A Dream Come True

So the other night…as we were falling asleep, I mumbled something about how nice it would be to have coffee wake me in the morning. You know, the aroma of fresh brewed coffee wafting through the early morning air and tickling your senses until your eyes simply must open? I thought it would also be some mighty good inspiration for getting out of bed in the morning, especially on the grey mornings when it’s cold and dismal outside.

So, the man went to this place and ordered one of those fancy Italian coffee makers with a programable timer on it. And it arrived yesterday. The box was huge and I worried the machine would be bigger than our tiny kichen but it was swathed in styro peanuts and a another big box. I took it out of it’s protective covering and oooh, was it purty. Black and shiny and sleek looking. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had such a pretty coffee maker.

I did the usual routine of running water through it a few times to get any weird junk or plastic-y smell out of it. Rinsed it out, shined it up and put it in its rightful place on the kitchen counter. The old coffee maker didn’t get the heave-ho, since I’m a big believer in always having a back up, but it’s up on the tippy top shelf and will likely remain there.

I was trembling with excitement when later in the evening I set up the new machine to brew coffee for the morning. I read the manual, followed the instructions and hoped for the best. I have to admit it was a little hard to sleep because I was really excited to see if the coffee maker would do its job and provide coffee for us first thing in the morning, but eventually I fell off and dreamed of shiny black kitchen appliances.

On the dot at 7 am I began to hear the gentle gurgling of coffee being brewed, followed by the warm, mellow aroma that only comes from morning coffee. My new coffee maker had come through. The man turned over and said, “I smell coffee.” I giggled and said, “It’s a dream come true, honey.” I got up and walked the seven steps to the kitchen and lo and behold a full pot of coffee awaited me. I greedily filled my cup, added some cream and took a sip. It was delicious. I’m still sipping on it as I write this and I have to say I will never go back to non-programable coffee makers. This is just too good and a little slice of heaven. Ain’t modern technology grand?


15 thoughts on “A Dream Come True

  1. oh yes .. i too have been dreaming about this only the man wants the programmable one that also grinds the beans before brewing so am saving up … 🙂

    Wow, it grinds the beans too? Does it put the grounds in the basket and fill the reservoir with water too? A self programable machine would be really awesome, eh? 😉


  2. Hi Annie,

    Coffee pots with timers are, in my opinion, the greatest invention in human history. I set mine for a half hour before I usually get up, and it’s so nice during those half awake moments to know what’s waiting when I finally summon the courage to get out of bed. Or it was. Unfortunately, our newest dog has decided that the sputtering sound our brew machine makes as the last of the water comes out is an alarm clock, and keeps barking at the call until I get up.

    the Grit

    the Grit´s last blog post..Why the economic crisis?

    Hi Grit,
    I’d have to agree with you – they are the best investion ever! I understand about the dog, what a bother. Mine will go crazy if she hears a leaf fall from a tree two blocks away. Gotta love them pets though. 😉


  3. Wow… you sure make coffee sound like an attractive prospect. It’s a pity I’m not a coffee drinker, otherwise I would’ve felt warm fuzzies after reading your story! Still, I can relate to the idea of having those little luxuries that modern living can sometimes afford us. I hope you continue to enjoy your fab new coffee maker for a long time to come! :p

    Tony Single´s last blog post..I’m Slowing Down… [Trottersville #114]

    Tony, you don’t drink coffee? I think I know like three other people who don’t. We’ll have to indoctrinate you soon. 😉


  4. Wow that really is a dream come true. I can imagine waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee would be just wonderful. And just a little bit indulgent 🙂 But indulgent is such a great way to start the day isn’t it?????

    Gemisht´s last blog post..Now I Can Breathe and Celebrate

    Hey Gem!
    Oh it so is! It’s just such a nice little luxury – I suppose some people would think I’m making a big deal about nothing but given my propensity to live bare bones and just the necessities, this really is indulgence for me. And it makes really good coffee too. 😉


  5. Are there really people in the world who “aren’t coffee drinkers”? Wow. The things you learn…
    I think the only thing better than brewed coffee in the morning would be coffee brewed by your man, who suddenly seemed to resemble George Clooney. With abs of steel. And lots of money.

    That would be almost as good as coffee.

    mj´s last blog post..for the record

    Hey you!
    Yeah, you’re right it would be almost as good as prebrewed coffee but I think I’d swap out Clooney for Hugh Jackman. 😉


  6. Programmable java makers are the shit. I’m so happy for you- your man sounds like a keeper Annie.

    Sometimes, as I lay my head down on one of my nights off – I literally smile knowing I can have a pot of coffee the next morning 😉

    JavaQueen´s last blog post..Breaker 1-9, this is rubber duck!

    Hey Bella,
    They really are the shit, huh? Sooo cool. Yup, he’s a keeper. 🙂


  7. I know ‘sackly what you mean. I’ve had a programmable coffee maker for a few years now and wouldn’t dare think of going back to the old way.

    Jim´s last blog post..Awards for Everybody!

    Hey Jim,
    I’ve had mine all of four days and I’ll never give it up. 😆


  8. I’ve got the one that grinds the beans before brewing but it’s not the one that is hooked up to the water supply and draws fresh water for the thing. STill.. The first time that grinder kicks off, you’ll think the house is being approached by a crashing helicopter or something. No need for any other wake up alarm and it took awhile for the dog to get used to it.

    C´s last blog post..Never A Dull Moment!

    Yeah, I think that might be just a little too sophisticated for moi. And others have mentioned the noise – jeez, it’s just some beans, how loud could it be? 😉


  9. Hey – its ME!!! No I haven’t forgotten you. Life has been – well – stressful, at its least, lately.

    As for this progamable coffee maker. I have steadfastly refused to be brought into the modern century. For some reason, the neurotic nerd in me is deathly afraid of them. Doesn’t make sense I realise, but its just a quirk of mine. Scared shitless the damn thing is going to mal-function and set itself on fire!

    Well its either that or I can’t get my head around trying to figure out the manual on how to set it up.

    God, that is so amazing, I was just wondering where you got to. Hope things are better now…

    Actually hon, if you can set an alarm clock you can set the coffeemaker and this particular one has an automatic turnoff feature after two hours. So, if it’s set to brew at 7 am, it turns itself off at 9am. Not bad, eh? 🙂


  10. My daughter has a coffee pot with a timer. It is the coffee pot from hell. It also grinds the coffee freshly in the morning. That grinder wakes me up every morning. I don’t need an alarm clock. I have a coffee grinder. I don’t even drink her coffee. I am glad that you get to have fresh coffee for yourself in the morning.

    joanharvest´s last blog post..Answers!

    LOL Joan, the pot from hell, eh? Yikes does it consume small children in the dead of night? Thanks, I’m glad too – sorry about your grinder woes. 😉


  11. Yay for you ! Congrats on the new coffee maker. Waking up to the smell of fresh joe is perfection.

    Red´s last blog post..and sigh

    Thanks Red,
    But wouldn’t you know it, I forgot to set it up last night – so I had to make it this morning. LOL – I’m such a retard. 😉


  12. Mmmmm…too bad my erratic sleeping schedule doesn’t allow for that. Otherwise…it’d be great.

    Well that is too bad but think about this: you could set it for a different time every day – to coincide with your erratic schedule. See? 😉


  13. I’m a firm believer in coffee pots with timers (and other gizmos). Mine has a glass-lined carafe that keeps coffee hot for hours: I usually make a ten-cup pot and just drink it all day long.

    Gabriel Gadfly´s last blog post..Fairy Tale

    Hey Gabriel,
    That sounds wonderful – hot coffee all day. Yummy!


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