Changing of the Guard…???

In just a few short hours we will swear in a new president. To many, he represents hope and change – or perhaps it is just the hope of change. But I wonder, will any change do?

I know that too, there are many out there who will heave a collective sigh of relief when our current president returns to private life after passing the torch to his successor. And with him (some believe) a whole litany of problems, mistakes, missteps, bad moves, poor decisions and (at best) misguided strategies, with him back to the ranch. As well as runaway spending, insurmountable national debt that our children and grandchildren will inherit, bail outs and I suppose pretty much everything that is wrong with this country.

We are making history here – the first black president (well, half-black and wasn’t Bill Clinton the first one?) and apparently by virtue of that fact alone, our country and the world opinion of same will miraculously reverse and once again, the streets of America will be paved with gold.

Well…actually…not so fast, bub. According to the new administration’s plan, we will in fact, be giving more bail outs to other victims because conventional wisdom dictates that you can’t bail out one without bailing out the rest. 600,000 new jobs sounds impressive until you realize that that translates into 600,000 more government employees to interfer in your life and with your personal liberties while you kindly pay their mortgages and automatic pay raises with your tax dollars. Then too, while GW Bush will get no praise or pass from me for the deficits run up during his two terms, at least he never exceded 4% of the GNP (Gross National Product) whereas the new President Obama’s plan is estimated to be more like 15% of the GNP. The deficit will just continue to rack up into the trillions of dollars, folks. Perhaps the hope part of this scenario is more about the hope that we the taxpayers will be able to keep at least some of our paychecks?

Hillary Clinton is going to rehabilitate our tarnished reputation abroad with her mad diplomatic skilz and the new Treasury Secretary only owes a mere $40,000 in back taxes – although since he’ll be the one overseeing the IRS, I’m sure he’ll be able to work out a good payment plan for himself.

I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture. Though what you may not realize is that this post is not really about Bush or Obama, or liberal or conservative – it’s really about the status quo. What I’m trying to point out is that despite all the campaining and debating and electing and so forth that by and large there just really isn’t that much difference between politicians and parties. That no matter what they tell you or promise you they are going to continue doing what politicians do: harness more and more money and power. Largely gaining that power with your money (not theirs) while you happily surrender it and your personal freedoms because of a promise they will never keep.

So my friends, before we get all excited about the new face and the new look in the White House let’s face the fact that aside from appearances nothing is really going to change.

13 thoughts on “Changing of the Guard…???

  1. Hi Annie,

    Well at least Hillary’s approach to diplomacy is fresh. You know, make a hefty contribution to Bill’s foundation if you want to talk to me. On the other hand, the Change I was looking for would have been letting the liberal elite stand out in the cold while some of the common folk got to attend the lavish parties, but I suspect that’ll have to wait until the flying pigs are ready to guide them in.

    the Grit

    Hey Grit,
    Well you got me there. And like you, I anxiously await the flying pigs. No doubt they will come at the most unexpected moment and be caught on a Fox News live-cam. πŸ˜‰


  2. All I can say is that I hope you are dead wrong! I understand why you are cynical, you are basing your position on history. I hope that we can all put our doubts aside and come together to really make change happen. Will change happen overnight, of course not. Change is a process, not an event. Today’s inauguration was an event, however it is often events which serve as a catalyst for change. May we as a nation awaken and be agents of change and not a nation that waits for everyone else to make the changes that we desire to happen.

    Hey Mark and Happy New Year!
    I can see why you would hope I was dead wrong – unfortunately, I don’t believe I am and I believe that the not too distant future will prove me right – at least partially right. I’m not even sure if I’m being cynical – I believe I am just really trying to be honest and realistic. And yes, history has borne out much of what I’ve said.

    I know that all of the lovely words that Mr. Obama used during his campain which likely helped get him elected are very nice to hope for and believe in. However, you can’t just hope for change and believe one guy is going to bring that about. Change begins with the individual first, not some government official. It begins in each and every one of us and when that can be brought about, why yes, the change will come and it will be grand.

    But, I am doubtful that it will happen because people tend to put their faith in others rather than themselves, which is largely how we got into this state to begin with. If you really read the Constitution and the Federalist Papers you will see how far afield we have gotten from the original intent the Founding Fathers had for us. So far afield, I believe, that we may find that the whole system has to be scratched and be redone. We no longer live by rule of law and the principles of a Republic but in a mob Democracy where those who scream the loudest and make themselves the biggest victims get their way – this is not the America that the colonists fought to bring to Independence. And I’m afraid Mr. Obama for all his lovely platitudes, will not affect the type of change that so many are hoping for. I think he will simply grow the government even larger while expecting the American taxpayer to foot the bill.

    Time will tell.



