Welcome to the People's Republic of America

Okay, America if this is what you want, then I hope you’re happy. I for one, will be stuffing my mattress with money and stocking up on those MRE’s and survival gear. If you think the last eight years was bad news I don’t think you’re prepared with what will be coming our way over the next four (my prediction). Apparently, all it takes to become president of this once great country, is to put on a helluva campaign. I wonder if I could become CEO of GM after 13 months of selling cars in their backlot. (Heck maybe I could even run for Prez, once the implosion happens.)

I know a lot of you out there, love this man and I have never really been able to figure out why – but I hope the love affair continues – but I have my doubts. Serious ones.

Oh well, at the very least it should be good for some blog fodder, providing political descension is still Constitutional come January – there’s always Grit’s farm I suppose.

Congrats to those who wanted change – I just hope it’s the kind of change we all want. Somehow I doubt it and I’m certainly not holding my breath. Anybody got change for 10 Euronote? I need a drink.

17 thoughts on “Welcome to the People's Republic of America

  1. Oh Gosh WC – lighten up!!

    A few thoughts:
    1) You live in a democracy and the people have spoken
    2) Science shows that group decisions are better than individual ones
    3) We will all be able to rib you mercilessly in 4 years when things turn out okay (my predication) πŸ™‚

    Cheers – The Other Gerry

    Hey Gerry,
    No offense but I don’t have to lighten up – I can moan all I like on my blog. And compared to ‘george bush depression syndrome’ during the last election cycle, my remarks are relatively mild. (Note: sarcasm is one of the categories for this post).

    1) I don’t live in a democracy, I live in a republic – not the same
    2) What science shows that group decisions are better? If that were the case we wouldn’t have leaders, we would have committees and no doubt that’s where we’ll end up.
    3) You guys rib me mercilessly anyway, what’s the diff?
    4) Easy for you to say since you don’t live in this country (I think)

    So basically, I’ll wear a black shroud if I want to – know what I mean. 😦


  2. Remember what I wrote in February ’07? “Thanks a lot, George!” I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.

    I didn’t vote for Obama, but now that he’s in, I want him to succeed. Hell, I hope he’s the best damn president we’ve ever had. I honestly don’t see it happening, but it would be nice to see him turn things around a bit. The ability to say “I told you so” is of scant comfort when you’re about to lose your home or your job.

    But look at the up side here. First, you will be knee deep (no, make that shoulder deep) in blogging fodder for the next four years. Furthermore, if the shit really does hit the fan even harder than it has, at least you have the satisfaction (like myself, btw) of being able to say “Hey! Don’t blame me! I voted for the old guy!”.

    So cheer up, Annie! Either way, it’s a win/win situation for you. ;>)


    Hey Smith,
    No actually I don’t remember but have it your way. And you can’t blame this on Bush anyway. The media got their guy in – he was bullet proof, if any pubbie had had the crap in their closet that this dude has they never would have survived the primaries and you know it.

    And sorry my friend if you think he even has a chance of being the best damn president we’ve ever had, you’re smoking your own cigars. And could someone please explain to me why anyone would think a guy who has never successfully run anything (save his campaign, which apparently took thousands) is going to turn things around? Smith, I expected more from you – you know the economy is not determined by the president – ask any economist and they’ll set you straight. And while Bush should never have signed that bail out bullshit, it wasn’t his policies that created the housing ‘crisis’ – look it up, see who enacted what which made stated income okay to get a mortgage with (hint: affordable housing is the buzz word) – and if somebody is losing a home they lied to get and have no business owning, sorry but I don’t feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for the taxpayers who will be digging him out.

    While I may make a crack here and there I don’t intend to dive into any serious political blogging – in fact, I don’t know if I’ll even keep blogging, truth be told. And I have no interest in saying I told you so – if I did I would have already said it.

    Sorry my friend, but I see no win here at all.


  3. Dear me, we ARE a little touchy tonight, aren’t we? ;>)

    Annie, you’re missing my point. I’m no happier about Obama than you are. I voted for McCain. But let’s face it, the poor bastard never had a chance. The American people are just plain pissed off at Bush. Is it all his fault? Of course not, but you know as well as I do that the average American’s grasp of politics is not particularly nuanced. So Bush gets the blame, McCain takes it in the neck, and now we have Obama for four years.

