Doom and Gloom for 2009…

I have to admit that I haven’t really been keeping up with current affairs lately. I think I got such a sour taste in my mouth over the election and the snoozefest candidates that I just put on my blinders and haven’t really taken them off since.

However, recently I thought I would see what was going on in the world at large and how things were going. Yikes, not so good from what I gather. Apparently evil Israel is perpetrating bad deeds against the poor Palestinians again (hey a little war never hurt anyone, right?) and of course I didn’t need to read anything to notice that gas prices have come back into affordable range again – although I think I saw somewhere that oil was in the $30-$40 a barrel range now. Those poor day traders and futures speculators must be the ones that all the newspapers are worried about losing their jobs, huh?

And the bailouts, apparently, are still rolling out – I’m just waiting to see Writer Chick and friends on the list in my daily paper. No word yet, but I’m sure it’s coming – Zelda too is waiting with baited breath. We both sure could use our bailout money too – and it’s way less than the mortgage and auto industries are getting so you’d think the check would be cut sooner, wouldn’t you?

Our new soon-to-be Prez has been selecting his cabinet members and aside from Hillary becoming the Secretary of State (are you fricking kidding me? she’s the most diplomatic democrat around these days? yikes!) the usual suspects are all lining up and fighting over offices with a view in the West Wing. Does make one wonder though if maybe there were some ‘arrangements’ made before hand, you know? Like, ‘we get you in and then you bring us back in, right?’ know what I mean?

As to the doom and gloom, well I have to say that there are an amazing number of articles, columns and editorials discussing our not so eventual demise here in the U.S. Apparently we are to start the beginning of the end somewhere after the first month of the new administration’s takeover. A depression worse than the one that nearly destroyed the country in 1929, civil unrest and war, and to top it all off, the rest of the world will just be divying up America in digestible bits ( more on that one later) to any interloper with a b.b. gun and halloween mask. The unemployment rate will skyrocket to 25% and we’ll need a wheel barrow just to carry the worthless dollars it will take to buy a loaf of Wonder Bread. Bummer.

I guess business start ups will be at an all time low, don’t you think? I wonder though – if that happens, will there still be an internet with get rich quick schemes and free porn? How about reality shows? One called, Depression, perhaps. Although that could be confusing since people might think it was just about an unhappy fellow on psych drugs… How about Starbux? Will we go back to the nickel cup of joe and maybe the designer coffee will go for an outrageous 25 cents? Sam’s Club, Costco, Home Depot, Lowe’s? Or will most of us just be roaming the countryside in our hybrid converted SUV’s looking for work picking fruits and vegetables? Or fighting outside the gated landfills trying to get to the recyclables waiting there for any smart depression era entreprenuer to take advantage of? Seriously, what would a modern day depression look like folks, have you ever pondered it? Apparently, the newspaper folks are and many other concerned citizens, what about you? What do you think it would look like?

8 thoughts on “Doom and Gloom for 2009…

  1. It would certainly be quite a different picture I think to 1929 in some ways.

    Can you imagine some of the designer-label-everything-given-to-them-on-a-plate children having to wear hand me down clothes?

    I think the impact on many people who have never had to sacrifice or save or stretch their dollars won’t know how to even start coping.

    I can’t quite figure how technology will figure in….. probably either go back to being the realm of the well off or become super cheap.

    Hey B!
    You make some good points. Probably the uppper middle class, particularly the younger ones would struggle with it – having never had to really economize. I think the technology thing would just go dirt cheap. I can’t imagine people accepting not having access to internet and so forth, you know?


  2. Annie,

    An apt title for the state of the union! Here’re the warning signs of a modern-day economic depression:

    1. Manic credit expansion
    2. Catatonic federal reserve
    3. Temporary euphoria
    4. Deny the credit bubble
    5. Deny recession
    6. PANIC!!!
    7. Mitigate damage with massive spending and works programs
    8. Successfully extend the recession for several more years…

    We’re at #7 now, so be ready for 5 or 6 more lean years! Which is funny, really, considering the average length of time for a recession during the last century has been about 2 years. So, rather than being 3/4 through this latest recession, we’re just beginning.

    – JOS

    Hey JOS!
    You’ve got it down right, I’d say. And of course they want to extend the recession, otherwise how would they convince us that we need their sorry asses in office, eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Hi Annie,

    It’ll look great! I’ll be able to hire farm hands for next to nothing, and I’ll make a killing selling firewood and vegetables. And, once our currency goes to hell, I’ll have startup funds thanks to the mason jars full of silver dimes that I have buried in a non-disclosed location. My wife calls this paranoia, but I call it insurance.

    Good times; good times. And a good idea for a series of posts that I don’t think I can resist. You’re such an inspiration!

    the Grit

    Hey Grit,
    I’m glad that I am able to inspire the relentless entreprenuer in you. LOL. I love that you can always see the bright side of things. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. Hmm… Personally, I don’t think it will be as horrifically awful as some people are predicting. But will it be tough? Yep. Newspapers and print magazines are definitely in danger. I believe even more things will move online, as that is far less costly than print.

    Hey Dube!
    I tend to agree with you about this. I think it won’t seem like it’s happening, you know? As though everything is fine, except that everything is just really expensive and a lot of brick and mortars will shut down. Also, it may be the final swan song of the mom and pops out there. And you know once they shut down the independent small businesses for good they will have us by the proverbial short hairs, huh?


  5. I believe I’m going to have to keep my blinders on. This stuff is too much for me to think about these days.

    Hey Kimmie!
    Yeah, blinders do have a certain appeal, don’t they? Can’t say I blame you.


  6. Being that the belts in our household have been tight for years, we’re used to the squeeze and we don’t like to loosen it a notch, for anything, LOL.

    When will people understand the importance of living within their means? Is that such a difficult concept?

    I don’t want to get on a soapbox here about the credit/mortgage/financial crisis, so I’ll stop now, but I will tell you that I am biting my tongue HARD right now, LOL.

    If we enter a “depression” it will look much different from 1929, but I’m not sure even what I would expect to see/hear/do.

    Food for thought.

    Hey Mrs. V!
    I hear you on this. Living within their means, why would they when they don’t have to? Personally I think it ties in with the whole politically correct, we are all equal, level the playing field approach to everything. People have begun to believe they are entitled to anything they happen to want. Dangerous attitude to have, especially if things get really tough, don’t you think?


  7. Well, it’s going to be an interesting four years, no doubt about it. Obama has already been elevated to the status of Messiah by his followers, which is not only unrealistic, but unfair to him. All I can say is: God bless him–he’s going to need all the help he can get.


    Oh that messiah thing has been around forever with Obama and unfair to him? I’m pretty sure it was his campain team who engineered that perception. Though I do agree, the man will need help. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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