Unintentional Gypsy


Hey everybody, just a little update of my life. Arrggh… I’m still staying at Zelda’s, God bless her, but also about to lose my mind. Really a person can’t live in a guest room, you know? Cuz it’s really meant for guests…a place to sleep for a night or two – not really a place to try to do something from. It’s a beautiful room and Zelda, naturally, has it all done up in very nice things, beautiful colors – could really be one of those makeover rooms they show on HGTV. Actually, it’s kind of like a little dollhouse. Everything is scaled down to small.

Right now, I am writing this post from the smallest computer stand I have ever seen. I literally have the keyboard in my lap and the monitor is a mere 9 inches from my face. My chair is actually a bit bigger than the computer stand. It’s sort of like pulling up an easy chair to dine at a window ledge. You know? Oh sure, laugh…God knows I would if I were reading this about somebody else. Nobody knows my pain.

Most of my stuff is in the trunk of my car because there just isn’t anyplace to put it. I did go to Big Lots and bought one of those cheesy three drawer plastic gizmos with wheels and so forth. In there I’ve managed to stow pet food, some office supplies, vitamins and various small tools – and gum and a lint roller and everything I think I need to somehow manage.

The bed is a single ‘air mattress’ gizmo. It has built in legs and seems to be a cross between a cushy futon and camping cot. I never realized how narrow a single bed is – I have to velcro myself in at night so I don’t roll off in my sleep and smash my face into the tiny side table. Naturally both the dog and cat insist on sleeping with me, so I usually wake up with a cat on my head and a dog on my feet. Kind of pinned down, you know? God forbid, I should have to get up and pee in the middle of the night… Suffice to say it’s not pretty. Also there is another funny little thing about the bed – it slopes north and somewhat east. So when lying on the bed your head feels a bit lower than your feet. It gives me a somewhat giddy feeling actually and I suppose that’s good because I can use all the mirth I can get – although it also makes me feel like my boobs are going to suffocate me – so it’s a mixed bag. To make up for the slope I have four, yes four, pillows propping my head up in a very odd and unnatural manner. Can you say, Linda Blair? Some nights though I just shimmy down to about center on the bed, lie on my stomach and let my feet dangle – it’s interesting. I wonder if this is why I’m having such odd dreams????

Since I’m not staying Zelda permanently, I am relying on my prepaid cell phone. Really I only got the cell for emergencies, you know? Like if I break down at night I don’t want to be walking dark roads or something and want to be able to call Triple A from the safety of my car. I never intended it to be my main communication device. And at 30 cents a minute, it’s not really functional for that – but again, we work with what we have.

So I’m really having a hard time staying in the room for any length of time. And have I mentioned that Zelda has nine pets? She has a good sized house but there is a whole lotta pets wandering around and I’ve noticed that they like to follow me wherever I go. So at all times I have at least four animals behind me or on either side of me, wherever I go. That takes some getting used to.

So for the most part I walk a lot around the neighborhood or I drive to the park and just sit, maybe make some calls and drink a cup of coffee. It seems like currently, really, the park is my space. I’m starting to know how the bad ladies feel I guess. Nothing like wide open spaces, eh?

I’ve been looking for a permanent place to stay and have had all manner of conversations with different people looking for house mates or offering rentals. So far, nothing has come through – I’m hoping against hope that I find something by this weekend. So I can 1. Unpack my trunk (it just feels weird to have most of my stuff rattling around back there) 2. Sleep in a bed bigger than a sleeping bag 3. Get a real phone 4. Get a real desk and be able to type something without having the computer in my lap 4. Have chest of drawers again for my socks and undies and tee shirts – those little plastic bins just don’t do a good job there, you know?

Also I think it would be easier to find work once I can stop obsessing on finding a place to live and maybe spread out a little. It’s possible, though who knows…maybe this is as good as it gets. Perhaps I should consider building a patio on the back of the car? It does have a moon roof already so really, I’m halfway there, don’t you think? I guess I’ll just go put on my 3D glasses and see what pretty pictures life can offer. Now…where are they…I know they were here somewhere….


8 thoughts on “Unintentional Gypsy

  1. I hope something more permanent shows up for you soon. I think I’d go a little stir crazy living like that.

    Mistress B´s last blog post..I’m gonna be re-jigging the family routine

    Hey B!
    You know, once you get over the patheticness of it all, it’s really pretty funny. Actually this post started out as a big bitchy moany then about halfway thru it I started laughing – because really it’s funny. Sad, but funny. 😆


  2. Ah Annie,Annie,Annie – what the hell can I say?!? I turn my back for a moment (or a month – whos counting?)……….I thought I had the market cornered on a change every minute?

    I will say, you at least had me laughing amoungst the tears on this one!

    Continue to do what you do so well – roll with the punches. And stay positive.

    Hey Baby!
    Oh yeah, that’s me. And it does seem like I could give you a run for your money at this stage, don’t it? LOL. 😆


  3. all those pets in one home…no wonder you are feeling cramped! Praying for a place for you and work. Oh and a decent bed!!!

    Oh man MQ, a decent bed would be so nice, wouldn’t it? At least one where my feet don’t hang out the bottom. I mean for cripes sake, I’m only 5 ft 4 – I don’t even need a big bed. 😆


  4. Hi Annie,

    Zelda and I must be soul mates! We have 9 pets too – 5 dogs and 4 cats – and the dogs (and sometimes the cats) follow me around the house as well. It’s taken me years to learn not to change direction suddenly.

    Hope you get settled soon,
    the Grit

    the Grit´s last blog post..Beer commercial Friday

    Hey Grit,
    Yeah those sudden moves can cause some serious accidents, can’t they? Cripes. As to you and Zelda being soul mates, yup, I can definitely see some similarities there. Although she couldn’t cook her way out of paper bag. Though she does love to eat. 😉


  5. Hi, Jim here. I’m gone a while and what do I come back to? A homeless Annie? What tha. . .?

    I’ll probably be homeless here shortly. I’d like to say why, but not here in the blogs. So if I don’t understand you’re situation, it’s likely I will soon enough.

    James´s last blog post..Let’s Do Something Stupid

    Hey Jim,
    Oh please, don’t you go all homeless on me. I’m not homeless, just real estatedly challlenged. 😉 Actually a few good prospects have come around recently, so maybe the trend is changing. You okay? Take care.


  6. I hope you find a place soon. I don’t know how well I would do in a twin bed with a dog and a cat. I seem to have a tough time in a queen bed with just a cat. I’m sure you will find the pretty pictures soon.

    joanharvest´s last blog post..Douglas Arrives!!

    LOL Joanie,
    I’ve been seeing lots of purty pictures lately – but that probably has something to do with all the alcohol I’ve been drinking – hehe. 😉


  7. I wish you luck with finding a new place and with everything.

    Evyl´s last blog post..Life’s Too Short

    Hey Darlin’!
    Loooonnnnggg time no see, eh? How the heck are you? Me? Apparently, changing every five minutes. I heard change was good though, I mean shit, it got some dude elected President, right? 😉


  8. Well, I could be in the next month, but not really homeless. I’m considering moving myself. I don’t like moving. If I could just sell everything as is and buy new stuff when I get to where I’m going that would be ideal.

    Jim´s last blog post..He’s Found!

    Those were my thoughts too when I went to the East Coast – just didn’t turn out that way. You know? Actually you’d be amazed at how difficult it is to find some of the simplest things when you go to a new town/state. For example, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting 10 thrift stores or discount places – back east, not so much and they price things so much higher. Anyway, you might want to take your stuff with you – believe me, unless you have unlimited funds and time it will be easier if you haul it all with you.


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