Ass Over Travel Mug

Well just to prove that I lived in California for too long… Just a few days ago, we were covered in snow. In fact, I got some pretty amazing pictures and had a sort of one with nature moment, not having been in real snow since I was a kid. It was magical in a way.

So magical in fact, that the next day I was anxious to get back over to the park to have more magic moments with the snow, the park and my camera. Small detail – the snow had turned to rain and when it hit the snow well it became this beautiful glassy icy thing. I was fearless however, having braved the snow and having learned how to dress in this weather – though not fashionable (to say the least) I learned that layers are the solution to the cold, especially when you really don’t have the proper snow gear at your disposal.

And off I went, bundled in my snow weather layers, my camera in pocket and my coffee mug in hand. My goal was to walk a mere 50 or so yards across the street to the park. I started across the parking lot and though there was a sign on the door that read, ‘be careful, icy and slippery,’ I saw that the salt boys had been out sprinkling and shoveling and all looked well. I was but mere steps to the street and I felt a little imbalance. “No,” thought I, “I’m not really going to fall…” My arms did that special flap that human bodies often do when they are about to land on their ass and down I went. Coffee went up and I went down. Why does it always work that way?

Bonk went my ass and head to pavement. “This ain’t good,” I thought dazedly.

“Are you okay?” I heard someone call out.

Lying flat on my back I looked over to see a man in a nice overcoat and boots looking at me. My first focus was on the fact that I lost my coffee. Really a pisser when it is your first cup and it’s oozing all over the icy pavement. “Yeah,” I muttered, wondering how the hell to get off the slippery landscape without looking like a fool. I quickly realized I wasn’t going to avoid the looking like a fool thing, so I flipped over on my stomach and I kid you not, crawled on all fours to the safety of the non-icy portion of the pavement. Finally I managed to my feet and had a conversation with the overcoated man, although I can’t really say what we talked about. Probably about what a graceful woman I am or something like that. He was nice enough to retrieve my travel mug for me and off he went.

Still undaunted and feeling kind of stubborn, I decided that if I couldn’t get to the park that I would take photos right there in the parking lot. I wandered around in a daze but stil found a good shot of the lamp posts which were eerily irridescant and sparkly with icycles. But the stars dancing before my eyes interupted with my photo plans and I hobbled to the building and went inside.

The man was sympathetic about my little adventure and I napped a lot that day. No real injuries since all I hit was my ass and my head which are both equally hard – but then I realized that somewhere in the scuffle I lost my glove. Not an expensive one, just one I really happened to like. A cute little knit number with fake fur on the cuff. I’m still looking for that damn glove. I just can’t let it go. Consequently, whenever I go out anywhere I find gloves – just not mine. What’s up with that?

I’m hoping sometime during the Spring melt that my glove will miraculously appear, while a small choir of angels sing. Yeah, right. I gotta say I am loving winter here.

6 thoughts on “Ass Over Travel Mug

  1. i haven’t fallen yet, but’ve come perilously close. So i can feel your arm flap maneuver, that sudden realization that you’re going down- and backward at that!

    Poor Chica! But cheers to you for sticking it out. 😉

    Anyway, i’d fall on my butt a million times because living where it snows is awesome.

    Hey Chica!
    Yes, the snow is awesome I agree – although, I think I’ve had enough for this year – maybe next year when I’m more acclimated it will seem awesome’er? LOL – I bet you would like falling on your butt if it was in snow. 😉


  2. ooooo. I don’t think I’d be game to go out in snow then…… I’d be falling on my arse every other step!

    Glad you’re ok.

    Mistress B´s last blog post..Did you know…..

    Hey B,
    I suppose there are those out there who would enjoy falling on their arses – and in the right situation I guess I wouldn’t mind either. Yeah, I’m okay, just a little bruised pride I think. 😉


  3. LOL!! I love the part about how you’re finding lots of random gloves now. You should sell them all on eBay as a random glove collection. If people will buy toast that looks like Jesus, they’ll buy a random unmatched glove collection I’m sure. 🙂

    Oh, and I’m a huge klutz. I don’t need ice to make a fool of myself – just rain, or even my own feet. 😦

    Dube´s last blog post..Twitter: The Good and the Ugly

    Hey Dube!
    Yeah, isn’t that something? I mean, seriously, I am finding random gloves every day. And today i found a teddy bear. LOL but I’ll be damned if I can find my glove. I just know some bag lady is out there with it, loving how it makes her grubby paw look tre’s elegant, eh? 😆

    Too bad about the klutz thing, although Carol Lombard and Goldie Hawn proved it could be an endearing quality.


  4. Ouch! Glad you didn’t break anything. Wrists and ankles come to mind. Parking lots are the absolute worst.

    The pic is a hoot!

    Have I mentioned how much I love your park? It’s so woodsy. I’d be over there every day.

    Was he cute?

    PiedType´s last blog post..Sugar and spice and everything nice

    Hey 30!
    Yes, thank gawd there was no breakage – funny thing about me, for all the crap I’ve done to my body I’ve never once broken anything – an actual miracle when you think about it.

    Hey you’re welcome to come join me in the park any ol’ time you’re out here. We’re having either an early or false spring but the weather has been scrumptious – a picnic sounds nice and maybe some real writer gab afterwards, eh?



  5. Did the same last week, except it was on the stairs at the mall. Lovely. Ass on the ground, feet in the air.

    And when spring hit here, you’ll be amazed at how long and fabulous it is. Best ever.

    Oh ouch, that must have hurt. You okay?

    I can’t wait for Spring, really – and I do want to see the cherry blossoms – I really really do. Hopefully by then we’ll be able to get together for some girl fun – like shopping and stuff, you know?


  6. Man, I think I would have gone straight back home and stayed there – for the rest of my life! Talk about embarassing! 😛

    I suffer from polio. That’s an affliction whereby if there’s a pole somewhere in the vicinity, you can be sure I’ll find some way to walk into it… even if it’s in plain view and there’s nothing else for miles around. :p

    Tony Single´s last blog post..Rain… [Trottersville #108]

    Wow, then I must have had polio too. I swear there was a point in my life that if there was a lamp post or any kind of pole in a 20 mile radius I found it and usually with a bonk on the head. 😆


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