7 thoughts on “Weekend Toonz

  1. The one with Obama taking the oath with Hillary and Bill reminded me of something. We had a new Clerk of Court voted in here in our lovely little county of On-Slow, NC. Her husband used to be a state representative and there was a picture of her with her hand on the Bible taking her oath and her stupid husband right there beside her with his hand on the Bible too. The next week the local rag ran an article on him going to the County Commissioners lobbying for his wife to get a raise in her salary. This guys got balls of brass! Politics as usual. What you posted is great! Hope your weekend it going as good.

    Hey Jim,
    Wow, you’ve got your own little Peyton Place down there, eh? He really does have a set of big brass ones from the sound of it. πŸ˜‰


  2. Man, I wish I had the mind to do political cartooning, but I don’t. The most I can do is weird little pigs. :p

    Years ago, I worked for a consulting firm that started to go under – most of us became quite depressed especially as the pay got further and further delayed. I started drawing ‘woe is me’ cartoons for many of my fellow co-workers. I wasn’t the best artist but they generally got a laugh. To this day, some of those toons are still around. πŸ˜‰


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