  3. It’s frustrating when all you swap are faces but not policies.

    Hey B,
    Yes it is frustrating – and I’m afraid it is more than policies that have to change. A big job ahead and it probably won’t be pretty either. πŸ˜‰


  4. I saw some of the inaugeration this morning.

    The guy on Fox was objecting to a prayer made by Obama’s ex minister. They were really focused on his religious background.

    Hey Widdle!
    Frankly, I couldn’t bear to watch the inauguration myself. I can’t really blame Obama for this but I get a little nauseous at the fawning that goes on over him in the press. Not a fan, I guess. Don’t know anything about the prayer, though I did read an article that there was some talk about trying to make the prayer politically correct so’s not to offend atheists by using the word God in it. Seemed odd to me.



  5. In just a few short hours we will swear in a new president.

    In a few short minutes I was swearing at the new president. Record time for me. πŸ˜‰

    Oh Squawky, you make me laugh. Happily, I will not be swearing at the new President as I don’t watch television these days, especially not the news (if you could call it that which in reality it really isn’t, is it? perhaps they should just call it the evening indoctrination hour?). πŸ˜‰


  6. LOL
    Just drivin by to say hi. Sure have missed chattin with ya. BSue and I are doing well and holding down the fort. Will drop you an email later this week or early next.

    hugs to ya, Glad you got moved in.

    Hey Squawky,
    It sure is good to see you in these parts again. Are you back blogging? I’ve missed you guys too. You tell BSue I said, hey, okay? Look forward to the email.



  7. I’m glad you wrote this. You have a way about you Annie of getting out the point without being offensive (I did not inherit that skill). I wanted to write but thought for sure everyone would gang up on me and tell me I was “negative” or “cynical” or whatever – That’s all I’m going to say. Just really glad that you posted this. It gave me just as much satisfaction as if I did it myself (with a lot less flack) πŸ˜‰

    Hey Bella,
    Well thanks for the compliment that was really nice of you to say. I’m glad you found some truth in the post. Most people I guess would rather not think about it. I, on the other hand, can’t seem to help myself. πŸ˜‰


  8. I went out yesterday doing my errands proudly wearing my my Bush/Cheney 04 baseball cap waiting for some bleeding heart liberal to utter something so I could kick their arse !!

    LOL Ger…how’d that work out for you? πŸ˜‰


  9. While I didn’t vote for Obama (didn’t vote for McCain either), I easily recognized the significance of – and participated in – the celebration of having our first black President sworn into office! πŸ™‚ What a cause to pause and reflect, to recommit, and to renew ourselves to the idea that America is truly a unique nation filled with promise and possibilities for everyone!

    It’s just been within my own generation that we’ve had major progress in the Civil Rights movement. The Watts Riots were within miles of my family home. School children were still being segregated. And I was 11 years old when MLK was assassinated. How far we’ve come in such a short period of time!

    I am ready to set aside any cynism (of which I had massive amounts, with the Bush/Chenney regime), and give Obama the benefit of the doubt. Even in our own courts of law – a person is innocent until proven guilty. I’m hoping that Obama is the leader he promises to be – one who energizes and unifies people for a common purpose! In his speech yesterday, he made it very clear that the weight of responsibility to make real and lasting change lies on the shoulders of the American people – not on him, per se. I took that to believe he was our advocate and would do what he could to put into our hands and lives the tools we need.

    It’s up to us. It’s always been up to us. The difference is, more of us are willing to participate in the process now – because there is HOPE.

    Hey Gracie!
    How the heck are you?

    Interesting that you should use the words ‘significance of’ -I find that people really are wrapped up in the significance of this particular president, more than anything else. Yes, I agree we have made progress, however, it hasn’t been because of the government it has been in spite of the government. Civil rights for example was something originated by ordinary citizens, who organized protests, marches and other events and in some cases lost their lives to see the goal realized. The government was very johnny come lately at best and most of the ‘laws’ they created were simply enforcements of that which was created not by them but by us.

    So even by your example I see nothing that shows what I’ve written here is incorrect. Again, you may be mistaking this post to be about cynical feelings toward Obama – it isn’t. It is about the realization that by and large there is no difference substantively in any candidate or any party. And again, nice and pretty words are nice but they don’t change anything so I’m not really sure where you think the hope is coming from. And I’m also not sure why you think more of us are willing to participate in the process – actually I’m not even sure what you mean by that. Sadly, I also believe that more and more Americans just want someone to take care of them (universal health care, gov’t daycare, guaranteed raises, family leave, gay marriage, etc., etc.) rather than really take care of themselves and for which they are willing (which is proven by our current state of affairs right now) to give up more and more of their income and personal freedoms. I’d be willing to bet that you in particular have a big gripe with the Patriot Act – yet, I’d also be willing to bet that you think universal healthcare is a good idea. If you really think about it, they are both just about government control, aren’t they?

