Mixed Bag #437

Okay, so first – here are some incredible photographs that a friend sent me. I was very impressed and really it’s nice to start the day off with something beautiful and awesome, right?

Amazing, aren’t they? And hopefully a good substitute for pics of the trip which I still have to transfer over from little computer to big computer (don’t hold your collective breath in other words).

It is day ten of my residency in my new home state. We have gotten most of (about half really) his stuff out of his old apartment – and most important of which was the office cubicle which he built and designed and is really quite ingenius. I’m secretly hoping I will get one built for me. Almost like having your own little spaceship, seriously… Anyway, most of the heavy, difficult stuff is moved, now we are down to boxing of books, books and more books and other box worthy stuff.

We have cable, internet and phone and have been inhabiting the new house for four days. I got in half my flower bulbs yesterday (once the yard got the idea who was boss, that is – very evil crab grass in there) – it was a perfect day- sunny, chilly and cloudless sky. At the very least I will have daffodils and irises coming up on the east side of the fence this spring. I plan to get the rest out front done by this weekend. Then I will put in the crocous in the back.

Will be crusing craigslist for stuff like a couch or something to sit on – which should be great fun with no budget. Haha. Ain’t life grand? Actually I kind of enjoy the challenge – it makes my blood course just thinking about how I’m going to get everything I need with no resources. I know, there is something seriously wrong with me, eh?

Yesterday after much torment and confusion, we finally found out why the internet connection did not like my pc and sorted it all out so that they are talking and have become good friends. I can’t tell you how magical it is to be writing this post from my desktop pc with my big 22 inch monitor and full keyboard. It’s like an early Christmas, I have to tell you.

We found out why it was so fricking cold in here – seems the chimney flue was stuck open and not seated right. So we cleaned out all the fireplace crud, re-seated the flue and the change in temp is amazing. It does seem that the heater actually does work, which was in question earlier. Also, it’s just nice to not have to sleep in you overcoat and boots, don’t you think?

Maggie and Boodie are adapting nicely – starting to get some winter coats happening. Though Boodie, being the fat and lazy creature she is, has spent most of her time burrowed under the blankets in the made bed and has become quite adept at concealing the fact that she is in there. The other day I thought I’d lost her, that she’d gotten out and was a frozen cat on a stick somewhere, when I spied a suspicious lump on the bed. She has gotten more extroverted though since she seems to have realized that Roomie’s (ex roomie I mean) evil cats aren’t about anymore. By spring she’ll be stalking squirrels outside I suspect.

Hopefully by this weekend we have all the moving stuff done and all the stuff over here. We will have to sort it as we go along. Next week, must find work, gig or job or all three. Otherwise there won’t be any Christmas around here to speak of – although worse things have happened and it wouldn’t be the end of the world, you know?

All in all, we are doing good – recovering, still exhausted but managing to get some sleep and make some progress. Hopefully, I’m back to at least semi-regular blogging too. I’ve missed it and you guys, believe me.

But that’s all the boring details of what we’ve been up to. See you on the rebound.

8 thoughts on “Mixed Bag #437

  1. Oh Annie, the pics are so beautiful. Those little birdies look like they are gossiping – LOL, or they are whispering sweet nothings into his ear?

    It sounds like you are settling in nicely, and 22″- dang girl! Rock that monitor πŸ˜‰ I think it’s official, you are a monitor whore…

    So, bizarre that you mentioned this but I just got home from work about 15 minutes ago. I came in and NO Cozmo right at the door. That has NEVER Happened. I called out, COZMO!!! I got scared and wondered if the kids had left him outside before they went to school? The pit of my stomach ached as I envisioned a Cozsicle. So, I ran to the back door and screamed outside. Hmph? I go to my bedroom and yes, there’s a nice big Cozzie sized lump (a lumpy lump?) – AND he still didn’t wake up. He was curled up under my electric blanket (the kids set it on high before they leave for school). Heart rate is back to normal — Heee-heeeee-heeee.

