hi Guys,

This is a quick one. Our dear friend and fellow blogger Joan Harvest asked me to pass on a message to you all. Sadly, her son has hit a rough patch and has reverted to drug use once again. Naturally, this is a distressing situation for Joanie and she’s not really feeling up to blogging right now. And she wanted you all to know that she is taking a few days to sort things out and will be back blogging then.

She loves you all and do feel free to send her an email if you like, to say hi and so forth. In her words:

If you could just let everyone know that Damon is in rehab, that I’m fine but need a little break from blogging but I will be back and if anyone wants to e-mail me that would be fine too. I just don’t want everyone to think I’ve disappeared. I also don’t want to put it on my blog. I have to respect Damon’s wishes. He has a friend who reads the blog and might tell others in town and he wants to just keep it quiet. I just can’t think of anything to write on my blog now. My mind seems to just be on Damon

So Joanie, you take care of yourself and if you need anything just let us know and we’ll be there for you, hon.

5 thoughts on “Heads Up

  1. Big Huge Massive Bear Hugs for you dear Joans of Mum and Damon.

    ((((((((Joan & Damon))))))))

    As with c you are both in my prayers.

    Lots of Love and well wishes

    Joan have you got my email address. I haven’t got yours


  2. I’m sorry to here this. A mom’s love is truly unconditional and I hope her son knows this and will continue to make efforts to make himself whole again. I’ll keep them in my prayers.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend Annie.


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