Sweet Little Lies…

As many of you probably know, there is a blogger who has recently ‘come clean’ about some pretty serious lies she has been telling us. Specifically she claimed to have cancer, dead relatives and parental abuse in her life. With the recent coming clean post we have learned that she has none of the above. And is, in fact, a drop out slacker who says she gets depressed so she has to get people to feel sorry for her about imaginary illnesses and life circumstances in order to have friends.

This is the type of person we are all warned about prowling the internet. The liar. The one who invents some sort of pathetic and sympathy-inducing life so that people will pay attention to them. Now, I don’t suppose I have too much trouble with someone embellishing or even creating a personna on the internet – in a way, the blogosphere does liken show business, it certainly has those types of elements to it. However, when the embellishment and personality doctoring actually uses a terminal disease as it’s punch line and dupes unsuspecting people into caring for the person, I have to say it makes my stomach turn.

Perhaps that this person chose cancer as the illness d’jour – and I happen to have several friends who are cancer survivers and one who actually died about three weeks ago – is what kind of got to me. You know there are people out there who have lost loved ones, lost body parts, or somehow managed to survive the hellatiousness that is cancer – so to pretend – well it’s just not cool. In fact, it’s downright evil.

Perhaps some of you would disagree and think I am over-reacting but I don’t think so. The intent is what you have to look at here folks – her intent was to trick you and use your good intentions against you in order to get something for herself. Sorry but I can’t see that as anything but evil. I will not accept excuses like depression (she just admitted that she doesn’t have cancer but we believe her when she says she has depression?) or drug abuse or being a drop out or slackerdom. The coming clean post was a joke – and honestly, how is it that she went from having horrible grammar and punctuation and syntax to suddenly writing a clear, concise and clean post about how she tricked us?

No, this person is not at all who she says she is. She wasn’t then and she isn’t now. I suspect the coming clean post was just about whatever her next scam is going to be. Last time it was cancer, now it’s depression. I say bullshit. Who wants to bet it is some 35 year loser who lives in his parent’s basement and searches for pictures of little kids on the internet? Think about it. Those weren’t sweet little lies she told and the next ones won’t be either. She’s in my spam box and shall remain there forever. Maybe you should think about it too.

19 thoughts on “Sweet Little Lies…

  1. Amen sister. I’m with you 100% here. I’ve been doing some web surfing tonight researching this very subject. Let’s not forget the heart transplant, bone marrow transplant, stabbing, dead sister, dead father, and the list goes on and on. She posted two different pics of “herself” on two different blogs, but they look like two completely different people. The first blog looked a lot better written too. And what about the comments you’d see everywhere you’d go. “Bad news” or “I don’t feel good” or “Surgery on Monday” or “Did you get my e-mail” or “I need to talk to you” or or or… Gahhh!!! Makes me sick, but nowhere near as sick as her. You see all the people she duped. What about the ones you don’t see? You know they are out there, sad, mad, ashamed, embarrassed… Grrr… πŸ‘Ώ Sorry, thank you for letting me vent a bit.

    Hey Spidey,
    You can always feel free to vent here if you like. Everything you bring up is more than valid and it is sickening too. And yes, what about all those who haven’t come forward whom she used and scammed. You can only imagine how many people sent her things, money, cards, letters, phone calls and all that. I keep calling her a her but I really do think it’s an adult probably a man who is running this scam. I think we may well learn who/what she really is sometime in the future, eh?



  2. I so agree with you about this….it is beyond belief that people are saying they look forward to getting to know the real Kaylee. Have they forgotten what happened or are they simply gluttons for punishment? Or my least favourite thing in the blogging world …fuzzy feel gooders who must have everything happy and joyous and upbeat, regardless of the fallout.

    Forgiveness does not mean one has to be buddies with the one forgiven. Also what is it with society today that we have to be everyone’s friend….friendship for me is based on trust and loyalty and she/he has shown they cannot be trusted.

    Hey MQ and welcome to my little dive. I so agree with you – looking forward to knowing the real kaylee? Seriously? She’s already admitted to being a pathological liar, now we’ll believe her when she introduces the real her? You may be right about the compulsive feel gooders – though maybe it is just more that people don’t want to believe that someone they liked is all bad. That is a hard transition you know?