    Thanks for sharing those pictures, they are amazing and I hope you have a good day. I’ll be sending up good thoughts so you land a gig fast. Take care and cannot wait till ya get back to your regular blogging again… I miss you!

    Hey Bella!
    Yup, I am an official monitor whore. Who knew? But once I got this big baby, everything else pales in comparison, you know?

    See, I knew you would understand – that panic that sinks to the bottom of your stomach when you think your pet has gotten lost or disappeared. I had to laugh though since they both seemed to have the same idea more or less. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the good thoughts – I need them, the universe is watching. πŸ˜‰


  2. Hi Annie,

    Thanks, now I have monitor envy.

    the Grit

    Hey Grit,
    Since it is the holiday season, I’m sure there are many monitors on sale at amazing prices. My monitor was purchased at newegg.com at a very reasonable price. Hint: check ‘Acer’ products – work great and very reasonably priced. On top of that Circuit City is going belly up, so if there is one near you, run on over there and see what you can get for ten cents on the dollar. And if that don’t thrill you – check out Linen and Things, also going belly up, for a nice new fluffy comforter or something. πŸ˜‰


  3. The photos are wonderful. I am glad to know that your computer is all set up. I love that you are planting bulbs for next Spring.

    We are making all our gifts here because money is so tight. We will just do Christmas stockings. We need to save if we are going to have a new baby in the house.

    It sounds like you are happy though and that is important. Looking forward to travel stories when you get the time.

    Ok, Your blog doesn’t want me to leave a comment so I am going to try using my daughter’s e-mail address and see if it will take it.

    Hey Joanie,
    That is positively weird about the email addie thing. I have no idea what the deal is with that.

    I’m excited about the bulbs too – though I still have the other half of the front to do and it’s getting colder (yikes) and some in the back -but I’m determined so it will happen.

    The new baby is such good news – I think it’s great you are just doing stockings and keeping it simple this year – your reward will be a new member of the family and there is nothing better than that, is there?

    The travel stories…yeah someday I’ll tell you guys all about it, although really nothing all that interesting happened. Just a lot of driving and I got some halfway decent pics. You know?

    Keep me posted on that email addie snafu thingie, will you?


  4. That is crazy. My daughter’s e-mail address works but mine doesn’t and this is not the first blog today that has done this. It has to be WordPress somehow. Oh well, at least it works with my daughter’s address.

    I wonder what the deal is…I wish I could offer some explanation but I am just stumped here. πŸ™„


  5. LOVE the first picture.

    Ugh, Hate the whole moving thing. Luckily, since having children, I have only moved twice.

    LOVE fires too, do you? nothing like curling up in front of a roaring fire while it is butt freezing outside.

    Hey Widdle!
    Yes, the first pic is amazing isn’t it? I have no plans to ever move again if I can help it. And yup nice fires especially when it is butt freezing outside are the best. πŸ™‚


  6. Oh, those photos were just amazing! Thanks so much for sharing with us, Annie. It sounds like things are starting to settle and that is so good to hear. πŸ™‚

    Hey Teens!
    They are pretty pics, aren’t they? Starting to settle – yes, I’d say they are a little. I think it will just be one of t hose things where we just keep at things and keep at them and then one day it will all be done and we’ll just have normal day to day stuff going on. I look forward to that day, believe me. πŸ™‚


  7. Don’t you just love adapting and overcoming? It’s rural here and I live on the border of DSL perimeter. Maybe a quarter mile further down the road my friend can’t get it. The good part of rural living for me is that I’m still only two miles from Hardee’s and Food Lion.

    Yes and no – if it was behind me, I’d love it a lot more than I do now. Being in the thick of it is a little trying. Luckily we aren’t in a rural area or I would lose my mind – in fact this place is a lot like L.A. but it has pretty scenery and bad weather. πŸ™‚


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