Pork Out

Love him or leave him, Newt makes some very good points in this video. I realize that we all feel a little desparate with the state of the economy but creating further and astronical debt is not going to fix anything. The more we allow our government to ‘bail out’ the bagillionaires with our money and feed our tax dollars into their vested interests the more we are surrendering our personal freedoms.

Our current president ran on a platform of change, but I see no change other than the fact that spending is getting worse and indebting us more, not less. Take the couple of minutes to watch this vid and tell me what you think.

4 thoughts on “Pork Out

  1. Have you ntoiced the line of idiots thats starting to form at the White House door looking for handouts, sorry I mean BAILOUTS? Yesterday it was the SUPPLIERS for the Big 3 Auto makers (which I know – we personally are dependent on those suppliers for OUR loads) as of last night it was the PORN industry! Who next? Line starts to the left – or is that the right?

    Hey Billie,
    I don’t know if the line is forming to the right or left but it’s definitely forming. And really is it any surprise that Congress is wanting to help the porn industry, since so many of them have close and personal friends in it? 😆


  2. Hi Annie,

    I think you missed a page. The Change is to socialism. The investment banks will be nationalized by the end of the year, and we the people already own a big chunk of the insurance industry in the form of AIG. And the auto industry isn’t far from falling into Government hands either. Don’t forget the health care industry either. There is, after all, something like $600 million in the “stimulus” bill allocated to prepare the US for universal health care. Change is all around, and the liberals are working frantically to make it permanent.

    the Grit

    the Grit´s last blog post..Just another brilliant parody song!

    Hey Grit,
    I knew I could count on you to fill in the gaps. Thanks, buddy!
    Annie 🙂


  3. I dunno what to make of your stimulus packages. I don’t even know what to make of ours.

    I will say that it really concerns me that big business are getting handouts……… they can afford to pay their directors and CEO’s billions in ‘bonuses’ but can’t survive without government help……….. what’s wrong with them tightening their own belts first?

    Mistress B´s last blog post..Did you know…..

    Dont’ feel bad, B – nobody does. Perhaps because it isn’t really a stimulus package so much as government growing itself to behemoth proportions while pretending to somehow help the public. And of course they are going to bail out the big corporations, who do you suppose paid for their multi-million dollar campaigns? And Congress, like our new Prez, apparently, thinks we just aren’t going to notice that we are being steeped further and further in debt. Again, I have to ask, what is this change that we were supposed to see? How is what he is doing any different than anyone else? I just don’t see it.


  4. Time for a new revolution !!! Annie get your Gun
    :mrgreen: The liberals tax and spend idea of stimulus is going to cause such inflation in the coming years Jimmy Carter will look like a genius compared to Barrak. And Tim Geithner is going to give his plan…what how not to pay your taxes and still come out smelling like a rose and head the I.R.S.?

    Gerry´s last blog post..18 Candles

    Yeah, I think that may be the plan Ger. Oh ouch is about all I can say, eh? 🙄


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