You Know You Have Your Grinch on When…


I wouldn’t go so far as to say there is no one who loves Christmas more than I do – as I’m sure there are a few out there who are more fanatical – but suffice to say I am pretty into it. And perhaps it is just a fact of life that when you love something that much you must also have a little bit of hate for it as well. Maybe because we just feel too much the effect of something we are so enamored with or maybe just because well…we’re a little nuts? Either is quite possible.

So for those of us who love Christmas but somewhere near the finale start to have little meltdowns, feelings of antagonism or just plain Grinch out, I offer the following clues:

You Know You Have Your Grinch on when…

1. Your dog no longer looks adorable in reindeer ears
2. Your outside Christmas display reminds you of Circuit City’s going out of business sale.
3. Hot cocoa just doesn’t taste right without several ounces of whiskey in it.
4. Santa strikes you are a highly obese, self indulgent schizophrenic who should be put away, or at the very least, do an extended interview series with Dr. Phil.
5. You suddenly understand Martha Stewart’s sneer in all those Christmas commercials.
6. The only thing you feel like putting together is a martini
7. You change the banner on your home made Christmas cards to Merry Fucking Christmas
8. You cane the elevator p.a. system to stop β€˜the Christmas voices
9. You amuse yourself in line at the post office by training your laser pointer on the postal clerk
10. You stand on line for hours to see Santa, just so you can pull off his beard and expose him to hundreds of children.
11. You would kill someone for a parking space – any parking space.
12. On Christmas Eve in a fit of pique, you re-tag all the gifts with your name and barricade yourself in the family room with the tree and goodies.
13. The sale rack in Macy’s inexplicably causes you to cry
14. As you fall asleep at night you devise free-the-turkey plots in your head
15. You accidentally knock the soccer mom and her three kids away from the table that holds the last five Giggling Elmo’s in the state.
16. You turn off the lights just as the carolers reach your door
17. You break out into boils at the thought of the Christmas movie marathon at Aunt Edna’s

As usual, feel free to add to the list.

6 thoughts on “You Know You Have Your Grinch on When…

  1. Hi Annie,

    I’d just point out in relation to item #11, that if you drive a full sized pickup truck there’s always a parking space.

    the Grit

    Hey Grit,
    Now that’s funny cuz that’s what my man always says too. In fact, according to him a big truck demands respect. I bet you two would get along just fine. πŸ˜‰


  2. Great list, Annie. I can’t picture you being a Grinch, but I guess I could understand it of anyone when the season starts getting so stressful.
    I can’t think of any to add right now but I will come back if I do. πŸ™‚

    Hey Teens,
    Believe me, I definitely have my grinchy times and this week I’ve been there. But after caning an elevator p.a. system and scaring small children at Macy’s waiting for Santa, I’m feeling pretty good. πŸ˜†


  3. ROFL, changing the Christmas cards to Merry Fucking Christmas!!!! πŸ™‚

    You know you have your Grinch on when you seriously consider not moving the piles of clean washing off the lounge – then the visitors will have nowhere to sit on Christmas Day and hopefully won’t stay too long.

    Oh Gem
    You most definitely have your Grinch on – and Merry fucking Christmas, m’dear, merry fucking christmas. πŸ˜†


  4. #7: In Caribou coffee, snickering to myself as other patrons stare at me, because this is so damn funny.

    I was tempted this year, instead of putting cute photos of the kids in the cards, to take a pic of my middle finger and send that instead.


    Hey Jess,
    There you go – but the problem with that is there will always be those relatives who will call you up and ask you what the picture is and then explain your reasoning. Know what I mean? πŸ˜†


  5. Beautiful!! I needed a good laugh tonight. I am sick of baking Christmas crap that I can’t eat. I loved number 8. Probably because I have done it. Those “Christmas Voices” get to me sometimes. Very funny, Annie.

    Hey Joanie,
    I had a feeling number 8 would appeal to you – in fact, you may have been the inspiration for it. πŸ˜† I know what you mean about baking all the Christmas crap that you can’t eat – bites, don’t it?



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