Signs the Economic ‘Turndown' is Affecting You


  • You’ve lost a lot of weight because you are back on the ‘one bologna sandwich and glass of milk per day’ diet.
  • You’re debating bunking the kids in the mini van so you can rent their room for grocery money.
  • The barristas at the local Starbucks call you fifty cen’ because you bring in recycled cups everyday for your 50 cent refill.
  • You’re considering a career change to lawn boy.
  • You’re on a first name basis with the local recycling guy.
  • You have a dollar store shopping cart tucked away in your garage ‘just in case’
  • You check the Hamburger Helper box ingredients to see if there is actual hamburger in it.
  • You put on weekly garage sales with the treasures you found in your neighbors trash cans on trash night.
  • You’re learning how to write government grants in order to get your own bailout.
  • You’ve downloaded Skype and have cancelled your cell phone.
  • You’ve become an expert at pirating other people’s wireless.
  • You’ve retrofitted your old van as a summer home.
  • This year you’re vacationing in your backyard.
  • You’ve devised your own water filtration system using vacuum cleaner bags, construction paper, coffee cans and an old garden hose.
  • You’re watering your dogs buried bones in hopes of growing a meat garden.
  • While there may be other signs that the turndown is affecting you, these are surefire indicators.

Gotta go, looks like my neighbor is getting rid of a not too shabby treadmill. Money mouth

2 thoughts on “Signs the Economic ‘Turndown' is Affecting You

  1. Adding to your list – buying paper plates that have the shiney coating so they can be wiped off and reused. Also thicker paper towels (because you can rinse & re-use). Dry dog food; add alittle water, mix well and they can’t tell its not from a can.

    I’ll ask our local bag lady for some more tips next time I see her in town.

    Hey Billie-J!
    Oh yeah, I totally forgot about the reuseable paper plates and don’t forget plastic silverware oh and all those packets of ketchup, soy sauce and salsa from the fast food places. LOL we could probably write a book, eh? 🙂


  2. Yeah, but I could be living under a bridge and my Yorkie would still get groomed regularly…

    Hey, I’m blogging for a worthy cause this weekend. Mind stopping by?

    MJ´s last blog post..The Blogathon is ON!

    I hear ya, MJ – my little babies wouldn’t go without either. Yeah sure I’ll drop by. What’s up?



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