Just When You Thought…

Well, just when I thought that perhaps winter had closed its frosty arms and decided to take a very long nap – the bristled, icy breath returned. Yup, it’s snowing again. Damn! It’s pretty but that’s about all I can say about it that’s good. Even the dog didn’t want to stay out this morning any longer than it took to have a pee (very unusual for nanook dawg, lean, mean adventure creature).

So, I’m doubling up on coffee and probably going to put off doing the grocery shopping. Unless it does all melt the way the weather man says it will. This is such an odd problem to have – I’m not used to letting weather really dictate my plans but there you have it. How do people spend a lifetime in this stuff?

The worse part is I will have to wear the ugly-ass hat if I do decide to venture out today and the ugly purple coat – basically my bag lady outfit. What is it about cold weather that destroys one’s fashion sense? Survival over style? Must be.

At least there may be some photo ops – snow does make for a nice pic, eh? Gotta go, my ass needs to thaw and I have to catch the heater while I can.

8 thoughts on “Just When You Thought…

  1. Snow is beautiful to look at and fun if you want to play in it. Otherwise it’s a damn nuisance. And yep, survival/comfort trumps style every time, although for a price you can have both.

    PiedType´s last blog post..Rules are rules, A-Rod

    LOL – for a price you can have both? I’m sure I don’t have that much money these days. 😉


  2. Did you take that photo. It’s gorgeous.

    And I too choose survival over style. lol.

    Hey Widdle!
    Yup, I did indeed take that photo and then did some fancy filter stuff on it too. 😉

    LOL – survival is its own style, isn’t it?


  3. I would be perfectly happy to let the weather dictate what I do if it’s anything like what you describe! It would be the perfect excuse to camp out under my doonah with a cup of tea and the latest volume of Moomin. :p

    Hey Tony…are you using comic strip lingo on me? 😉


  4. uh huh, for a price you can definitely have both and living over here in the frozen tundra means that i pay the price 😉

    stay warm!! xo

    darlene´s last blog post..be present retreats

    Hey Sweet Dar!
    Yes, well you look lovely – while I look like a baglady. I suppose that there is some poetic justice there… I’m doing my best to stay warm, believe me. 😉
    Annie xo


  5. PICTURES! I want pictures! ‘Specially of the hat and purple coat ON you. I’m like you though. Snow is nice to look at, but there aren’t any other real benefits to it that I see. How the heck are you doing otherwise Annie?

    Jim´s last blog post..Misspent Youth

    Haha, as though I’d provide blackmail material. Although I have to say, that clearly I really hated that hat as I lost it this morning and I cannot find it anywhere. Oh boo-hoo, now I’ll have to find another baglady hat. 😉


  6. I love snow when it falls in someone else’s yard. I like the kind that melts quickly. But I must say the first time I saw snow this year after six years, I was pretty excited. I even made up a little ditty about snowflakes. Yes, we want to see the bag lady getup. Stay warm…kimmie

    Kim´s last blog post..the longest meme yet

    Yup! Snow in someone else’s yard, that sounds about right.

    No way is anyone going to see me in the bag lady outfit. Sorry. 😉


  7. Having spent a lifetime with snow/weather related life adjustments, I’ll just say “you get used to it.” I’m lying. But you do learn to adjust to it. Some people love it, I just live with it.

    Mrs. V´s last blog post..Chip on my shoulder?

    LOL – that’s what I was afraid of. 🙄


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