    And you make a good point about forgiveness as well – it doesn’t then automatically follow that you then become best friends or any kind of friends – I’ve spammed her, I’m sure you have and have many. Let her try to get a presence on the internet again – askimet has memory now and could make it difficult.



  3. If she lies about having all of these horrible things, whose to say she is not STILL lying. She’s not 17 years old, or at least that is what my gut is telling me. All along I knew something was just not right there. My 17 year old son called her out – immediately. She did not hurt me. She hurt others though and that’s what upsets me. I am in shock that she “came clean at all” since so many people flocked to her site to leave comments and well wishes- some even mailing her goodies from the kindness of their hearts. That is who I just feel awful for.

    Evil? Yeah, I’d say that’s a fair description. I have depression, I know what that is like- but to use it as an excuse to hurt other people, is just so wrong. She’s been blocked. From everything, facebook, blog, email, everything. I hope she doesn’t hurt anyone else although from what I can see, it looks as if she has….. evil. Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

    Precisely Bella! My gut agrees with yours – 17? I don’t think so. Yes, she has hurt a lot of people – and probably cost a few some money – I hate to say that but I think it’s true. This is an evil person – the coming clean was a joke – she probably did it because too many people were questioning her and getting hip to what she was doing – so she cut them off at the pass to try to play it to her advantage. Coming clean, my ass. Bullshit. Pure bullshit.


  4. Everyone is justified to be as angry or not as they are for how they felt yanked around by this person. You really can’t protect people from themselves. You can try to alert them to dangers but you can’t make them drink the water, you know? There were actually many times I felt I tried to warn people and I’d get a little angry myself because they seemed to just go right on continuing to indulge her. She’s been in my spaminator for a while now and has been removed from my blogroll. My current lack of anger should not be misconstrued as forgiveness because I feel forgiveness only happens with actions of good will and must be earned, much like respect. Also, my lack of anger is probably more a protection for my own health. My blog is my happy place and hopefully will remain so – it is my blog, not my life. It’s just sad to see bloggers venting their anger about how other people feel instead of what they should really be angry about. I think I’ve wasted much too much time and energy on this whole matter and I won’t be expending any more.

    Hey Teens,
    Yes, you did give me a heads up about this person and I always distanced myself from her – never quite trusting what she was saying, so I suppose it was no surprise to me – except that I learned how she had duped other people who were vulnerable. I’m not clear on what you mean by other bloggers venting anger on how people feel – but I do think that a lot of the anger just comes from the revelation you know? And people are just lashing out. That will pass. I agree, no reason to expend further energy on this.



  5. This is a sick person, regardless of his or her disease de jour. I guess I dodged this particular whacko.

    Yes, this is a sick one and if you did dodge her, consider yourself lucky my friend.


  6. The Urbane Lion has a term for this type of person: mythomaniac. A person who constantly needs to make stuff up about themselves. I don’t know who you are referring to, but I have come across one whom I pegged pretty much right from day one. It surprised me how long it took other people to clue in!!! Scary actually. They just kept enabling her. Finally, one day, she pooped all over some highly respected bloggers, and people shut her out.

    For crying out loud, she was invited to do a guest post! My response to the person who invited her to post on his site? “If you are going to invite the fox into the henhouse, the fox will eat the hens.”

    The clues are there people. Mythomaniacs always leave a trail of tid-bits that don’t add up. PAY ATTENTION and use your gut instinct. Don’t buy into this crap.

    And being depressed is NOT an excuse for using and abusing people’s good will. It is reprehensible.

    /end of Panther rant

    Very nice rant my dear, and I really like that moniker ‘mythomaniac’ yup that works. Dying to know who this other one was though. I know it’s not the one I’m referring to. I hope yours doesn’t visit this blog???? I have a feeling no though or I’d have heard about the pooping all over highly respected bloggers I’m sure.

    And you’re right, depression is not an excuse to use and abuse others – not even close.



  7. I had my suspicions about her from the beginning and, fortunately, didn’t invest the time/energy/emotions/money that some did. I feel terrible that so many have been hurt by her. I like to think that I’m a smart person but now that I’ve been duped by two bloggers this year I’m being very cautious about which online personalities I let into my life.

