Shutterbug Bug

Okay, well I guess that isn’t techinically true, since I don’t think there is a shutter in a digital camera but… I sure do have the photobug lately. In fact, I’m a little obsessed, especially when it comes to my tree. Oh yes, there is a felled tree in the park which I have adopted and now own, which I visit pretty much every day. Strange, eh? I suppose I’ve done stranger things.

Anywhoo, rather than putting in all the pics one at a time and in full size, I’ve created a little gallery below (sure hope it works) and if you see something that looks good, click on it and it should enlarge. Anyway, gotta go, I think I see a photo op now…

7 thoughts on “Shutterbug Bug

  1. Fantastic pictures WC! and yes they do enlarge beautifully! I can’t wait to see the same scenery once that awful white stuff disappears!

    Why thank you, darlin’ – I have since taken more shots of the same general area but they aren’t as nice I don’t think. Something about the snow really increased their value for me. Spring does seem to be in the offing around these parts, we’re expecting weather in the 50’s starting tomorrow. Funny how if I were still in L.A. I would be complaining how cold it was if the temps were in the 50’s and now that I’m here am looking forward to that ‘warmth’ eh? It’s all perspective I guess. 😉


  2. They are all great. There is something about snow that is so magical. Maybe cause I lived in it for a while but don’t have to put up with it every day now. Although I did love it even when I lived in it, except for the time I went head over heels on black ice. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see more.

    Hey Gem!
    I agree, there is something magical about the way snow makes everything look so sparkly or serene. Photographically speaking I think it is the high value of the white snow as well as the interesting shadows that the snow creates. Ah, black ice, oh yes had a recent incident with that one. Not fun. 😉


  3. Kool picture, Annie. Fits my morning here. We had a dusting of snow on the ground this morning so the cool crispness of our day made your pictures so real to me.

    Jim´s last blog post..He Finally Emailed Me

    Hey Jim,
    Sometimes it really is neat to see it, isn’t it? Though I’m still not used to being in it – the cold – it’s going to take a while for that. 😉


  4. Very lovely. Wish you could send me some of that white stuff ya got there…

    MJ´s last blog post..Note to Idiots

    Hey MJ!
    You would really like some of that? You should have said something earlier I could have sent you boatloads of it. 😆


  5. Its great to see some of your snowy pictures Annie,

    Yes its all about layers in the snow.

    Love Di.

    PS Keep snapping beauty.

    Hey Di!
    Glad you’re liking the pics. I must say I’ve taken more since the snow melted and really they don’t have the magic that the snow seems to provide – I don’t know what it is about that sparkly white stuff. 🙂


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