Red Wants to Know…


My buddy Red over at Dr. Pepper was passing out little interviews and I held up my hand. If you’re really bored and would like to know just a little more about me, read on – if not, have a nice day.

1. It’s 30 minutes before your last breath. Describe your final meal.

Ah, you’re getting me where I live – food! Okay, we start off with a nice ceasar salad, made at the table as I look on. The dressing is perfect and the lettuce crisp, just enough to get my tastebuds primed for what’s to come. The main course is Maine lobster tail with drawn butter, a petite bacon-wrapped filet mignon, asparagus tips topped with hollandaise sauce and buttered spring potatoes, sprinkled with parsley. For desert a fresh from the oven chocolate lava cake topped with just the tiniest scoop of french vanilla ice cream. We finish off the meal with freshly brewed coffee and a snifter of Martel cognac. Since it’s my last meal, I thought I should do it up big.

2. How do you feel about the “If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down” rule?

Absolutely disgusted. If you are putting your waste in something, it’s not a compost pile, it needs to be flushed. I dated a man whose daughters never flushed if it was ‘yellow’ – not only was the smell and look horrid, mold starting growing in the toilet. Just because it isn’t solid waste doesn’t mean it isn’t teaming with germs and bacteria. Flush for God’s sakes.

3. Would you rather lie, cheat or steal . . and why?

Wow, not great choices but if I had to choose it would be lie – because there can sometimes be good reason to lie, such as not hurting another person or sparing someone’s feelings. I can’t really think of any good reason to cheat or steal though there may be one or two that just isn’t coming to me.

4. List five good things about yourself.

Oh you know I hate doing stuff like this, don’t you? Okay…

1. I’m a great cook, even when it’s not so great, it’s still pretty good. Ooh and I make the best soups on the planet.

2. I can grow things, especially tomatoes – I sort of stumbled onto gardening and found I just have a feel for it – it could be connected to my love of cooking – but yeah I can make things grow.

3. I’m funny – usually I can make anyone laugh – which came in handy when I was growing up since there was always lots of stress in my house.

4. I’m a good friend – usually – when it comes to my friends I am loyal and will do anything in my power to help them, whether it’s as simple as being there to listen when they need to talk or picking them up when their car breaks down. Friends are just about the best things in the world.

5. I have a way with words. Hence the need to call myself a writer. Not sure if it’s a good thing about me but it’s something I’m good at doing. Is that the same? I have always had a strong connection with words but I suppose it really has its foundation in communication, which is really what words are about or should be. I love communication and all its many facets, I could spend my life doing it and I guess I do.

Hope these weren’t too disappointing. Thanks for the interview Red!

And no, the picture has nothing at all to do with the post, just something I made when I was bored.

8 thoughts on “Red Wants to Know…

  1. Awesome, just as I knew it would be.
    Wonderful meal, you described. I had it just last night 😉 No, grilled cheese.
    I, too, am disgusted by seeing anything in the toilet besides fresh water. Yay for you on that one.
    I would choose lying as well. for the same reason you chose it.
    There are many many things about you that are “good” .. those five are just the tip of the iceberg.
    Thanks for playing, Annie !

    Red´s last blog post..I like greezy burger joints

    Hey Red,
    It was fun, and I had a feeling we might be of like minds on several things – especially that toilet issue. Yikes!
    Annie 😉


  2. Ah, I enjoyed the little interview. You are as I suspected from simply reading your posts, Annie. I think you’re a really great person and writer. Keep it going.

    Jim´s last blog post..My Alter Ego

    Hey Jim,
    Well thanks, nice of you to say. I guess I really am one of those, what you see is what you get kinda gals. 😉


  3. I would love that last meal exactly as is especially the chocolate lava dessert. I’ll also agree about the yellow stuff that needs to be flushed. I’ve never eaten your food or seen a tomato you’ve grown but I can attest to the other three things.

    joanharvest´s last blog post..The Baby Shower

    Hey Joanie!
    Yeah ain’t that chocolate lava cake wicked good? Love it!
    Annie 🙂


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