Fresh Start

Fresh Start

It has been pointed out by a friend of mine recently that one of the things we can do when all has gone to shit is to wipe the slate clean. Meaning nobody has any marks for or against them – all is beginning from square one and off we go.

This year I have been witness to some very incredible things – some which I quite frankly can’t believe and am still getting my wits wrapped around (witness the most inexperienced candidate in history is about to become the leader of the free world), some quite devastating, some fun, some surprising and some just downright annoying. Looking back over the last year and the events contained in it, makes me want to adopt this fresh start philosophy.

Because the truth is, that no matter where I started out and how I meant things to go, they didn’t – no matter what my intention was, things did not go that way, no matter how much I wish I could change yesterday I can’t. And after a while, don’t you really have to stop lamenting about your mistakes and bad decisions? You have to let go of whatever is annoying you about things and move on, right?

I think so anyway. The great thing about fresh starts is that you can stop making excuses and quit worrying about all the many ways in which you fucked up. You can throw all that crap in the junk drawer of your mind and move onto, hopefully, bigger and better things. It’s sort of a baggage reprieve if you will. All that baggage of guilt and bad past experiences that you’ve been carrying around, you can just dump. As though it never happened. Well maybe not quite that but you get the idea.

I actually think maybe it should be a law or something that at the end of each year everyone is required to stop holding any grudges they may have, cease and desist and being pissed at anybody they are, apologize to one and all for any stupid or fucked up things they’ve done, forgive everyone who screwed them over and then move on. We’re all friends again, the hard feelings are gone and we all have a new lease on life. Wouldn’t that be a cool law? Actually, no we better not make it a law because then someone will figure out a way to make it a big fucking bummer, which we have plenty of already. Maybe tradition is a better idea?

So, anyway, here goes. I officially forgive anyone who has pissed me off or hurt me this year; I officially apologize to anyone that I treated badly, upset, hurt, worried or just pissed off in general; Any grudge I have been harboring is hereby dissolved; and I grant myself and anyone I know a fresh start where I and they are concerned.

I feel better, how about you?

11 thoughts on “Fresh Start

  1. This sounds like a good philosophy. I like it! Right up my alley. Nice thinking, Annie. πŸ™‚

    Hey Teens,
    Well who knows, maybe it will catch on??? Could happen. πŸ˜†


  2. GREAT post. I can usually let things go, unless someone betrayed me in some way, and then it tends to be pretty tough. I do really like the idea of “wiping the slate clean.” Sometimes getting a completely new start is very refreshing. πŸ™‚

    Hey Dube!
    Ditto on the betrayal thing – that is a tough one. But the appeal of wiping the slate clean might be enough to forgive even that, at least on maybe the smaller stuff??? πŸ˜‰


  3. Bloody brilliant idea Annie. I love it πŸ™‚ I will be in on this.

    New year, new start all around.

    Hey Gem!
    Yeah, I like it. Let’s give it a try, eh?



  4. It’s a good tradition. Generally, I apologize within 24 hours if I hurt someone. And I am incapable of holding a grudge, or being angry, any longer than that as well. Just comsumes waaaaaayyyy too much energy. Generally, I figure out what I need to do to not be made angry again, implement that, and carry on.

    Hope you had a great Christmas!

    Hey Panther,
    Sounds like a good policy to me. I’m the same way, I just can’t stay mad at people. I had an interesting Christmas to be sure – the new year is looking better though. Hope yours was happy and full of love and surprises, eh? πŸ™‚


  5. Annie,

    Forgiveness is a gift one gives to him or herself. May you have a peaceful new year!

    – JOS

    Too true JOS – and may you have a peaceful New Year as well.


  6. Actually in the Jewish economy, especially in O.T. times there was what was called the Jubilee Year. It only happened every 50 yrs, but on that year all debts and servitudes were released to the individual and everyone went back to their own belongings, etc. It gave everyone a fresh start. It’s a good thing you’re thinking about. It clears the mind and puts away the things that so easily beset us. It makes you look forward to future successes, and forget past failures. I appreciate that. Forgive and forget. . .it’s more than a saying.

    Hey Jim,
    I had no idea about this. I find it really kind of neat. Yes, it is more than just a saying, isn’t it? πŸ™‚


  7. I’m with the Grit. What the hell would this world come to if we got a “do-over” every 12 months?

    Hmmm. Actually, now that I think about it…


    Well I don’t know, Max, but really it couldn’t hurt, could it?


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