    I for one, have stopped drinking the kool aid for either side – even if Thomas Jefferson himself showed up, ran and was elected, things are too much of a mess to fix – it’s definitely way past its expiration date.



  10. Inasmuch as the real power is held by a passel of unelected bureaucrats, most of whom are still in place after the Coronation of King Barry, I yield the floor to Mr Townshend, who speaks through Mr Daltrey:

    “Meet the new boss,
    Same as the old boss.”

    Hey CG!
    No one could have said it more succinctly, eh? πŸ˜‰


  11. As he put it rather fittingly to title his book:
    ‘The audacity of hope’. (Have you read it? Even if you ignore the political opinions – which would be a loss in my opinion – his writing style is underlined with respect and humility for beauty and values, something one can’t fake).

    Nothing will change, if I don’t change. And from where I am sitting, Obama seems to be doing a better job at getting myself motivated, than anybody else out there.

    But that’s just me. What do I know, I’m not even American. πŸ™‚

    Hey Spaz,
    Nope, I didn’t read his book and really have no interest in reading it – again, I’m sorry but I’m past the point of being swayed by pretty words. Perhaps he should have considered a career in fiction. I do find it really incredible that most people don’t see what I see, though, where he is concerned. He is clearly a ‘groomed’ candidate – erected to be the perfect first black president. Have you ever seen the movie the Manchurian Candidate? I just can’t get that movie out of my head when I see this dude. Sorry but his words have had zero effect on me because, as I say, there is no difference truly in the candidates and the parties. CG has a good point, it’s not the ‘kings’ running the country (and I guess really, the world when you think about it) but the kingmakers.



  12. Hi, Annie πŸ™‚

    I’m not sure any of us could be proven ‘correct’ or incorrect at this point. All of us just have our opinions, based on our own perspectives, experiences, and knowledge.

    Like I said, I didn’t vote for Obama. And some of my reasons for not doing so seem similar to some of yours, at first glance. But you know what, Annie? I pray to GOD that I am wrong about those things – and that you are wrong, too! That’s where the hope comes from – for me, anyway, an ExRepublican btw, thanks to the shinnagans of the last regime…a moderate Independent.

    In the face of so much conflict, turmoil and trouble, I simply MUST hope – as many of my associates do – that this man will prove that he is more than just a great orator (which, btw, I see nothing wrong with. I like to use pretty words, too, to communicate what I feel ;-). I simply MUST hope that change is possible, starting from the ground roots up. It is a fact that he has energized more people than in recent memory. Even if the catalyst (Obama) doesn’t quite measure up to all the expectations, it is up to us to search our own hearts and see where we might best serve our country – even if that just means helping out more in a community shelter, or volunteering more at school, or loving our neighbor a little more.

    With all the money that has been spent on Iraq, we could have easily provided healthcare for every single man, woman and child in the country – as well as built new hospitals, created new jobs, and funded more R&D. Is that “big government” controlling us? Or is it just a better, more conscientious use of our tax dollars by those that have been elected – by US – to manage such things?

    I have been cynical about American politics for the last several years, Annie. Me – the one who voted for Bush twice. What has happened to our country over the last 8 years left a really bad taste in my mouth (and yes, I know it’s not all about George! LOL) Nevertheless, it all happened under his watch. He’s the one ultimately accountable as our “Commander in Chief”. So I was speaking about myself πŸ™‚ not about you….forgive me if that wasn’t clear in my first comment.

    Hey Gracie,
    I guess the thing is that you are still talking about Obama and I’m really not – though since he is the new president, he does play a part in what I’m trying to say. Though what I am trying to say is not about him per se. It’s about that fact that we are wasting our hope on our current government no matter who is in the Oval Office. That it is the kingmakers who are running this country, the ones to whom are elected officials are beholding and believe me, every one of them are beholding to somebody. Our public servants no longer are seeing to the needs or the will of the people to whom they serve but to vested interests who got them where they are.

    And I must address your comments about Iraq and what you feel would have been a better way to spend that money. The fact is, it is the job of our government to protect us, therefore war, while a distasteful endeavor at best, is a legitimate expenditure of tax monies. However, it is not their job to send us to the doctor and take care of our physical health – that is the job of the individual. If the government had stayed out of healthcare, it is likely in my opinion that it would indeed be affordable for most Americans and for those it is not, there are thousands of private agencies and non-profits who could help the poor so to speak. So, all political ideologies aside, I don’t agree with you that that money would have been better spent that way. I’m not saying it was good to spend it on the war either just that it is a legitimate expense. I hope you see my point.

    And no worries, I didn’t take your comments personally at all. I really admire that you have strong opinions and are able to voice them so well.



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