    My point is that if the Bush admin. had done even a semi-competent job, and left the country in something like the state in which they found it, Obama never would have had a prayer. I’m sorry, my friend, but the Republicans got a well-deserved spanking for not learning the lessons of 2006. Hopefully in two years they’ll have something new to bring to the table.


    Touchy, no…pissed, yeah probably. The American people are pissed off at Bush because it was a wholly generated hatred from day one – they have allowed themselves to be manipulated into thinking he was the second coming of Lucifer. Completely overlooking the fact that the Dems have been in charge of the legislative branch for the last four years – who have a helluva lot more to do with this mess being created than Bush. They (congress) have the worst approval rating of anybody, anywhere in politics and yet the American people voted even more of them in – to me, it says more about a death wish on the part of the electorate than about Bush.

    That’s my point my friend. That the apathy is so high in the populace in general that all they want now is some sugar daddy who is going to get them everything they need so they don’t have to face the cold cruel world on their own. What they don’t realize is that with every bit of control they give up of their lives that much more and they are that much more imprisoned.

    As to McCain he didn’t lose because of Bush either, he lost because he was not the right candidate to run and for that I blame the pubbies – because they have become whiny little girls who are afraid to actually run a real conservative candidate for fear of being whupped. (How anyone could have thought that McCain who couldn’t win last time out was now going to win this time is beyond me. It’s like when they ran Dole, it was given to him because it was ‘his turn’ not because he was the right candidate) Good strategy huh? It’s what you get when you compromise your own ideals and pretend to be something you’re not – so yeah I guess the spanking was a forgone conclusion.

    As to the Bush Admin leaving things in the condition they found it – frankly I think they have. When Bush came into office the economy was in a two (or three) quarter downturn, taxes were high, and a bunch of assholes came and knocked down a good portion of New York, the Pentagon and several airplanes not to mention the carnage. We were in serious danger of real economic disaster and yet…. it didn’t happen. He had one of the lowest jobless rates of any president and essentially the country went bopping along – the fact that the media called him every name in the book and made him into some sort of monster (which people gladly went along with) doesn’t change the facts I’m afraid.

    Besides, since Obama is the magic guy who is going to make all our boo boos go away, what do we care what state the country was left in? He’ll just glow it all right, right? God Bless (damn) America.


  4. Sweetheart,

    Do you want me to mind the money, naughty little puppy Maggie has chew the bank card though.

    Right !!

    Whos got the Island or Lake.

    Come on – It will have to be paradise now for our Group.I’ll practice making huts out of bull rushes in my sand dunes today and think nice thoughts of Annieo Island.

    I could be president if you want.
    Di x

    Hey Di,
    Yes the island…we’ll keep working on that. You’ll note that Grit is going to redecorate the bunker. πŸ˜‰


  5. Hi Annie,

    On the bright side, Barack will only get one term because the world ends in 2012 πŸ™‚ Oh, and prices for bio-fuels will skyrocket, right along with electric rates, and I might even make some money farming. And then there’s all that free money he’s going to spread around. I think I’ll spend mine redecorating my secret underground bunker. A blue theme seems appropriate on several levels.

    Now, go watch my new video and cheer up. It’s got lots of exploding heads and that should take your mind off the impending doom gathering in Washington.

    the Grit

    Hi Grit,
    I’m reminded of the Monty Python song – Life’s a piece of shit, when you look at it… Always look on the bright side of life…

    Blue sounds like a good color choice – and any money that Obama spreads around that comes my way will go directly into the mattress. πŸ˜‰


  6. sending much booze and chocolate your way.

    I don’t know much about american politics so won’t attempt to comment but I hope things don’t get as bad as you fear they could.

    take care darl.

    Yummy, booze and chocolate, now there’s a solution to what ails you. Leave it to an Aussie to come up with the right fix. πŸ˜‰ I hope they don’t get as bad as I think too, sweetie. Thanks.


  7. I’m with you Annie, hold on to your guns and cash before it ends up being spread around like the bullshit this guy has sold the public…be careful what you wish for, people, I have a feeling we’re in for a shit storm like you haven’t seen before…but hey if you’re into that socialism type thing you’re going to get what you want…they showed a celebration in D.C. that went on last night and an Obama supporter in the crowd was waving the old flag with a hammer and cycle…I saw former Sec of State Eaglebugher on FNN and he called it like I see it, he called OBama a con man…

    Hey Ger,
    Keep stuffing that mattress my friend – we’ll need a big island. πŸ˜‰


  8. To be totally honest, I think we were in for a shitstorm no matter which guy won this election. The country and the system has problems. Period. But nothing is perfect. Let’s hope for the best, Annie. It’s all we can do now.

