Here's a Plan, Stan…

And once again, Newt makes a visit to deliver a message. Like I’ve said before, love him or hate him, the man does make sense. Watch the vid:

To read the plan you can find it here. It will take all of 30 seconds to read and maybe longer to think about. The recent past election was supposed to be all about change and improvement, I’d like to really see that happen. But it’s not going to as long as we just blindly allow our leaders to do whatever the heck they please while talking out of both sides of their mouths. According to our Constitution, the government works for us, not the other way around – it’s time we put our foots down and get them to reverse this utterly absurd trainwreck.

Update: I went looking for an actual transcript of this financial behemoth and finally found one. If you are interested this link will send you to a page that will give you the full transcript of this bill. All 678 pages of it. I suggest you actually force yourself to read at least a little of it – we all need to know what our government is indebting us to, don’t we?

Oh and if you simply can’t bear to slug your way through the 600 plus pages of a largely unreadable bill, this article hits the highlights and gives you a good summary of what the bill is stimulating. Not sure there are any economists out there who would agree that this is stimulating but then the government doesn’t need agreement since they have all that power and such…

Thought for the day:
“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have” Thomas Jefferson

3 thoughts on “Here's a Plan, Stan…

  1. Hi Annie,

    Yeah, the Republicans made a huge mistake when they kicked Newt to the curb. Dolts.

    Oh, if you want the latest official version of the “stimulus” bill, go here,, click on H.R. 1

    They still haven’t put up the full version of what Pelosi and Reid agreed to in the middle of last night, but it’ll be on line by the time they get around to voting on it. Probably.

    the Grit

    the Grit´s last blog post..Just another brilliant parody song!

    Hey Grit,
    Thanks for the updated link – although maybe only you and I are that interested, eh? Yeah…probably they will post it before the pass it, you think? This is so out of hand I can’t believe it. And correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t everybody all over Bush like stink on poop over the mere 87 billion spent – why does no one even raise one shriek over the ten times that amount? I’ll never get the apathy about this.



  2. It’s obscene the amounts of money that are being thrown about.

    And yet I’m still not hearing anything much about reforming the credit industry to stop them from loaning to people who can’t afford it or any of the other irresponsible practices that saw the situation develop in the first place

    Mistress B´s last blog post..Home made Pasta Sauce

    Hey B
    Yeah if there were any real interest in reform we wouldn’t be seeing all this bailout psychosis going on, would we? I think it’s more about convincing we of the great unwashed that we should be scared and worried that the economy is so screwed that even the rich folk have to be bailed out. The better to make us more apathetic and agreeable, yes?



  3. There’s an economist in me that always says the government should just let things be. But really they’ve pretty much screwed it up already, so they can’t make it too much worse. And if I happen to get a little temporary relief from it, great!

    MJ´s last blog post..Material Girl

    Hey MJ,
    You’re right, they should just leave things alone, then we’d stand a chance. Unfortunately, I don’t agree that it can’t make it much worse – in fact, I think just the opposite. We’ll see.



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