The Zen of Moving

I know that most people hate to move, and I am certainly among them. You get used to being in a certain space and surrounded by certain familiar objects and material possessions. Even if you aren’t particularly happy in that space or with those possessions, there is a security in the constancy of it.

When you decide to move you introduce change into the scene and even though it will be better for you in the long run, the short term does get to you. There is all the initial having to move things around, boxes, trucks, yard sales, all the not so fun stuff. Your once peaceful space becomes chaos and it’s easy to feel like your life is chaos too, even though it really isn’t. It’s simply changing.

No matter what people say or think they think, the truth is, we don’t like to change, not if there is any effort involved. We like things to stay the same, stay predictable. I know in my case that is true – at least in my living arrangements. I like that sameness and not having to think about it much. It enables me to go and do other things, things I deem more important and interesting. Know what I mean?

However, there is another aspect to all this change and moving that is interesting to me. I find that once I get through all the effort of getting my butt into gear, get into action about things, that a kind of nice change comes over me. A sort of zen experience if you will. There is something good for the soul, I think, to every now and then get rid of everything that isn’t absolutely essential in your life. It’s very freeing and you can even feel physically lighter. As though you have much more mobility and aren’t tethered or harnassed. And I have to say that’s a pretty cool thing.

And as I now am rapidly approaching the actual move date and I’ve condensed my belongings down to one pretty small pile, I feel myself lightening up. Feeling a bit freer and more open to change and new adventures. In this case, for me, that certainly will be the outcome.

Sure there will be more effort – the drive, moving all our stuff into the new place, finding stuff that we need, arranging and rearranging and then the settling into the safe predictable space once again. But for now, I’m grooving on the zen and it ain’t bad. Ain’t bad at all.

6 thoughts on “The Zen of Moving

  1. I can appreciate where you are coming from with this post.

    Moving is a massive job, but I got to say that my last move was joyful. We were moving from a house that we felt trapped in to a new house that made my heart sing and shed a lot of junk in the process.

    Hey Bettina,
    Yes, I agree – I think it does depend on what the move itself is about. I just shed a whole lot of junk and about mid-day started feeling lighter and cheerful. And my new little house is adorable and really my little cabin in the sky – exactly what I wanted. Dreams sometimes do come true, eh?

    Annie πŸ™‚


  2. I agree, wholeheartedly. I think once you get past that oh-my-God-I-have-so-much-shit-I-can’t-do-this aspect of the move it’s sort of a ‘cleaning of the cobwebs’ feeling. I always stress about it but once I get going, start purging, I feel so much better and can actually enjoy the newness and excitement of the change.

    Here’s to a smooth, exciting, zen-like move for you!

    Hey Two!
    Yes, it is already going smoothly- we have our house – it’s perfect, we’ll be connected and ready to roll within 3-4 days of arriving – it’s all just happening. So out with old, in with the new I say. Tada! πŸ™‚


  3. Nah, I still hate moving. It’s physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing.

    Feathering a new nest, though … that’s always a thrill.

    Yeah, the promise of the new nest is definitely motivating. And I am but a mere few days from getting there. I can’t wait.



  4. I get anal when I move places, which I will have to do soon. I want everything set up the right way the first time so I don’t have to change it – only maintain it.

    It hasn’t gone off perfectly yet…still waiting for a miracle to happen.

    You anal? Please say it isn’t so,Sparky. πŸ˜‰ Well, I don’t know about miracles happening on their own, you may need to give them a little push.


  5. Lord I hate moving. However, when I moved from my house (out of a relationship) into my apartment (single for the first time in my life) I got rid of A LOT of stuff. If I didn’t absolutely need it, or absolutely love it, out it went. It felt so good. Now that I have moved into the Lion’s, I am discovering as I go through boxes, that I can get rid of even more. It’s amazing how much stuff we really do not need.

    I don’t envy you packing, moving and unpacking, but the sorting is actually kind of fun.

    Yeah, I think we all hate to move but sometimes it’s worth all the headaches. And really for all the de-junkifying it can do, it’s often worth it. I’ve done all my packing and now it’s a matter of making it fit in the trunk, until it’s time to unpack.
    Annie πŸ™‚


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