    Hey Two,
    I can understand your trepidation here. I too have had my share of dupings – perhaps that is why I got so pissed about this one. Not because I was duped or even hurt by it – but because she tricked so many and a lot of them are friends of mine. Yeah, that pisses me all to hell, much worse than if it is done to me. I hope you’re doing okay – despite your need to be cautious.


  8. I missed it?!! Sounds like it could be entertaining to read knowing she makes it all up? Seriously – would it be funny to read knowing the truth? Is it sort of like watching soap operas that go on forever, and are ridiculously out there, but still enjoying them?


    P.S. I do totally understand that it sucks to be duped and hurt by evil people like that. I think luckily for me, I have not met too many evil-doers in my life.

    Hey D!
    Yeah, I guess from that point of view you could get a chuckle or two, just from the utter audacity of it all. And you are lucky if you’ve not encountered that many evil doers in your life. May that always be the case for you my dear. πŸ˜‰


  9. I like how there’s 54 comments on the post where she says she’s duped people for years. So much support (occasional snark)…all for a phantom. Fake people can be such assholes.

    Exactly – people should just ignore her. But maybe it’s like one of those twenty car pile ups, you know? You want to look away but you just can’t? Asshole…absolutely. No question about it.


  10. What goes around comes around. If you disrespect people you lose them as friends and the so called Kaylee person lost a lot of good friends. Hopefully this person will learn. I just hope she doesn’t come back with a new persona.

    I can’t believe she spent two years cultivating her so called friendships only to lie to everyone.

    Hey Joanie,
    One can hope that ‘she’ will learn but somehow I doubt it. Yes, she spent two years cultivating friendships that were lies, so one has to ask – ‘why?’ Personally I think it was so that she could get things from people. I don’t mean friendship either. My sense is that a lot of people sent her things – perhaps even money. Most scams are ultimately about getting money or things of worth – so there is no reason to think that she would have been after anything any different, is there?


  11. I too feel that she was about getting people to send her things, although I have read that people said the goods sent to the hospital obviously were never able to be delivered. In my case she liked one of my quilts and said she wanted to learn how to quilt but as she was in hospital…well put two and two together. Then she told me it might be best to send it to her home as it might get lost at the hospital…I googled her instead and found the old Blogger pile of lies. She kept leaving comments on my blog asking when I was sending her the stuff nothing else, just that. She finally got the message I would not be sending anything but her comments rarely were beyond a few words and rarely about the topic of the post.

    What finally pissed me off and stopped me in my tracks was on September 11th this year when someone somewhere said they had lost some ONE on that day in 2001 …..she said she lost five I think it was family members. I checked her blogger blog out or the previous entries on that day and she escalated the amount of loved ones lost….in a few years she would have lost so many that alarm bells would have started going off. I know the cancer lies were evil and spamming ill people’s blogs was evil but if one could have the ultimate evil…that one on September 11th was it for me.

    Hey MQ, welcome back. Wow that September 11th thing is really beyond the pale, isn’t it? That’s the thing about sociopaths, they have no conscience whatsoever. As long as they can get what they want that is all they care about. Glad you didn’t send her one of your quilts I’m sure it’s a thing of beauty she/he/it could never have appreciated nor would have.


  12. After reading all of the comments that the coming clean post has generated, I have come to a conclusion. It is time that I came clean. I am not Pure Evyl. I am actually a cute bald seventeen year old girl with small perky breasts and a tumor on my anus. I am scheduled for a breast augmentation surgery and a surgery to remove the tumor from my anus and then a battery of anal bleaching procedures.

    Wish Me Luck!!! πŸ˜‰

    Oh Darlin’ I’m so glad you decided to come clean and tell us your true story. Of course we all wish you luck and we’re all chipping in for a brand spanking new cheerleader’s uniform once your surgeries are over. Love you, darlin’ – mean it, really I do. πŸ˜†


  13. **sigh** I try and listen to my gut instinct, but it is so easy to ignore it sometimes, especially in the world of blogging. This is a good lesson.

    It is a good lesson, I agree. And I also think we’ve all learned from it too.