    Hey Teens,
    You may be the rightest of all of us. Problems, oh yeah – unless somebody or a bunch of somebodies come along and completely change the thinking on the hill, we are going on a one way trip to the crapper. Yup hope for the best and prepare for the worst.



  9. Fascinating. Here in Canada we let out a collective sigh of relief! Seriously!

    But then again, we are a damned socialist country. *grin*

    Hey Panther,
    Yes, I know…it’s funny to me though – since one of things on the agenda is to undo the Nafta agreement with Canada and Mexico which ain’t gonna be good for you guys – although who knows what he’ll really do.

    And seriously why the relief? Political ideals aside – this man has never run anything, not a business, not a neighborhood lemonade stand, and has all of 13 months experience as a Senator – yet he is now going to run one of the most powerful countries in the world? What are people celebrating? Why would anyone be relieved to see an inexperienced, unproven individual in charge?

    Would you (the world) be equally relieved if say Paris Hilton was elected as a world leader? To me, it’s not a bad analogy. But maybe I’m just being picky, eh? I dunno. :-/


  10. I think it is more relief that Sara Hilton, sorry Palin, won’t be anywhere near the ‘throne’. *wink*

    Well darling, I wouldn’t count on that too much. She is an up and commer I think – we’ll see what happens over the next four years but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Sarah. In fact, I can easily see at this point a face off between her and Hillary about four years from now. Could be fun.

    I do find it interesting though, that when a liberal woman shows up and is tough and strong everybody loves her – but if the same women were a conservative she becomes a monster – funny how that works. Why are people so afraid of conservatives? I can’t figure it out. I’m not that scary am I? Hmmm…maybe I am. πŸ‘Ώ Oh well, I’m getting my own island anyway, so what’s the diff?

    Annie πŸ™‚


  11. Hmmm….propaganda then, because she is not portrayed as tough and strong here at all. She is, point in fact, a total laughing stock.

    Anyway, I totally don’t follow my own politics, let alone yours. As a matter of fact, I only JUST looked up a picture of Sara because I got sick and tired of listening to all the men, including the Lion, go on about how hot she is. Just looks like an ordinary 40-something soccer mom to me, but what do I know?

    Well, all I can say is strange, that – I got nuthin’ else. πŸ™„


  12. Wait a minute. You mean all 40-something soccer moms look like that?

    Geez. Now I have to pretend to learn another sport.

    Hey, I didn’t say it. And most of the soccer moms I’ve seen don’t look like that either – but what do I know? πŸ˜‰


  13. Hey girl. Thought of you today. Man. What a hootenanny.
    Last night I believe I was surprised without being surprised, if that makes sense.
    One thing’s for sure, Obama has a lot to live up to. He’s put a lot of pressure on himself to be the Merlon of change.
    It will be interesting to see how he cooks once its officially his turn on the roaster.
    A drink sounds nice.

    Hey You!
    Hootenanny, yeah that’s a good word for it. LOL. Yeah, let’s see how he does whilst being turned on the spit, eh? Drinks do sound nice, don’t they? πŸ˜‰


  14. From what I’ve seen of Sarah just recently I think shes ace. What a woman. Why is everybody calling her names.

    I like her.

    Hi Di,
    I like her too – I dunno, I suppose it was all about trashing her I guess. Though she’s a strong lady, she won’t let it stop her I don’t think. πŸ˜‰


  15. Oh, I don’t know, Annie – Can’t you appreciate the history we’ve witnessed: The first mulatto person elected to the U.S. Presidency via the most expensive campaign ever waged in this country with the press working to put him there for FREE? Imagine when the first African-American president actually is elected? :-/
    I, too am wearing a black shroud – but have also begun an Obama watch: Tick-tock, ‘bama… where’s the nirvana you promised?

    From someone who chose NOT to wear a blindfold!

    Well, I guess I’m not good at appreciating history, Deb… Although the press working for him for free does conjure some ideas for a post. Whatever happened to the 5th estate, eh? Aren’t they all about telling the public the truth without bias or taking sides? So much for journalism, eh?

    Yes, we could start a line of black shrouds couldn’t we? Could be a big seller – might as well get in on a trend while the getting is good, eh? Though the good news is that you will have plenty to write about, eh?



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