  14. I’m really glad that I hadn’t invested anything in that person.

    And after reading some of her responses to people’s reactions, and some of her “oh I’m the worst in the world aren’t I?” comments on other people’s blogs I now believe that the whole “confession” was another calculated attempt to manipulate everyone around her and spin doctor her imminent exposure.

    Twisted, really damn twisted.

    Hey Bettina,
    Yup, twisted it is. Glad you didn’t invest in this one too. What a scam, eh?


  15. You’re right to be angry. It is very uncool. I’ve lost two close friends and co-workers from cancer. One was the person I considered the sister I never had and only this past Christmas the other from brain cancer. He was a presidential guard during one of his tours in the Marines. I care nothing for an individual who sinks so low to get attention.

    Hey Jim,
    Well, I don’t know if it’s right or wrong to be angry – probably it’s a waste of time, since clearly this person could give a flying crap about the harm he/she/it has caused. But yeah, lower than low – that’s for sure.


  16. Wow.

    i’ve got to say that she definately has something wrong with her to go through so much effort for… well, what? My dad died of cancer, my mother survived thyroid cancer and we recently found out my Ava has cancer in her remaining breast. i didn’t know her that well, but to pretend to have such a horrible disease- one that has wreaked havoc in so many lives and therefore stirred deep emotions, is some kind of sick.

    More sick than cancer.

    for me, there were just a couple of comments and a few prayers. But not wasted prayers. She seems to need them and i don’t even mean that in a snarky way.

    i’m sorry for those who had their trust abused.

    Hey Chica!
    I think you are right – more sick than cancer. I know you don’t mean the prayer comment in a snarky way – you may be right. Hopefully, she’ll just fade away and not try it again. Fingers crossed.


  17. After about 23 years of watching this sort of thing go down on a regular basis, I figure she’ll resurface in about four and a half months with a whole new tale to tell.

    Having fabricated a persona for myself back in the Eighties, which was far more of a strain than I ever imagined it would be, I’m sure it wasn’t easy for The Pretender; after all, she had to keep all her stories straight. But that merely makes her more understandable, not less evil.

    Yeah, I’ll bet you’re right – and it must be exhausting to pretend to be something you aren’t all the time.


  18. Hey, Annie πŸ™‚

    Long time no see, girl! Happy Holidays! I was thinking about you last week when I pulled out my Christmas dishtowels and found that cute little cloth you sent me last year in your Christmas card…The gift that keeps on giving! (Now, if it would only do the dishes for me! LOL)

    It’s funny that I should read this here…I’ve been seeing similar posts at other blogs I’ve visisted, as I’ve been catching up on everyone. Kaylee wasn’t someone I knew, not a blog I followed…so I’m saying this from an “outsiders” POV.

    I feel really sorry for her. For the ‘real’ her, the wounded little girl/boy her/him inside, who felt that they had to go to such drastic and dispicable measures to draw attention to themself. As angry as people are with her..as pissed off and disillusioned and all that..I still can’t help but see it for what it is: A cry for love.

    I don’t know where her blog is…but I hope someone will tell her that she is loveable – as a human being – exactly the way she is. She doesn’t need to embellish or make up crap to ‘earn’ love.

    Somewhere along the line, this poor being was wounded and broken by the people in her life…or perhaps she was created that way.

    Christmas is supposed to be a time when even enemies can lay down their arms, and extend the olive branch to each other. Forgiveness is the theme.

    Love is the answer.

    Happy Holiday, Sweet Annie! So much has happened in your life since last I was here πŸ™‚ May all your dreams come true in your new home.


    Hey Gracie,
    You’re right, long time no see and I missed you too.

    I hear what you are saying about this girl – however… I’m afraid that even if what you are saying is true, what she/he/they did still isn’t excusable. Perhaps she was wounded or broken or perhaps she/he is just one of those people who have no conscience and do as they please – they are out there you know and my sense is that this is one of those people. In fact, I’m not altogether certain it was just one person and not a team of 2-3 people running the scam. Given the ‘evidence’ it seems it could well have been several people playing this character. I guess though, we will never know as the blog has been deleted and I doubt we will hear from this person again. I hope not to be honest.



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